NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet [Detailed Buyer’s Guide]

NutriBullet and magic bullet are high-speed compact blenders, both from the same manufacturer. Nonetheless, deciding which of them is an excellent choice for your needs is confusing, mainly as they are very similar. They are both perfect for blending fruits when preparing smoothies, sauces, and purees.

The Nutribullet is an upgrade of the magic bullet blender; it has a few added features like the ice crushing capacity. In comparison, the magic bullet is an affordable yet a durable handy blender. Its unique selling point is its single size and style unlike the NutriBullet and its many variants.

If you are looking to know which bullet blender has a large pitcher or higher watt capacity, we got you!! Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of all the NutriBullet and magic bullet features.

Nutribullet Vs Magic Bullet

The NutriBullet is portable and fast for making healthy food in your kitchen. It is a little pricy with a higher horsepower of 600 watts but has a slim build and modern finished look. However, as technology advanced through the years, the manufacturing company made the NutriBullet meet other standards by making  different upgrade with each new model.

It is wholly based on the original magic bullet design but pushes functional features a tad forward. The magic bullet is more compact but highly effective. It has a horsepower of 250 watts which can get your minor blending done in short periods. They are perfect for getting the right texture of a smoothie.

Ultimately, your need to get a bullet blender can be because of a lifestyle change; either by choice, or medical advice. It may further result in you having to make a smoothie or shake daily or the necessity to make homemade puree for your baby. Whatever your decision stems from, either of the two is a great suggestion.

What Is The Significant Difference Between Magic Bullet And The Nutribullet?

The Magic Bullet

The magic bullet, also called the “original” by its manufacturers, is excellent for blending, mincing, mixing, and whipping food items. It is lightweight (4.6 lbs), making it easy to transport and use almost anywhere. The magic bullet is one of the best blenders of its time, with an acceptable price range.

The portable bullet blender offers one serving per blend; It makes it a perfect size for personal use. It is a popular eleven-piece noiseless grinding kit.

The NutriBullet

We have mentioned that the NutriBullet is a magic bullet upgrade. Revised versions are always a favorite as they meet customer suggestions and modern needs. It is efficient and good at grinding like the earlier version but surpasses and checks the necessary boxes. It is user-friendly with fewer buttons or speed switches. 

You do not need to alter any settings to use this bullet blender. All you need to do is set the blade and the cup so they align and put in your food or fruit. Press down the pitcher so the blender’s bottom comes in contact with the extractor as the motor runs.

The NutriBullet Pro

The NutriBullet has an upgrade, the NutriBullet pro. Its manufacturers saw a need to increase the horsepower from a whopping 600watts to a 900-watt version. The NutriBullet pro is a more thorough machine that would blend all your vegetable or fruit combinations without stress. 

The nutribullet pro variant produces thrice the functionality of the previous versions. It can blend rigid components which none of its predecessors can manage without be breaking a sweat. It turns your fruits to the right smoothies, textures, or juices in a shorter time. Its pitcher is larger than the magic bullet or nutribullet 

Pros and Cons Of The Bullet Blender

The benefits and disadvantages are crucial because it helps you narrow your choices. You would know what each bullets style blenders can do and if that meets your specific needs.

Functionality Of Your Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet

It comes with one-third watts of the nutribullet pro, but 250watt is perfect for soft fruits and vegetables. You can use the magic bullet to create a plethora of smoothie and juice mix. Fruits and vegetable suggestions include apple, mango, avocado, strawberries, bananas, etc.

The magic bullet blender makes protein shakes as well. You can use it to make a drink from your protein powder mix. It is portable for one serve of leafy vegetable blend giving you a good green smoothie. It makes salsa and soft baby meals also.

Cons Of The Magic Bullet

  • The motor is not powerful.
  • The accessory cup has plastic tabs.
  • It cannot crush any form of tough food or ice.
  • It cannot smoothly blend any firm vegetables, particularly the stringy ones.

The Nutribullet

The nutribullet has the functionality capacity to blend ice. It is a favorite among fans who enjoy chilled juices and drinks. Its 600 watts motor can, in some cases, grind more complicated ingredients than ice.

