10 Strawberry Extract Substitutes [For Baking, Cocktails & More]

It isn’t often that you come across a recipe that requires strawberry extract. Many of us may not have a bottle on hand!

Strawberry extract can also be tricky to find in your local grocery store since it is a more rare ingredient. 

So what should you do when you need to make perfect strawberry cupcakes or a super strawberry smoothie but you have no strawberry extract?

Luckily, we know all the best strawberry extract substitutes and can help you find the best one!

The best strawberry extract substitute for baking is vanilla extract. It enhances the flavor of baked goods and adds a subtly sweet, rich flavor. Lemon extract is a great fruity substitute for strawberry extract. 

Strawberry candy oil is perfect for adding a powerful strawberry taste when you do not have strawberry extract on hand. Just a drop or two of strawberry oil in baked goods will do!

Strawberry jam can replace strawberry extract in drinks and cocktails, adding strawberry flavor in a very easy way. 

Strawberry Extract Substitutes

1. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract may be the easiest substitute for strawberry extract. You can easily find vanilla extract in any grocery store and most home bakers already have a bottle! 

Vanilla extract has a sweet, floral taste. It enhances the flavors in baked goods and makes them taste richer and sweeter.

Use the same amount of vanilla extract to replace the strawberry extract in any recipe. 

You may not get the strong, fruity strawberry taste but you will get a beautifully flavored dessert.

2. Strawberry Candy Oil

Strawberry flavored candy oil can be used to replace strawberry extract in any baking recipe.

Strawberry oil has a very potent strawberry taste. One or two drops is all you need to get a strong strawberry flavor. 

Strawberry oil is best used in baked goods rather than cocktails or drinks. Since it is oil-based, it will not blend into a liquid drink well.

Use strawberry oil to replace strawberry extract in baking and cooking applications only. It also is perfect for flavoring frostings!

3. Almond Extract

Almond extract can be quite a bit different than strawberry extract when it comes to flavor.

Almond extract is nutty and savory. However, it is a good replacement for strawberry extract in a pinch. 

Almond Extract as substitute for baking

Almond extract adds a sweet, sugary taste just like strawberry extract. It will give your baked goods and drinks a great taste and may help you create a new favorite recipe!

4. Raspberry Extract

Raspberry extract can be hard to find in local stores but you can easily order it online. Raspberry extract is just as sweet, just as pink, and just as fruity as strawberry extract.

raspberry extract is substitute for Strawberry Extract

It may be the best strawberry extract substitute on our list! Give your baked goods and cocktails a whole new life by using raspberry extract in place of strawberry extract.

5. Lemon Extract

Lemon extract is bright and bold. It has a great citrus flavor that will add to the taste of any dessert.

If you are making something with fresh strawberries, the lemon extract will enhance that taste. 

We like to replace strawberry extract with lemon extract since it is so fruity. You won’t lose any of the fruit flavors you are looking for!

6. Strawberry Syrup

A few tablespoons of strawberry syrup can replace strawberry extract in many drink recipes.

Strawberry cocktail syrup or coffee syrup is a sweet flavored syrup that tastes very similar to strawberry extract. It is actually made with many of the same ingredients!

Strawberry Syrup as substitute In Cocktails

Strawberry syrup will add a lot of sweetness to your drinks. You may want to eliminate some of the sugar from the recipe to adjust for the sweet taste. Strawberry syrup is a great, alcohol-free strawberry extract substitute.

7. Cherry Extract

It is a great substitute for strawberry extract. Cherry extract is made with real cherries and artificial cherry flavorings.

It is used exactly the same as strawberry extract so you can simply replace the strawberry extract with cherry extract using the exact same quantities.

8. Mint Extract

Flavors that pair well with strawberry often taste good with mint, too.

The mint extract can be used to replace strawberry extract in a pinch. The mint extract will add a very strong flavor that some people may not enjoy.

However, it will definitely enhance your baked goods, just like strawberry extract!

