10 Amazing Salads At Habit Burger [Healthy Choices]

Plenty of people flock to Habit Burger Grill in hopes of satisfying their burger cravings with one of Habit Burger’s iconic charbroiled fares. But Habit Burger isn’t exclusive to burgers; they have some delicious chicken sandwiches, tasty shakes, and scrumptious salads.

The next time you have a hankering for a salad, you might consider heading out to Habit Burger Grill. They offer a wide selection of salads that will skyrocket your taste buds, from barbecue chicken salads to refreshing garden salads and tasty seasonal picks.

Barbecue Chicken Salad$6.99467 grams/16 ounces550 Calories
Grilled Chicken Salad$6.99574 grams/20 ounces410-610 Calories 
Caesar Chicken Salad$6.99388 grams/13 ounces690 Calories
Caesar Salad (Main Dish)$3.99269 grams/9 ounces470 Calories
Caesar Salad (Side Dish)Dependent on entree119 grams/4 ounces220 Calories
Santa Barbara Cobb Salad$7.99490 grams/17 ounces690 Calories
Garden Salad (Main Course)$3.99432 grams/15 ounces190-390 Calories
Garden Salad (Side Dish)Dependent on entree147 grams/5 ounces70-270 Calories
Superfood Salad$7.99518 grams/18 ounces780 Calories
Chargrilled Peach Salad$10.99480 grams/16 ounces650 Calories

*Note – Prices may vary by location. The total number of calories can vary depending on the chosen dressing. 

Are you thinking about heading to your local Habit Burger Grill for a salad? Let me help you decide which one to order. Below, you will find an in-depth look at the yummy Habit Burger Grill salads to choose from. 

1. Barbecue Chicken Salad

Barbecue doesn’t have to equate to burgers, fries, and hot dogs. If you love the flavor of tangy barbecue sauce but want a salad, you’ll fall head over heels with the Barbecue Chicken Salad at Habit Burger Grill.

Oh, but don’t think you have to opt for chicken. While chicken is the most popular protein option, you can substitute it for ahi tuna or tenderloin steak instead. Talk about versatility!

With every salad comes a delightful combination of flavors on top of garden greens. Such mix-ins include hickory-smoked bacon, red onions and tomatoes sliced to perfection, and a few dashes of cilantro to add some kick and slight spice to the dish.

The Barbecue Salad can be served with ranch, house, sweet mustard, thousands island, blue cheese, vinaigrette, Caesar, or Italian dressing. With so many options, you can create the perfect salad bursting with incredible flavor.


2. Grilled Chicken Salad

If you’re not a fan of barbecue flavors, don’t panic – there’s a chicken salad recipe just for you. It’s called the “Grilled Chicken Salad,” and it combines a slew of greens, including romaine, iceberg, and green leaf lettuce, with refreshing, classic mix-ins such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots.

Of course, this plate of veggie perfection is topped with a chargrilled chicken breast you’re sure to enjoy. After all, Habit Burger Grill is well-known for its chargrilled fare – the chicken breast is no exception. The flavor is impeccable, and the grill marks bring it together wonderfully. 

Barbequed Chicken Salad

Don’t worry – you can also swap for ahi tuna and tenderloin steak in this salad. Choose from one of the many wonderful salad dressings that Habit Burger Grill offers, such as the house dressing, ranch, or Caesar.


*Totals will vary depending on the selected dressing.

3. Caesar Chicken Salad

Do you love Caesar salad? Then you will be happy to know that Habit Burger Grill offers a sensational Caesar Chicken Salad that always hits the spot.

Like other traditional Caesar salads, the Habit Burger Grill Caesar Chicken Salad comes with a plate packed with Romaine lettuce. It’s tossed in a distinct Caesar dressing that will cradle your palette with every bite. 

Topped with croutons and fresh Parmesan cheese, you get a bit of crunch and tanginess added to the mix. Oh, and don’t forget the perfectly cooked grilled chicken breast sitting right on top.

