5 Store Bought Potato Salad Brands [Best Taste & Flavor]

With the Fourth of July parties, summer is here, and you know what it means. It is potato salad o’clock! This American favorite is a must-have for picnics, parties, and family gatherings.

But with many other things to organize, preparing potato salad for a large group might be too much to ask.

Don’t worry! You can get an awesome store-bought potato salad. I have tasted more than my fair share of potato salads with my family’s love for comfort food, and I’m happy to help.

S/NBest Store-Bought Potato SaladTop QualityPrice Per Pound
1Aldi Park Street Deli Deviled Egg Potato SaladBest Flavor$ 2.29
2Costco Homestyle Red Potato SaladBest Garnishing$ 7.49
3.Trader Joe’s Old Fashioned Potato SaladBest Old-Fashioned$ 4.99
4.Wegman’s  Baked Potato SaladBest Big Potatoes$ 5.49
5Whole Foods Potato SaladBest Natural Taste$ 8. 59

The 5 Best Store-Bought Potato Salads

1. Aldi Park Street Deli Deviled Egg Potato Salad – Best Flavor

Aldi Park Street Deli Deviled Egg Potato Salad is a personal favorite. This potato salad is an interesting mix.

It has a rich flavor that I love. The size of the potatoes is just right. The egg ratio is small, but I love it that way. My family can’t have enough too.

Like any good potato salad, Aldi Deviled Egg Potato Salad is high in sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

The sodium is 23% of the daily value, so you must be careful with salt in other meals. You can watch out for the 310 calories from a pack. However, the salad also gives you a good dose of Vitamin C and A.

2. Costco Homestyle Red Potato Salad – Best Garnishing

This potato salad has cream, mustard, turmeric, paprika, and dill. The large chunks of potatoes with bits of celery and pickles.

It is everything you could want in a potato salad in one container. Whenever I want my potato salad without having to add anything, this salad is my go-to. The garnishing is just perfect as far as I am concerned.

This potato salad is a lot of calories in one sitting. Considering that they are home-style, 240 calories can be expected.

You also get 20% of your fat needs, 26% of sodium, 9% of carbohydrates, and a fair amount of Iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. All the garnishing adds something to you.

3. Trader Joe’s Old Fashioned Potato Salad – Best Old-Fashioned

It doesn’t get more old-fashioned than Trader Joe’s Old-Fashioned potato salad. This salad always takes me back to my grandma’s house.

It has also served as a simple base for some of my potato salad experiments.

The balance of mayonnaise and potato is just as I love it. It is also not completely bland as some stores’ old-fashioned salads.

It has celery and a healthy dose of vitamin C in nutritional value. You can expect 180 calories with 14% fat, 7% carbohydrates, 8% fiber, and 10% cholesterol. This salad gives me a taste of home.

4. Wegman’s Baked Potato Salad – Best Big Potatoes

Yes, this potato salad is on the higher budget scale, but it is worth it. It is not my first choice for a large gathering, though.

However, the potatoes are bigger with no-nitrate bacon that is not only healthy but tasty. You won’t forget this potato salad in a hurry.

You can expect to enjoy the mayonnaise used with lemon juice concentrate giving it a bit of a tang.

You will also find the rest, like egg yolks, sour cream, vinegar, onions, cultured celery powder, salt, spice, and sugar.

So, you have all you might want in a potato salad, but the big potatoes stand out for me.

The total calorie count comes to 300, and you get a 34% daily fat value from it. The potato salad also provides 8% of carbohydrates but a high 19% daily value of sodium. So think twice before you add extra salt.

5. Whole Foods Potato Salad – Best Natural Taste

This natural, authentic salad is a good base for any extras you might want to add to your salad.

You can also serve it alone if you have other side dishes. I love the egg, potato, and parsley in the salad. With mildly flavored mayonnaise, the salad comes together nicely.

This salad works best for me when looking for a natural-tasting potato salad. The salad is a satisfying meal with calories at a moderate 220 and 22% of the daily fat value.

You can get  7% of carbohydrates, 2% of cholesterol, and 13% of sodium daily value. It also meets some needs for vitamins and minerals.

So, there you have it – the best five store-bought potato salads you should try. We know you might have more questions, though. When it comes to potato salads, you want to get it right.

You might have noticed that these potato salads are from some big-name stores you probably patronize.

However, there are some potato salads I love that didn’t quite make the top five list. You can also learn to make any potato salad you buy much better.

Other “Honorable Mention” Store Bought Potato Salads

Raley’s Potato & Egg Salad

My love for this potato salad is unqualifiable. Every bite you take has something to offer. I loved this salad’s large bits of egg, fresh dill, and crunchy celery.

