Sun Dried Tomato Brands [Organic & More]

We love a good Mediterranean-style pizza in my house. My husband’s favorite ingredient is the cheese, my son loves the crust, but for me, sun-dried tomatoes take the cake.

These delicious red beauties have a zesty, tangy flavor that perfectly mixes with my favorite Italian recipes. Not long ago, we decided to make our own pizza at home, and I found myself trying to decide which brand of sun-dried tomatoes to purchase.

You’ll often find sun-dried tomatoes packaged with olive oil, bagged dry, and in organic variations. But what brands of sun-dried tomatoes are the best? I asked myself that question when picking out tomatoes for last week’s pizza recipe.

In this article, we’ll explore popular brands of sun-dried tomatoes and more helpful information about these delicious treats.

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Organic and All-Natural Sun-dried Tomatoes

What makes an organic sun-dried tomato different than any other? In short, their growing process. Organic goods can’t use antibiotics, pesticides, or other chemicals and GMOs to grow larger fruits and vegetables.

The USDA puts all organic products through a rigorous screening process before certifying them, meaning that organic sun-dried tomatoes are certifiably free of harsh chemicals and contaminants.

1.Food to Live Vegan Sun-dried Tomatoes

Food to Live’s brand of sun-dried tomatoes contains two ingredients: tomatoes and salt. You don’t have to worry about GMO ingredients or synthetic preservatives. Their tomatoes are Certified Organic, Vegan, and Kosher.

Nutritionally, the Food to Live brand of sun-dried tomatoes is exceptional. They include no added sugars, only those already within the tomatoes naturally. Plus, a serving of their tomatoes includes 4 grams of protein.

2.Lombardi Sundried Tomatoes

Primarily carried by organic grocery store Whole Foods, the Lombardi brand of sun-dried tomatoes takes Old World classics to new heights.

These Organic Mediterranean sun-dried tomatoes contain two ingredients, tomatoes and salt. The Lombardi tomatoes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan too!

3.Fruit Bliss Juicy Sun-dried Organic

Fruit Bliss’s sun-dried tomatoes come without a lot of allergen-causing ingredients. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic! Nutritionally, they contain 3 grams of natural sugar with no additives, about 3 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein

Fruit Bliss Tomato Halves

4.Traina Home Grown California 

Traina’s organic canned sun-dried tomatoes contain no artificial ingredients and are USDA organic. They have an intense flavor and come pre-cut for easy snacking. 

Traina’s canned sun-dried tomatoes come with traditional Italian spices and olive oil enhancing their flavor. They are low-sodium, low-sugar, and made in the USA.

Traina California Sun Dried Tomatoes

Packaged Sun-dried Tomatoes

Packaged sun-dried tomatoes tend to come in a resealable bag, making them nice for storage. Additionally, packaged sun-dried tomatoes usually come by themselves, without any liquid or oil reconstituting their texture. The result is a crunchier sun-dried tomato.

5.Trader Joe’s California Sun-dried

Trader Joe’s offers a delightfully flavored, mildly sweet variation of sun-dried tomatoes. Their Julienne cut tomatoes work perfectly for salad toppings and pasta salad.

They contain only sun-dried tomatoes, and only a single preservative often used to help vegetables and fruits retain their color. Each serving of Trader Joe’s sun-dried tomato contains only 4 grams of sugar, reasonably low for tomatoes.

Trader Joe's California Sun-Dried Tomatoes

6.Sunbest Natural Julienned & Vegan

Sunbest provides non-GMO, vegan sun-dried tomatoes free of artificial ingredients. Their tomatoes come from Turkey, where sun-dried tomatoes have been enjoyed for over a thousand years. 

The Sunbest sun-dried tomatoes contain about 4 grams of sugar and 2 grams of protein per serving. Their 3 grams of fiber make them a great source of daily fiber intake, too.

Sunbest Natural

7.Roland Sun-dried Tomato Strips

Roland’s sweet, slightly acidic sun-dried tomatoes go perfectly with a crisp salad and olive oil. The packaged strips require no rehydration and come all the way from Turkey!

The Roland brand of sun-dried tomatoes is competitively low in sugar, with only 1 gram per serving. They’re also low in sodium, with only 60 mg per serving.

roland sun-dried tomatoes strips
                Specialty Imported Food from Turkey

8.Traina Home Grown

The Traina Home Grown sun-dried tomato product comes in a resealable bag, perfect for snacking. They’re a USA-grown product. Traina’s sun-dried tomatoes are richly flavored with a moist texture.