Caesar Chicken Salad

It’s the perfect ending to an iconic dish you will want to order time and time again. (Choose the ahi tuna or steak tenderloin if you want to shake things up a bit!)


4. Caesar Salad

If you don’t want any protein in your salad, you can also order the Caesar Salad. It comes with all the must-haves, including Romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing, without any of the meat, fish, or poultry. Yum!

The Caesar Salad at The Habit Burger Grill can be ordered as a main meal or as a side salad in addition to your entree. 

Main course nutrition info:


Side salad nutrition info:


5. Santa Barbara Cobb Salad

Did you know that Habit Burger Grill originated in Santa Barbara, CA? With that in mind, you know their Santa Barbara Cobb Salad will surely be a winner. 

The Santa Barbara Cobb Salad is undeniably one of the most popular salad options at Habit Burger. The salad combines crisp shredded iceberg with Romaine, topped with mouthwatering ingredients, including tomatoes, avocado, and blue-cheese crumbles. 

The flavor train doesn’t stop there, though. This salad also comes with hickory-smoked bacon and an egg, creating the traditional “cobb salad” many know and love.

Last but not least, the Santa Barbara Cobb Salad is drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette with a wonderfully pungent flavor that is nothing short of astounding

While the salad typically comes with the famous chargrilled chicken breast, you can swap for ahi tuna or steak tenderloin and still achieve outstanding results flavorwise.


6. Garden Salad

Those that want to stick to the classics will enjoy the Garden Salad from Habit Burger. This lovely salad comes with a mix of Romaine, iceberg, and green leaf lettuce. To add some color and pizazz, the salad also contains red leaf lettuce and red cabbage.

When opting for the Garden Salad, you can choose from one of the top-notch salad dressings offered at Habit Grill, including: the house dressing, ranch, sweet mustard, thousand island, blue cheese, vinaigrette, caesar, or Italian.

While the Garden Salad is great on its own, you have the option of adding a protein like ahi tuna or steak tenderloin. This will “bulk” it up a bit and turn this low-calorie plate into a full-blown meal.

You can also order this salad as a side to all of your favorite main courses!

Main course nutrition info:


*Numbers vary depending on the selected dressing.

Side dish nutrition info:


*Numbers vary depending on the selected dressing

7. Superfood Salad

The Habit Grill Super Food Salad is a seasonal favorite that kicks your body and mind into high gear. That’s all thanks to the super nutritious fillings, including greens, baby kale, garden lettuce, quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots.

The hearty and healthy salad adds a protein punch with delectable chargrilled chicken breasts, while the addition of Craisins and feta cheese offers sweet and savory notes you won’t soon forget.

What really takes this salad to the next level is the house-made kale pesto vinaigrette. It’s the ideal choice for this hefty salad, creating a genuinely intricate mix of flavors that’s great year-round.


The SuperFood Salad is quite calorie-dense. It has 780 calories, 51 grams of fat, and 40 grams of protein. 

8. Chargrilled Peach Salad

The latest addition to the Habit Burger Grill’s deluxe and mouth-watering menu is the Chargrilled Peach Salad – or what the company is calling the best “fresh, colorful salad on a hot summer day.”

For those that want to sink their teeth into a refreshing salad, look no further than the Chargrilled Peach option.

This dish comes with chargrilled peaches and chicken cooked over the signature Habit Grill open flame. By doing so, the natural sugar of the peaches is caramelized, bringing a remarkably sweet note to the rest of the salad ingredients. 

To ensure this is truly the most revitalizing salad on the market, Habit Burger Grill tosses the components – including onions, greens, and Parmesan cheese – in a tasty citrus Dijon dressing.


Many Tasty Salads Await You At The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill may be widely acknowledged for their amazing burgers, but this list proves that they can also be known for their impressive collection of salads.

Whether you opt for the famous Santa Barbara Cobb Salad or try out seasonal hits like the SuperFood Salad or Chargrilled Peach Salad, you can rest assured you’re ordering a salad your taste buds will thank you for.

What is your favorite salad at The Habit Burger Grill?