10 Midori Liqueur Substitutes [Melon Flavored & Alcohol-Free]

Have you ever used Midori in a mixed drink? This sweet and luscious alcohol is known for its unique melon flavor and fluorescent green color.

Midori makes for a variety of delicious mixed drinks that are flashy and dramatic with their green hue and exotic flavors.

It can be a pricey liqueur though and sometimes hard to find in stores since it is an imported liqueur.

You might be wondering, what are some good substitutes out there for Midori in your next cocktail?

If you are looking for the best melon-flavored substitutes, De Kuyper, Potter’s Melon Liqueur, Bottega Melone, or a homemade recipe are your best options. Still Spirits Melong Liqueur Essence or melon puree are good alcohol-free alternatives. If you are looking for a green beverage but are less picky about the flavor, try crème de menthe, Chartreuse, or Kinky Green Vodka.

We’ll be going over these substitutes in more details and answering some questions you may have about Midori in this article!

Midori Liqueur Substitutes

1. Bols Melon Liqueur

Bols is a fantastic substitute for Midori in your cocktails, and our top recommendation.

It is bright green and has a melon flavor, making it very similar to midori. Even better, it is about half the price of a bottle of Midori, making it a very popular budget swap.

Bols can be used in just about any cocktails that call for Midori. It can even be drunk straight.

Keep in mind that Bols is quite sweet though, so if you choose to drink it straight, consider pouring it over the rocks to water it down a bit.

Bols is made from the more common honeydew melon, while Midori is made of a specialized combination of cantaloupes.

This is why it is a bit cheaper than Midori. However, most people will not be able to tell the difference, especially in a cocktail.

At 17% alcohol content, Bols is a hair less alcoholic than Midori. We would recommend replacing Bols at a 1:1 ratio all the same, because the difference is so slight.

2. De Kuyper Melon Liqueur

De Kuyper is a budget brand of liqueurs known for making great liqueurs and cordials such as triple sec, anisette, strawberry liqueur, and more.

Their Melon Liqueur is an excellent swap for Midori in a pinch due to its fluorescent green color and bright melon flavor.

De Kuyper melon liqueur can be used in any cocktail that calls for Midori, but it is especially good in a Tokyo Iced Tea, a Midori Illusion, or a jello shot.

De Kuyper is less expensive because it uses generic melons instead of the specialty ones used for Midori.

However, the difference is not very noticeable in a cocktail. De Kuyper has a similar alcohol content to Midori, so you can replace it at a 1:1 ratio in cocktails.

3. Potter’s Melon Liqueur

Potter’s is another excellent budget alternative to Midori. It has the smooth melon flavor much like a Midori, but only a fraction of the cost. It works great in a wide variety of Midori cocktails including popular drinks like the Melon Colada.

The bright green hue of the liqueur means you will keep the integrity of the color scheme of the cocktail as well.

Potter’s has a 20% alcohol content, making it the same as Midori. You can replace Midori with Potter’s at a 1:1 ratio.

4. Make Your Own

If you are feeling adventurous you can make your own Midori alcohol at home. This is an inexpensive and delicious option that will allow you to have melon liqueur whenever the fancy strikes you. Ingredients needed include:

one skinned and chopped cantaloupe

1.5 cups of sugar

1.5 cups of water

2 cups of vodka

1.Combine the cantaloupe and vodka. Let the mixture sit and steep for three days in a cool location.

Strain the liquid to remove all of the cantaloupes. Heat the water and sugar over low heat until the sugar is dissolved (this makes a simple syrup).

2.Add the simple syrup to the vodka, and stir to combine. Let the vodka rest for one day then use as wanted.

3.You can also add a few drops of green food coloring to give it that classic Midori glow. This homemade melon liqueur can replace Midori at a 1:1 ratio.

homemade midori cocktail

5. Bottega Melone

Maybe you want something that will pack of punch of melon flavor, but you’re less picky about the fluorescent green hue.

Look no further than Bottega Melone. This liqueur is made with melon juice, alcohol, sugar and grappa.

It is a pale orange but has an intense melon flavor. Bottega Melone works beautifully in a variety of mixed drinks.

It is a popular Italian alcohol typically served as a digestif, but is also delicious over ice cream or mixed with a sparkling citrusy soda.

At 28% alcohol content, Bottega Melone is a bit boozier than a classic Midori. It can replace Midori at a 1:1 ratio, but be aware that it contains nearly 30% more alcohol per ounce.

6. Still Spirits Melon Liqueur Essence

Maybe you want that fun melon flavor and bright green color, but you are abstaining from alcohol for religious or personal reasons. Look no further than Still Spirits Melon Liqueur Essence.

Still Spirits is a company that sells DIY grain alcohol kits including flavorings and add-ins to make your favorite spirits.

A few drops of their melon liqueur essence will give you the Midori flavor without the alcohol content.