The Traina brand of sun-dried tomatoes contains only 4 grams of sugar, with no added sugars on the label. In addition, its sodium levels sit at only 2% of your daily intake, making them great for a healthy snack.

Traina Sun Dried tomatoes
      Julienne Cut Sun Dried Tomatoes

Canned Sun-dried Tomatoes

The ancient Greeks used olive oil to preserve their sun-dried tomatoes, and many companies continue in the tradition by keeping sun-dried tomatoes in oil. Canned sun-dried tomatoes usually come preserved in olive oil, though cheaper variations use sesame or corn oil additives to lower the price.

Olive oil also helps keep the slightly chewy texture of sun-dried tomatoes, perfect for that Margharita pizza you want for dinner.

9.California Sun-Dry Tomatoes Juliene Cut

Packed with a deliciously zesty, herb-filled flavor, the California Sun-Dried Tomato brand is a great choice for affordable sun-dried tomatoes. They are a popular brand of sun-dried tomatoes for cooking thanks to their pre-cut, easy-to-use packaging. 

This brand of sun-dried tomatoes is low-sodium, with only 3% of daily intake per serving. A single serving also only has 3 grams of carbs.

10.Bella Sun Luci With Italian Herbs

Bella Sun Luci has a vibrantly flavored sun-dried tomato product. The woman-owned company prides itself on creating delicious, healthy tomatoes in the Old World tradition. Their Italian sun-dried tomatoes come preserved in olive oil, with traditional Italian herbs and spices adding flavor.

In addition, Bella Sun Luci’s tomatoes have the Med Mark stamp of approval, meaning they provide nutrition approved as part of the Mediterranean diet.

11.Mezzetta Sun-Ripened

Enjoy the taste of farm-fresh produce with every bite of Mezzetta’s sun-dried tomatoes. Mezzetta traditionally dries their tomatoes beneath the California sun. They then slice and dice the tomatoes before packing them in olive oil.

Mezzetta offers a sulfite-free product full of wonderful Italian flavor. The tomatoes are crisp, the spices balanced, and the product healthy. 

Mezzetta Dried Tomatoes
    All Natural Sun-Ripened

12.Cento Sun Dried Tomatoes

Cento’s sun-dried tomatoes come chock full of sharp, tomato-y flavor thanks to the addition of wine vinegar that emphasizes the flavor. Their all-natural sun-dried tomatoes come preserved in Olive Oil and retain their chewy texture well. 

Cento’s tomatoes are low-sugar, with only 1 gram per serving. Also, they have less than 5% of your daily sodium intake, making them a great choice for a healthy snack. 

Cento Sun Dried Tomatoes

13.Polli Sundried Tomatoes

With Polli’s sun-dried tomatoes, you’ll enjoy an authentic Italian product made with an old family recipe. Their ingredients include oregano and garlic for added flavor. 

Polli’s sun-dried tomatoes contain only 1 gram of sugar and only 85 grams of sodium (about 4% of your daily intake.) 

14.Delallo Tomatoes With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Delallo’s brand of sun-dried tomatoes brings the taste of Southern Italy to your home. Their sun-dried tomatoes grow in Italy and come packed in olive oil along with just enough spices to enhance their flavors. 

Delallo’s tomatoes come with a relatively small list of ingredients, including white vinegar and spices, but no chemical additives. Furthermore, they use no added sulfites or added sugars.

15.Alessi Sun Dried Tomatoes

Allesi is a well-known supermarket sun-dried tomato brand. Their hand-picked tomatoes come from Italy and use only the finest Extra Virgin olive oil. And, they use a balsamic vinegar reduction to add flavor to their delicious tomatoes. 

The tomatoes are non-GMO and free of any hydrogenated oils. Every serving has only 2 grams of sugar and plenty of flavor for any dish!

What Is A Sun-Dried Tomato? 

The traditional sun-dried tomato is an imported Italian delicacy. The Old World method of making sun-dried tomatoes is simple: slice, salt, and expose to the sun for six to eight hours.

The modern techniques are less poetic. They involve the same salting and slicing but substitute sun-drying with oven baking or dehydrators.

Sun-dried tomatoes lose 90% of their weight when dried due to water dehydration. The remaining tomato is crisp, slightly chewy, and has a slightly sweet, tangy flavor. 

Organic vs. Regular Sun-Dried Tomatoes

The organic food debate continues to rage in grocery stores today. Sun-dried tomatoes are a common food found both as an organic and regular vegetable. However, there are many reasons that organic sun-dried tomatoes are better than “regular” sun-dried tomatoes.

Organic sun-dried tomatoes have no chemicals or pesticides in them.

