Why Is Macbook Pro So Expensive?

Computers, especially laptop computers, have become almost a requirement for anyone in school, working from home, or traveling. The array of options available when it comes to choosing the right computer is dizzying.

Many people are drawn to the sleek, lightweight, easy-to-use MacBook Pro. It has the reputation of being an outstanding investment in terms of longevity, intuitive user experience, and excellence in video, image, and sound editing.

The quality and care that Apple puts into creating the MacBook Pro and their comprehensive customer support lead to the high price of this laptop, up to $2000. 

The hefty $2000 price tag may seem excessive, but the MacBook Pro is worth the investment. This high-end laptop runs on Apple’s exclusive operating system, designed for an intuitive user experience.

The MacBook Pro is constructed from high-end materials that are stronger and last longer than plastics and replaceable components found in other computers. The MacBook Pro’s specially designed battery has an outstanding 17 hours of playtime.

Furthermore, Apple products are unlikely to be attacked by a virus, and the company provides substantial customer support. 

While a MacBook Pro is a significant investment, it is also a high-quality product that will last for many years to come. However, read further if you don’t like the Apple interface or need an alternative, more affordable laptop. We have broken down why a MacBook Pro is expensive and some other more affordable options for laptops.

Factors that Contribute to the Cost of a MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro has a Long Lifespan

As technology rapidly advances, the computers we buy seem to become outdated quickly. Those who want to stay up to date with the latest technology may need to update their Windows computers to be able to continue using the most recent games.

The MacBook Pro and other Mac laptops have the adaptability to last up to 6 or more years before they need to be replaced with a newer model. Those using a Mac for essential work like word processing, business software, and just cruising the internet may find that this investment lasts for ten years!

Have Battery, Will Travel

The MacBook Pro has a specially designed battery that is not interchangeable with other batteries. While this means that replacing it may be an additional investment, a user can expect a MacBook Pro battery to last upwards of 17 hours on a single charge for basic computer use. 

High-Quality Materials Lead to a Higher Price

Apple uses only the best materials in the construction of the MacBook Pro. The shell of the laptop is aluminum, providing a durable but lightweight frame for the computer. The screen is a 500 nit retina display, meaning that the screen is bright and clear enough to use outdoors in the sun and still read the screen. 

In addition to the touchpad, the MacBook Pro has a touch bar above the keyboard. This smaller space is all you need on a Mac because the macOS is not designed to be clicked through in the same way a PC is.

The trackpad and the touch bar are more than enough space to navigate your MacBook Pro. The trackpad itself responds to pressure and gestures rather than clicking.

macbook pro

The MacBook Pro also has a built-in studio-quality microphone and speakers. These high-quality, thoughtfully designed materials increase the value and the price of the MacBook Pro.

Proprietary Apple Software

The macOS software is proprietary to Apple. It cannot be installed on other laptop computers. Therefore, if you like that interface, you must buy a Mac.

However, the software is designed with ease-of-use and powerful computing in mind. Furthermore, the Mac operating system is much less likely to be hacked than a Windows operating system. 

The Apple operating systems sync perfectly with the iOS on your iPhone and iPad. While you can sync your iPhone with a Windows PC, it is not as seamless as syncing with a Mac. 

MacBook Pro Intended Functions

The MacBook Pro is the highest-end Mac available. Most professionals who need the power and functionality of the MacBook Pro use them for graphic design, video production, and editing, and sound production and editing.

Many podcasters find that the MacBook Pro’s built-in microphone is sufficient for recording. The crystal clear screen resolution and graphics processing speed make the MacBook Pro one of the best investments for a visual arts professional.

Apple Customer Service Tops the Ratings

Apple has outstanding customer care. You can call the helpline 24 / 7 for assistance troubleshooting your system. Apple also has an online chat feature and a mobile app you can access for customer care.

Of course, you can always walk into an Apple Store with a Genius bar and get a real-life person to help you.

Ways to Afford a MacBook Pro

Buy an Older Model

If you have your heart set on a MacBook Pro, but the latest model is priced out of reach, You may still be able to buy one. First, look for previous year’s models.

Just like all new technologies, Apple releases new models every year or so. When a new upgrade is released, you can look for an older edition and save some money. 

Pick up a Display Model

Sometimes a third-party store will sell an “open box” model that has been on display. These models have been used by the public in a limited way but are a much cheaper option than a brand-new in-the-box Mac.

Order a Refurbished Mac from Apple

Apple’s refurbishing program takes old Macs, updates them with the latest OS, and replaces any damaged or obsolete parts with new ones. All refurbished Macs have a one-year warranty and come packaged with all new cables.

Alternatives to the MacBook Pro

MacBook Air

If you like the Mac operating system or are want a system that mostly takes care of itself, you can choose an alternate Mac Product. If you are looking for a solid, long-lasting laptop for school work, internet use, and basic entertainment, you can get what you need from a MacBook Air.

The 13″ MacBook Air starts at about $1000, only half the price of a MacBook Pro. The screen on the Air has a slightly lower resolution than the Pro, but unless you are a graphic designer or visual design professional, you will not need the advanced setting.

Windows PC Alternatives to the MacBook Pro

The operating system on a Mac is unique and only available on Mac computers. If you want that user experience, then you will need to stick with the brand.

However, if you are willing to switch to a Windows PC, you will have more flexibility in finding an affordable computer. Continue reading for some suggestions on promising alternatives to a MacBook Pro based on the purpose you need the laptop for.

Gaming Computer

The ASUS Tuf Gaming A15 is a solid yet affordable gaming computer. At $1300, this computer is almost half the price of the MacBook Pro. It has a military-grade case, making it durable for transport.

The 15-inch screen and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card provide a crisp and immersive experience. This computer offers surround sound and multiple expansion slots for additional RAM and SSD storage. 

Video Production and Graphics Design

The Lenovo Legion 5 is an excellent option for a video editing laptop. Coming in at just under $1,100, this powerful laptop can handle extensive video files with its 16GB DDR4 RAM.

The screen has an accurate color display, making it ideal for video and photo editing. Furthermore, this model has 512 GB of solid-state storage. Thanks to the focus on graphics and the excellent memory, this computer also handles gaming well.

A Computer for Working from Home

The HP Pavilion 15 offers the screen clarity to be used indoors or outdoors. It has multiple ports (USB-2, USB-3, USB-C, HDMI, etc.), so you can plug in just about any accessory. This model has 512 GB of memory on an SSD as well as 16BG of DDR4 RAM.

The built-in webcam and microphone will allow you to join Zoom calls so you can stay in touch with the office while staying at home. The HP Pavilion 15 is about $1250, considerably less than the MacBook Pro.

Laptop for High School and College Students

What a student needs for school is a computer that will allow them to write, research, and connect with online classes. They will also want to have some entertainment for streaming videos and movies.

The HP Envy x360 15 inch is a great all-around computer. It is large enough to see the screen easily but small enough to be portable. It has the standard 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD memory.

This model has a full touch screen and an Active Pen stylus included as well. This PC costs about $1200 and will last your student through four years of school. 

Final Thoughts

The MacBook Pro, and other Apple computers, are uniquely designed for power, functionality, and longevity. While the price is high for the Pro, it truly is an investment because this laptop can last for 6-10 years.

Apple’s customer support and superb materials make a high-quality product that is hard to match.Since the price of a MacBook Pro is steep, you might consider a different Mac product or a refurbished Mac.

If you are willing to switch to a Windows PC and narrow your focus to exactly what you need the computer to do, you can find a quality alternative at about half the price of the MacBook Pro. 

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