To use the Melon Liqueur essence simply combine a small amount with simple syrup and water to make a perfect mocktail.

7. Melon Puree

If you really want to go the homemade route you can make your own melon puree and add that to your drinks in place of Midori.

Simply cut up two cups of cantaloupe flesh and blend in a blender, food processer, or with an immersion blender until the cantaloupe is smooth and liquidy, with no lumps.

You can add it straight to your drinks or strain it first. To use as a replacement for Midori try adding ½ a cup of simple syrup to every two cups of melon puree, then use at a 1:1 ratio for a beautiful alcohol-free replacement.

Melon Puree can be in place of Midori

You can even add a few drops of food coloring if you’d like.

8. Crème De Menthe

Maybe you are just looking for the green color of midori but are not particular about the flavor.

Or maybe you are not partial to the flavor of melon at all and would prefer a different flavor entirely.

Crème de menthe is a great option. Crème de menthe has a bright green color but has a sweet minty flavor.

It is most commonly used in a grasshopper, an ice cream-based “martini” that uses crème de menthe to give a cold and minty flavor.

Experiment with it and try different combinations to see what you like. At 25% alcohol content, crème de menthe can replace Midori at a 1:1 ratio if desired.

9. Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a great alcohol option that has a more complex and adult flavor profile. It has been described as having note of apple, mint, vanilla, and sage. It has a mellow green color which can add a fun colorful element to your cocktails.

The flavors are much less fruity than the melon liqueurs listed above though, so if you are hoping for something fruity Chartreuse is not your best option.

However, the smoothness and complexity of chartreuse makes it a very enjoyable drink that can even be consumed straight or on the rocks. If you are looking for a unique alcohol experience, chartreuse is a great option.

Be aware that chartreuse has a very high alcohol content, sometimes as high as 70% alcohol.

Start with only 1/3 the amount your recipe called for when using chartreuse in place of Midori and adjust as needed from there to not overpower your drink.

Chartreuese has a mellow green color which makes it a great alternative to midori

10. Kinky Green Vodka

If you need a green tinted drink and want something fruity that isn’t melon flavored, Kinky Green Vodka is the perfect choice.

This flavored vodka is bright green, but unlike Midori it is flavored with green apple essence.

You will find hints of apple and pear in this fun colorful vodka. Like Midori, it is very sweet as well, making it an easy substitute in most mixed drinks that call for Midori.

Kinky Green Vodka is flavored with green apple essence

At 17% alcohol content, this vodka is more like a vodka liqueur than a flavored vodka. It can replace Midori at a 1:1 ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Alcohol Is Midori?

There are a few main classifications of alcohols based on alcohol content. At the lowest end is beer, which is about 3-7% alcohol by volume (ABV). Next are wines, which are around 12-14% alcohol content.

Liqueurs come next, ranging generally from 15-30% ABV. Finally there are spirits, also known as “hard alcohol.” These drinks typically range from 30-55% ABC, but some can be as high as 90% ABV.

Midori is about 20% ABV. Its alcohol content combined with the fact that it artificially sweetened makes it a liqueur. Another name for a liqueur is a cordial.

Typically liqueurs or cordials are used as flavoring agents and are mixed with hard alcohols to create cocktails.

However, some cocktails are based only on liqueurs. These tend to be sweeter drinks than the classic cocktails.

What Does Midori Taste Good With?

Midori is very sweet, which makes it taste great with sour or bitter flavors, as the sweetness enhances the sourness, making it more enjoyable.

Midori has been compared in flavor to a watermelon jolly rancher. The classic drink is a midori sour which combines midori with sour mix and vodka.

For A Modern Take, Try his recipe:

2 oz midori

½ oz lime juice

½ oz lemon juice

2 oz soda water

Cocktail cherry for garnish

Add midori, lime juice, and lemon juice to a low ball glass and stir. Top with the soda water. Add a half cup of ice cubes and a cherry to garnish. Serve.

Is Midori A Strong Alcohol?

Midori is a liqueur and contains 20% ABV. This makes it stronger than wine or beer, but only half the strength of hard liquor.

If you’re interested in learning about some other common liqueurs, check out this article: Top 10 Amaro Montenegró Substitutes [For Cocktails & For Stomach Pain]

Why Is Midori Liqueur Green?

Midori liqueur is made green through added food dyes. It is not naturally green.

Final Considerations

Midori is a fun and fruity liqueur great in cocktails or even drunk straight if you are daring.

Other melon liqueurs such as Bols, De Kuyper, Potters, or Bottega Melon are great options if you want an inexpensive green melon alternative.

Or you can make a homemade version. For a non-alcoholic swap, you can use Still Spirits Essences or a homemade melon puree.

If you need a non-melon alternative, Crème De Menthe, Chartreuse, or Kinky Green Vodka are your best options.

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