If you enjoy frozen fruits like berries in your drinks, the nutribullet can meet that need as it blends in effortlessly. The magic bullet may attempt to grind it but would leave berry particles. These are not so bad but may not be precisely what you need most times, particularly if you like smooth drinks.

If you desire a personal blender that can blend grains or nuts, the NutriBullet suits that category. It would not leave a grainy texture in your drinks. Its motor is an added advantage over the magic bullet.

Cons Of The Nutribullet

  • It’s comprised of a plastic drive socket.
  • Its cups have plastic tabs like the magic bullet. 
  • The nutribullet is not ideal for everyday use.

Nutri Ninja

The Nutri Ninja is another variant of the NutriBullet blender. It like the NutriBullet can grind ice alone or into your drinks. They are suitable for frozen fruits, but unlike the other nutriBullet, they leave particles. It would not be much of an issue as the grainy texture is not coarse.

The Nutribullet Pro

It’s is a great and powerful blender that grinds any form of frozen meals effortlessly. It is pretty popular because of its skills and speed. The blender crushes ice and ice products faster than all its predecessors. Its 900 watts motor grinds nuts and grains for smoothies and other healthy dietary choices. 

It is mainly a standard appliance for nut lovers. Another advantage is the large pitcher size, meaning it can take more mixtures at a time. As we know, leafy greens can consume so much space; this is not a problem for the nutribullet 900 watts. It blends everything finely and smooth, leaving behind no form of particles, especially stringy vegetables.

Cons Of Nutribullet Pro

  • It has plastic drive sockets. 
  • The cups of the Nutri bullet 900 have plastic tabs.
  • The nutribullet 900 has a gasket ring inside it.
  • The motor makes it a very noisy blender.

It is very pricey compared to its competition. Finally, the NutriBullet can blend both nuts and grains. Some of its blenders can give you a smoother mix than the other. However, they are more powerful than the magic bullet because of their motor.


The accessories of a blender are what makes it’s attractive the most to its owners. They give you reasons to agree they are worth the price you paid. Our detailed review will save you the stress and money from buying an appliance that does not meet your specifications. Below are the different accessory kit of the magic bullet and the NutriBullet.

The Magic Bullet

The magic bullet kit comprises of;

  • A small cup or pitcher of about 12oz
  • A large cup or pitcher of about 18oz
  • A party cup of about 18oz is similar to a large pitcher.
  • The kit also contains three pitcher covers or lids, two of which are releasable, while the last is a flip design. It includes two different lip rings. 
  • Finally, your blender has a full-year warranty that covers it and the accessories.


The nutribullet one serve original blender kit comprises of

  • Two same size pitcher with a volume capacity of 18oz 
  • One giant cup with a volume capacity of 24 oz
  • Two different blades; one emulsifying and the other a flat variant
  • The nutribullet kit contains two pitcher covers.
  • It also contains two different lip rings; one is the regular type, and the other lip ring has a handle design.
  • It also comes with a free recipe book with detailed vegetable and fruit mix you can try out. The manufacturers want you to utilize your bullet blender as much as possible fully. The book is informative to smoothie newbies as it covers a lot of suggestions. Two of the recommendations include; the original recipe for Nutriblast, a booster for your immune and a toxin juice blast.
  • The nutribullet blender also has a one-year warranty that covers it and the accessories.

Nutribullet 1200watt

The nutribullet 1200 watt kit comprises of;

  • The blender pitcher has a 64 oz. volume capacity
  • It also has a 32 oz. and a 24 oz. capacity cup
  • It has four lids; the regular cover, a vented cover and two on-the-go covers
  • It has a recipe book.
  • Finally, like most nutribullet blenders; it has one-year warranty.

NutriBullet Pro

The nutribullet pro contains a variety of accessories like the other blenders. They are;

  • Two 32 oz. volume cups
  • Two travel flip-top design lids
  • An emulsifying blade for blending and mixing
  • Another regular design pitcher lids or covers
  • It comes with four pieces of lip rings with two of the same designs each. One type of the regular variant, while the other is the handheld lip ring.
  • Like the nutribullet, it also comprises a recipe booklet. The recipes are indeed what you would enjoy trying. For example, it has the banana smoothie, the blueberry and kiwi smoothie, and a toxin juice blast. You can alter the recipe to suit your cravings; if you are allergic to any fruit or vegetable, you can substitute them for others. 

