Saltine Cracker Brands

Do you love salty and crunchy snacks? Saltine crackers offer a mild flavor and crispy and crunchy texture for the perfect salty snack.

Eat them alone, spread peanut butter or jelly on top, or dip them in hummus or guacamole! Saltines are one of the most versatile crackers around.

Did you know, in 1801, saltine crackers originated from a baker who sought to create a better-tasting cracker? While these were first called soda crackers, they soon transitioned into the saltine crackers we know and love today.

If you’re wondering which saltine cracker you should buy, look through these popular saltine cracker brands.

From full-size to mini, from salted to unsalted, choose the saltine cracker that appeals most to you.

Zesta Saltine Crackers

1. Kellogg’s Zesta Original Saltine Crackers

These original Zesta Saltine Crackers are most like the original variation of saltine crackers.

Made from enriched wheat flour, and salt, and enriched with B vitamins, you cannot go wrong with a classic.

The individual packets are perfect to take in a lunchbox as a side for soup.

Or, pack a single-serve packet of Zesta original saltines for your children’s school lunches with a single-serve packet of peanut butter!

Not only does it make life easy, but it keeps their portion sizes controlled.

2. Kellogg’s Zesta Wheat Saltine Crackers

Zesta Wheat Saltine Crackers are created from a classic recipe using wheat flour, yeast, salt, and baking soda.

The light and crispy flaky layer on top are perfect to eat by itself or pair with your favorite dips. The oven-baked crisp of these crackers is simply addicting!

Zesta Wheat Saltine Crackers are low-fat, featuring only 1.5 grams of total fat per serving.

If you’re looking for a salty snack, swap out your unhealthy potato chips for these healthy saltine crackers. It’s the perfect way to cut back on calories and fat, while still enjoying a crunchy snack.

Premium Saltine Crackers

3. Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers

These Premium Saltine Crackers are the traditional saltines that have been around for years.

Premium was the first brand-name saltine cracker, released in 1876. For both families and businesses, premium saltine crackers are the go-to for delicious salty crackers.

Ordering a soup at a restraint? You’ve probably had premium saltine crackers on the side.

The classic wheat flour base with a sea salt top is a versatile cracker that can be used in so many ways.

Premium saltine crackers are available in several packaging set-ups (stacks, individual packs) to optimize freshness for your need

4. Premium Whole Grain Saltine Crackers

Premium Saltine Crackers have been a staple in households for decades. Now, they’ve created a whole grain version in these Premium Whole Grain Saltine Crackers.

Each serving has 5 grams of whole grains and zero trans or saturated fat.

Whole grain saltine crackers taste delicious topped with natural peanut butter. Pack this healthy snack in your child’s lunchbox or indulge yourself, the choice is yours!

Take a chance and give these a try to get your daily serving of whole grains in. Not to mention, they’re made by the most popular brand of saltine crackers!

5. Premium Mini Saltine Crackers

These adorable Premium Mini Saltine Crackers are bite-sized versions of a regular saltine cracker.

With a light and crispy texture just like regular saltine crackers, the mini version is best for soups.

Instead of dipping, enjoy these mini saltine crackers mixed into your favorite soup. They will soak up the broth of your soup, leading to the perfect texture addition to any soup.

6. Unsalted Tops Premium Saltine Crackers

Watching your sodium consumption? You can still enjoy Unsalted Tops Premium Saltine Crackers.

These crackers are the same as the original Premium Saltine Crackers, without the salted top.

Per one serving (five crackers), the Unsalted Tops version has 60 mg of sodium, compared to the original at 135 mg of sodium per serving.

This flexible option is perfect for people looking to enjoy saltine crackers on sodium-limiting diets.

Soda Crackers

Extra Salty Saltine Crackers

7. Market Pantry Soup and Oyster Crackers

These mini, bite-sized Soup and Oyster Crackers add crunch to soups, chilis, or stews. Using the same basic ingredients as traditional saltines, the soup and oyster crackers add flavor and texture to smooth foods.

These tiny crackers are perfect to have on hand in your kitchen for several uses.

Also, the Target price point is also something to rave about! This 9 oz bag of crackers are offered for under $2!

Eat these alone in a handful or crush them up to use as a “breading” for your favorite fish or poultry dish. The Market Pantry Soup and Oyster crackers leave room for creativity!

8. Aviva Soda Crackers

These Aviva Soda Crackers still hold the original name for saltine crackers! Keep these on hand if you like your saltines extra salty.

Compared to other brands of saltine crackers, Aviva crackers have more sodium in milligrams per serving. They taste great plain but are also perfect for spreadable dips.

Organic Saltine Crackers

9. Trader Joe’s Organic Salty Squares

Trader Joes Organic Salty Squares are perfect to compliment soups, dips, or spreads! Made from entirely organic ingredients, these organic salty squares are a cracker you can feel good about.

The Salty Squares are the right level of saltiness, paired with a mild crunch.

Next time you’re at Trader Joe’s, pick up their delicious Everything Bagel Greek Yogurt Dip to pair with these salty squares!