9. Strawberry Jam

If you need to replace strawberry extract but want to keep the strawberry taste, you can use strawberry jam.

Strawberry jam has a concentrated, natural strawberry flavor that is delicious in cakes and desserts. It will also add a pretty pink color to your baked goods! 

Natural Strawberry Flavoring

Use about a tablespoon of strawberry jam to replace a teaspoon of extract. You don’t want to add too much jam or your cakes and cookies may be too sweet and not bake properly.

10. DIY Strawberry Extract

If you can’t find a bottle of strawberry extract in your grocery store, you can always make it yourself!

Making strawberry extract is actually pretty easy. Check out the section below for detailed directions on how to make your own strawberry extract. 

Easy To Make Strawberry Extract Recipes

Can you make the strawberry extract? You definitely can! In fact, making homemade strawberry extract is actually super simple. 

There are two ways to make strawberry extract, one with alcohol and one method that is alcohol-free.

Take a look at both then try making your own strawberry extract rather than buying bottle after bottle to flavor your cakes. 

Strawberry Extract With Alcohol

A homemade strawberry extract made with vodka will be very close to the bottled strawberry extract you get in the store.

It does take quite a while to make. Make a double batch so you can have it in your pantry whenever you need to make a delicious strawberry cake. 

1.Sterilize a glass pint jar with a lid. Boiling the glass jar in water for about 15 minutes is the easiest way to sterilize it. 

2.Add ¾ cup fresh, chopped strawberries to the sterilized jar. 

3.Add 1 cup of plain vodka to the jar. 

4.Press the strawberries so they are all submerged in the vodka. 

5.Screw the lid onto the jar and then let the mix sit for about 6-8 weeks at room temperature. Shake the jar every now and then to mix up the berries. 

6.Strain the strawberries using a fine cheesecloth. Discard the berries and save the liquid extract.

7.Use the homemade strawberry extract in all your baking projects!

Strawberry Extract Without Alcohol 

Making strawberry extract without alcohol is quick and easy. The result is a thick syrup that is sweeter than bottled strawberry extract.

However, you will get that strong strawberry taste you are looking for using this recipe! 

1.Add two cups chopped strawberries, ½ cup sugar, and 1 cup of water to a small pot. 

2.Bring the mix to a boil and then lower the heat so it is just barely simmering. 

3.Simmer the strawberry syrup for 30 minutes to thicken. 

4.Pour the mix through a cheesecloth, removing the strawberries and keeping the red syrup. 

5.Use the homemade extract to flavor drinks and cakes! Store it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a month. 

Making strawberry extract does take a little time, especially if you are making strawberry extract with vodka.

You will need to plan way ahead but the all-natural, potent results are worth the effort! 

What Is Strawberry Extract?

Strawberry extract is a liquid flavoring that is water-soluble. It is usually made from strawberry juice concentrate, water and alcohol. The alcohol is used to preserve the extract and help it stay fresh and tasty for years. 

Strawberry extract sometimes has sugar and red food coloring added to the mix, making it slightly sweet and brighter red. 

Strawberry extract is mostly used in baking and cooking. It will make strawberry cupcakes taste stronger and strawberry ice cream be even more fruity.

Is Strawberry Flavoring The Same As Strawberry Extract?

Strawberry flavoring and strawberry extract are typically the same thing. Most recipes will use either term interchangeably.

If you want to get a little more technical, strawberry extract usually is made from real strawberries while flavoring is blended with artificial strawberry flavors. 

Strawberry extract can be made from real strawberries or from artificial flavorings. A real, pure strawberry extract will be more expensive than an artificial extract.

The flavor of both artificial and all-natural extracts are quite similar so you can choose which to use based on your personal preferences. 

Final Considerations

There are so many perfect strawberry extract substitutes that you can try to enhance the taste of your drinks and baked goods.

So, if you are out of strawberry extract or just can’t find it in a store near you, have no fear! 

There are plenty of replacement ingredients you can use that will work wonderfully. Let us know your favorite strawberry extract substitute! Enjoy.

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