The salad also has enough mayonnaise. You don’t have to worry about adding extra.

As much as I love it, with 310 calories, you don’t want to eat too much of it in one seating. Due to its high-calorie content, I don’t put this salad in my top 5 list. It costs $3.99 per pound.

Safeway Red, White, and Bleu

The Safeway Red, White, and Bleu potato salad is a favorite for many people and for a good reason. If you love color and blue cheese, you will love this salad as much as my children.

The chewy bacon is my favorite part, though. However, if you want a lot of mayonnaise, you might have to add more at home.

The mix is still good with the small mayonnaise, though. You can expect 250 calories with 33% of carbs, 62% of fat, and 5% of protein. It costs $4.99 per pound.

Nojaim’s Dijon Mustard Potato Salad

With large potato chunks cut by hand, this potato salad packs a punch you won’t get from other Nojaim’s potato salad.

The flavors are right on point with the mustard. You will love every bit of the savory salad with crunchy celery to enjoy it.  

The salad has a low-calorie count with 210 calories in each serving. The potato is a little on the low side in nutrition with 28g carbs, 2g protein, and 9g fat.

But isn’t that the point of a potato salad? You can buy it for $4.99 per pound.

Raley’s Fully Loaded Potato Salad

This potato salad has loads of dill, celery, and egg bites. With loads of mayo on the potato salad, you will enjoy the creamy goodness of this potato salad.

The obvious freshness of the ingredients is a bonus as the potato salads are made fresh every three days.

You can expect a healthy dose of fat from the salad at 24 grams. The calorie content is 387 calories per serving. At $3.99 per pound, this salad is a good choice for lovers of creamy potato salads.

Publix Deli Southern Style Potato Salad

While the presentation of this potato salad looks like a heap of potato and mayo mixed without care, the taste tells a slightly different story.

The potatoes are well-cooked, without falling apart in the salad. You will enjoy the balanced taste of the creamy dressing and the perfectly balanced flavor.

The calorie content is 310 per serving with 23g of total fat. With 22g of carbs and 3g of protein, the salad is not too far from what you expect from any potato salad. You should be able to get it at $5.87.

What is Potato Salad?

Potato salad comprises boiled potatoes mixed with a dressing and other ingredients. Boiled eggs, crunchy celery, and raw vegetables are usually added to the salad dish.

The Germany-originated dish is taken as a side dish at many parties. The salad is mostly served cold. Though, there are some room temperature varieties.

How Long Does Store Bought Potato Salad Last?

Your store-bought potato salad can last for 3 to 5 days. However, you should check the expiration date on your salad plate.

Cold potato salads usually last longer and taste better than hot salads when left till the next day.

I have also found that the ingredients used in a salad can affect the preservation period.

Potato salads with natural ingredients like onions and pickles might have a shorter lifespan. Salads with preservatives will last longer.

How Can I Make Store-Bought Potato Salad Better?

Regardless of the potato salad you buy, you can improve it. I never really take my store-bought potato salad as it is.

With my store-bought potato salad hack, you can make any potato salad seem homemade.

The first step is to know what you don’t like about your potato salad. It might be missing some of the crunchiness or saltiness you get from your homemade salad.

Once you know what’s not in your potato salad, you can add ingredients that will give you that taste or feel. It could be onions, pepper, celery, chives, or dill.

Whichever ingredients you wish to add, you should ensure you dice them well and mix them properly. A thorough mix will ensure that one side is not tastier than the other.

Tips/Tricks To Make Your Store-Bought Salad Taste Homemade

If the vinegar is too much, you can add a bit of lemon or lime vest. Ensure you don’t add too much onion as it can overwhelm the salad.

If the potatoes are undercooked, you can scrap the dressing off, cook the potatoes, and add dressing from scratch.

What Should I Look For When Buying Store-Bought Potato Salad?


While potato salads can last five days under the right refrigeration conditions, you want to buy your potato salad when it is fresh. Go for deli options that are made fresh.

Always store your salad in the fridge once you are done eating. It will keep it fresh till you finish it.


You can indeed make your potato salad better. But, it’s best to buy the potato salad with all the ingredients you like or close to it.

You can’t be sure of how adding new ingredients will turn out. So, choose one that has what you want already.

Final Considerations

Potato salad is one side dish that shouldn’t be left out of your events. But you can skip all the stress of making it for your events with a store-bought package. You can also enjoy a potato salad once in a while on your own.

I have highlighted some of the best store-bought potato salads I have tried. You will have fun finding the one you love most in this article.

You’ll also learn how to get your store-bought potato salad to taste like homemade potato salad.