How To Stop Boots From Squeaking When Walking

Probably most anyone who wears boots has had a problem with their boots squeaking at one time or another. Squeaky boots can be pretty embarrassing, especially if you’re in a place where you’re expected to be quiet. It feels like everyone is looking at you! But you don’t need to put up with this problem. We’ll explain why your boots are squeaking and give you some tips that should help you stop this from happening. 

The quickest way to stop boots from squeaking is to pour some baby powder into your shoes beneath the insoles to absorb moisture and reduce friction. Next, check your soles for dirt, stones, or damage. If they need to be reattached at points, use some durable glue.

Why Are My Boots Squeaking?

Squeaky boots are caused by a variety of issues, although friction is probably the most common culprit. Generally, some components of your boots, such as the soles, are rubbing against another part of your boot. 

Another common cause of squeaking is moisture or air getting trapped between the sole and insole of your boot. Also, if your boots are old, you may find the noise is caused by your heel coming loose from your boot. 

However, in most cases, there is a way to fix the problem. You probably won’t have to get used to the squeaking or replace your boots. Just try some of these tips!

Dry Your Shoes

Your boots may be squeaking because they are wet. Maybe you were out in the rain recently, and they got wet. They may be dry enough to be comfortable; but, if you didn’t let them dry completely, they might still squeak. So, just put them aside for a while until they are completely dry.

If you want to help them dry a little faster, first, remove the insoles and hang them up to dry. Then, stuff the shoes completely with crumpled up newspaper and set them aside to dry. They should dry overnight.

Try Some Baby Powder 

Baby powder is a handy life-hack tool for everything from fussy infants to fixing makeup, but did you know it could fix your shoe problems? You’ll find baby powder useful if the squeak is coming from the inside of your shoe. So, listen to see if the squeak is coming from inside your shoe. 

If you determine that it is, try shaking some baby powder under the insoles if you can remove them. Take special care to cover the area where the squeaking seemed to come from. Finish by applying some baby powder to the tongue underneath the laces. Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

Reattach the Soles

If the soles of your shoes are coming loose, this could make a lot of noise. But, fortunately, this problem is pretty easy to fix. All you need to do is use some super glue to reattach any loose areas to the sole. Then firmly hold this area to the shoe for a few minutes or so. Then, let the glue completely dry before using the shoes. This should solve your squeaky-boot woes!

Break Your Boots In

Maybe you just bought your boots, and they’re already squeaking. This can be pretty awkward, especially if you wear your boots to work. But, chances are this won’t be a problem for long. You probably just need to break your new boots in a bit. 

If you’re really bothered by the boots squeaking in public. Try wearing them around your home as much as you can. This will break them in faster, and soon your problem should be gone. 

Increase Your Traction

Another common cause of squeaking boots is overly smooth soles. When the soles of your shoes are too smooth, they can squeak when you walk. There are a couple of things you can do to try and fix this.

 One possible solution you could try is to scuff up the bottom of your boots to create some traction. To do this, take a dryer sheet and rub it over the soles of your shoes.

Another way to scuff them up would be to rub some sandpaper on the bottom of them.

Oil Your Boots

Your boots could be making a lot of noise because they are stiff, so a little oil may help. Take some oil and rub it on the upper part of your boots. This should soften the leather and keep it from squeaking. 

You might want to do this every week or so as it’s good for your boots. Just don’t apply the oil excessively; apply more in contact areas and less around eyelets or grommets.

Lubricate Under the Insoles

We discussed friction as a possible cause of squeaking earlier in the article, and there are a variety of ways to try and reduce this friction. Applying lubricant under the insole of your shoe is one of these ways.

Remove the insole from your shoe. Then, apply the lubricant all over the area under the insole. You could use Vaseline, coconut oil, or even WD-40. You have a lot of options, but you’ll want to use some type of natural oil or a water-based lubricant. This could be a little messy, but it works well.

Oil the Tongue of Your Boots

Although it’s not common, your problem could be the tongue and laces of the boots. If the noise seems to be coming from the top of your boots, there could be some friction between the tongue and the sides. 

A bit of oil on the tongue should soften the tongue and reduce the friction. It’s best to take the laces out before applying the oil to keep them clean. You shouldn’t have any trouble with squeaking after applying the oil. 

Generally, this is only a problem with new boots. So, if you don’t want to apply some oil, just wait for the leather to soften, which should clear up the problem. 

Check Your Shoelaces

Shoelaces could also be the cause of your squeaking boots. It’s probably not the first thing you’d suspect. But, your shoelaces can rub against your boots and cause a squeaking noise. 

To stop this, get some saddle soap and rub it on your shoelaces. The saddle soap will moisturize the shoelaces and stop the squeaking noise. 

Secure Your Heels

Heels can easily start to come loose from your shoes even if they’re not very old. When this happens, the loose heels may cause a fair amount of noise. Don’t worry though, you can fix this yourself with some glue. 

Get some glue that is meant to work with the material your heels are made from and apply it. You may need to keep the heel firmly attached to the shoe, and rubber bands or clamps are optimal for this job.  

Just leave them attached firmly until the glue dries as per the instructions, often 24 hours. After this, the squeaking should be gone. If you don’t want to fix this yourself, you can take your shoes to a cobbler.

Clean the Soles

Cleaning the soles of your shoes might solve your problem. If you work outside or just spend a lot of time outdoors, you could easily get dirt or sand stuck in the soles of your shoes. Luckily, you can quickly fix this problem. 

Just take a damp cloth and thoroughly wipe the soles of your shoes. Then, dry the soles and check for any remaining dirt or sand. Repeat as necessary. This should solve your problem.

Check Your Warranty

Sometimes squeaking boots may be caused by an actual defect in the boots. During manufacturing, if the sole is not attached to the upper boot properly, the air is sometimes trapped in the soles of the boots. 

This trapped air may cause squeaking, which can be hard to fix. So, if your boots are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s best just to have them replace or repair your boots.

Buy New Boots

It could be your boots are old. Old boots often get loose soles and cracks. The leather tends to get stiff as well. Any of these things may be causing the squeaking, and you could try to fix them. 

But, if your boots are old, it may not be worth it. You’ll probably continue to have problems. It might be worth your while to just buy a new pair of boots.

Final Thoughts

Squeaking boots can be a real pain, especially if they are new. But, don’t give up! With a little effort, you can try any of these tips, and if one doesn’t work, just keep going by trying another. With a bit of time and work, your boots can be saved along with those awkward stares. 

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