10. Back to Nature Organic Saltines

Back to Nature Organic Saltines are baked to a golden brown and sprinkled with salt on top, using all USDA Organic ingredients.

If you can’t make it to Trader Joe’s, the Back to Nature Organic saltines is another equally great choice.

Back to Nature makes these delicious classic saltine crackers from organic sea salt, wheat flour, and organic safflower oil.

They’re also certified Kosher and entirely plant-based, perfect for vegetarians.

Best Saltine Crackers for Nausea

11.  Great Value Original Saltine Crackers

Next time your stomach is feeling upset, grab some of Great Value’s Original Saltine Crackers.

Not only are these priced so affordably, but they’re amongst the best in helping to relieve feelings of nausea.

Munch on a few of these saltine crackers and some ginger ale to help soothe your unsettled stomach.

12.  365 Whole Foods Market Cracker Saltines

Pick up these 365 cracker saltines at your local Whole Foods or online.

These saltines receive consistently great reviews as they’re free of hydrogenated oils. Keep a box of these mild saltines in your home to soothe nausea!

This version of saltines uses expeller pressed safflower seed oil instead of soybean or canola oil. In addition, they’re also vegan and kosher!

13. Keebler Export Sodas Crackers

Made by the same brand that makes classic cookies, these Keebler Export Soda Crackers are perfect to have handy when feeling sick.

The salt on top of these crunchy crackers helps replenish the electrolytes you lose when you’re sick.

In addition, the enriched wheat flour will help absorb gastric acids and settle your nausea.

These crackers are great for everyday usage too! Spread or Dip Keebler Export Sodas Crackers in any dip or hummus for a quick and easy snack.

Value Saltine Crackers

14. Great Value Saltine Crackers

Walmart offers Great Value Saltine Crackers that live up to their name! These offer an excellent value, packed, and sealed individually for enhanced freshness.

Bit into a saltine cracker to find it’s already gone stale? The smart packaging of these great value saltine crackers works to keep them fresh.

Great Value saltine crackers have only 60 calories per 5 cracker serving, making for the perfect low-calorie snack on a budget.

Savory Saltines

15. Savory Saltine Seasoning Crackers

Looking to get crafty? Take any brand of traditional saltine crackers and add this savory saltine seasoning for a new kick!

For cracker lovers who love a stronger taste, this seasoning adds spicy savory flavoring. Even better, adding the flavor to saltines takes under five minutes.

Simply combine oil, crackers, and seasoning in a Ziplock bag and allow them to sit overnight. Tomorrow, you’ll have flavorful saltines unlike any other.

16. Buc-ee’s Ranchin’ Saltines Seasoned Crackers

Buc-ee’s Ranchin’ Saltines change the game when it comes to saltine crackers. Instead of a mild classic flavor, these saltine crackers have ranch seasoning to add a unique twist.

Hosting a party soon? Put these ranch saltines out with sliced cheese for a quick and easy appetizer.

What to Look for When Shopping for Saltine Crackers

Levels of Sodium

When selecting a brand for saltine crackers, pay attention first to sodium levels. Saltine crackers are offered in both salted and unsalted tops, depending on your preference.

If you prefer extra salty saltines, check out the brands listed above under the extra-salty category.

For people with blood pressure problems or other medical conditions, the sodium found in saltines can often be too much.

Instead, opt for an unsalted version of saltines to enjoy the same crispy, delicious snack without the high sodium.

Sizes of Saltine Crackers

Shoppers should also note various sizes to choose from in saltine crackers. For dipping, larger, full-size saltine crackers are optimal.

Saltine Crackers

Full-size saltine crackers are great for spreading peanut butter and other spreads. There are also saltine crackers specific for soups or mini-sized saltine crackers.

For placing in soups or chilis, mini saltine crackers are perfect! The small size allows you to throw them into the soup, which lets them soak up the liquid and get soft.

The added crunch makes the perfect addition to soups like tomato basil soup, with creamy bases.

Whole Grain Saltine Crackers

Health-conscious shoppers may also want to pay attention to the servings of whole grains in some saltine cracker brands.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, at least half of your daily grains should be coming from whole grains.

Choosing whole grain saltine crackers instead of traditional is a great way to help you reach your daily limit.

Whole grain saltine crackers use whole grain wheat flour instead of standard white flour.

Oils Used in Saltine Crackers

Most saltine cracker ingredients contain some form of oil. This may include soybean oil, canola oil, or safflower oil.

Some health-conscious shoppers prefer olive oil or safflower oil instead of refined oils. Most Organic, natural, or Non-GMO saltine crackers will use healthier oils in the ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Saltine crackers are a simple and classic type of cracker, with so many versatile uses. They taste delicious by themselves, but also serve as a great snack to pair with dips, cheeses, spreads, and jams.

The sodium bicarbonate contained in saltine crackers can even help ease an upset stomach and nausea!

Get creative and give one of these saltine cracker brands a shot for your next cracker purchase.

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