Feasible Problems

Even after all the advantages the magic bullet and nutribullet have, you may be wondering what the possible problems users’ experience. Most issues are openly stated in customer review websites and pages. However, this is like a one-stop-shop, so we have collated a few of those prevalent concerns. It is crucial to note that even with the possible problems, the nutribullet and magic bullet are great products.

Magic Bullet

Difficulty Bending Tough Ingredient 

The most prominent disadvantage this appliance has is its low horsepower and inability to blend tough mixes. Users on the magic bullet Amazon product review page complained about this issue. It is almost a total waste of time to expect this blender to grind hard ingredients finely. It makes this personal blender not meet the expectations of many people.

Difficulty Blending Without Liquids

Further, the blender has challenges with blending some mix that need little or no water. You have to shake the appliance manually so the food item goes down to the blade region.

Does Not Chop In A Uniform Manner

Some magic bullet owners also have problems with breaking down or cutting up food such as onion and garlic. They even say a chef manually chopping onions and garlic would do a better job with a chopping board and kitchen knife.

Pitcher Size

The original bullet blender kit comes with 12oz capacity, and its largest cup is an 18 oz volume, while other models come with pitchers of at most 32oz. As you can guess, the magic bullet cup size is smaller, and you need multiple blending sessions to share comfortably.

Blade Prongs

The magic bullet has fewer prongs than the Nutri bullet. The nutribullet pro has about four to 6 blade prongs.


Valid the Nutri bullet has a powerful motor, efficient blades, and prongs, but it, like any appliance, has its shortcomings.


The manufacturers market the nutribullet to be really fast, but owners have debunked it, claiming it doesn’t have that speed level. Of course, this is not a concern as it does all blending to standard specifications. So what it lacks in speed, it replaces with precision.

One genuine concern is to it is not ideal for washing the nutribullet blades in a dishwasher. The manufacturers advise you to hand wash them immediately after use. 

Nutribullet Pro

The nutribullet pro is outstanding but raises some eyebrows of its owners and users. 

Noisy Motor

The superb 900 watts horsepower of the nutribullet pro is very noisy. Yes, it gets the job done, but you cannot attempt to have a conversation over the loud vibrations it produces. Well, can a 900-watt machine be quiet? Probably not, but technology keeps advancing. However, our favorite effective blender is intolerable loud!

Users of nutribullet blender that are sound-sensitive may not be able to use it or be around areas when you utilize it.


When you do not use it properly, couple the NutriBullet Pro or leak, particularly the last region. It is not spill-proof, so it is ideal you take time to couple and screw in the parts correctly and adequately.

Final Verdict

The magic bullet is excellent at blending malleable and weak textured vegetables and fruit. It does a done job and leaves not particles because that is its niche. However, it has a lot of concerns and limitations, which is expected from an older model. If you enjoy soft ingredients or can manipulate your favorite fruits to be weak, then the affordable magic bullet is a perfect personal blender. It can withstand everyday use.

However, the Nutribullet blender is perfect for our healthy lifestyle lovers. It gives them room to be creative and make mix and blasts of various combinations. If your focus is functionality and fun accessories, the nutribullet is the one for you. If you are looking for a compact and sleek outlook, the two blenders are very similar, and that would not make a perfect comparison option.

Both devices are durable if you use them for what the manufacturers design them for. Finally, the pro and con table would help you see all you need at one glance.

The Nutribullet Vs Magic Bullet Table

Features  Nutribullet  Magic bullet
Motor (watt) 600-900 250
Cup capacity oz  (smallest) 24 12
Cup capacity oz  (largest) 32 18
Blade 2 2


The nutribullet is an excellent product if you intend on blending any form of food, including frozen items. But it is noisy and expensive compared to the magic bullet. The magic bullet is perfect for soft ingredients because its motor power and blade can only grind mild fruits. However, it is noiseless, affordable but has a small pitcher size.

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