Non-organic tomatoes can use RAID and other pesticides to kill bugs on their products, which are known causes of cancer and other illnesses when consumed.

Additionally, non-organic producers can use hormones to increase the size of the tomato, but those hormones end up in our bodies when we eat those sun-dried tomatoes and can mess with our system.

Growing organic sun-dried tomatoes reduces pollution.

Organic sun-dried tomato producers don’t add chemicals to their products, so they also don’t end up polluting the soil, water, or ozone by growing their crops.

Organic sun-dried tomatoes have no artificial preservatives, flavors, or food colorings.

Some non-organic producers will put red food coloring into their product to enhance the color, which detracts from the flavor. Additionally, the artificial preservatives non-organic producers sometimes use, like nitrates, can cause cancer.

The USDA strictly regulates organic sun-dried tomatoes

The USDA sets strict guidelines on what foods qualify as organic and what supplies producers can use to grow their crops. Non-organic producers are not nearly as regulated. The more regulated a protect, usually the safer they are to eat!

There are some drawbacks to only wanting to eat organic, too. For example, organic sun-dried tomatoes cost more and can be harder to find in grocery stores. 

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Health Benefits of Eating Sun-dried Tomatoes

1.Sun-dried tomatoes contain high levels of fiber.

About half a cup of sun-dried tomatoes contains 40% of your daily fiber intake. A diet high in fiber keeps appetites under control, can help you lose weight, and keeps your digestion regular.

2.Sun-dried tomatoes are high in Lycopene.

An antioxidant showing cancer-preventative properties in scientific studies. Consuming antioxidant foods helps keep your body functioning and detoxing out chemicals the way it’s supposed to.

3.Sun-dried tomatoes are high in Vitamin C

Providing excellent immune system support as part of a balanced diet. Diets higher in Vitamin C help prevent illnesses like the common cold. Additionally, Vitamin C is also vital for the body’s creation of blood cells, muscle, and collagen.

4.Sun-dried tomatoes are low-calorie and carbs.

This means they are a great choice for individuals looking to maintain or lose weight. 

Note that nutritional content varies across sun-dried tomato brands.

Here’s a breakdown of a few brands of sun-dried tomatoes and their nutritional information:

BrandCaloriesFatCarbsProteinFiberSodium (%DV)Vitamins
Cento201.5 g2 g0 g 1 g105 mg – 5%Potassium – 2%
Alessi352 g3 g1 g0 g450 mg – 19%Vitamin A – 4%
California Sun-Dry303 g3 g< 1 gN/A60 mg – 3%N/A
Traina (Canned)303.5 g6 g1 g2 g330 mg – 16%Iron – 4%


Potassium – 8%

Fruit Bliss400 g8 g2 g3 g410 mg – 18%Calcium – 2%


Potassium – 6%

Roland’s150 g 3 g< 1 g< 1 g60 mg – 3%Potassium – 5%

Shopping Tips For Sun-dried Tomatoes

When shopping for sun-dried tomatoes, you can narrow down on a quality brand by looking for the following:

1.Look For Brands That Are Corn-free and Soy-free

Look for sun-dried tomatoes without corn or soy additives. Cheaper oil substitutes often contain corn or vegetable oil, while seasoned or tomatoes with “added flavoring” may contain soy. Organic brands like Sunbest and Traina won’t include soy or corn because they are GMOs.

2.Select Brands Using Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

If you plan on shopping for canned sun-dried tomatoes, look for ones using pure Extra-Virgin olive oil as part of their ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil has the best flavor quality and undergoes a pressing process without heat or chemicals.

Classic Italian brands like Alessi and Bella Sun Luci are well known for using high-quality olive oil in their products.

3.Check the label on your sun-dried tomatoes.

Watch out for common additives like sulfites, nitrates, and food dye on the label. Additionally, if you see any ingredients you can’t pronounce, it’s likely a synthetic additive.

Shop for brands without those additives, and consider buying products that are also MSG and Gluten-Free to preserve the flavor and health benefits of your sun-dried tomatoes. Generally, organic and all-natural brands will have fewer preservatives and additives than other brands. 

4.Watch Out for Sodium Levels

Some brands of sun-dried tomatoes use extra salt for the drying and flavoring results. However, too much sodium can be unhealthy in a diet. Too much sodium raises blood pressure and can cause heart problems over time.

Look for brands with less than 10% of your daily sodium intake per serving or limit your intake of higher brands. Low-sodium brands include Roland, Cento, and California Sun-Dry.

Uses For Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are incredibly versatile. You’ll find them on pizzas, in pasta, and even in some salsa. Popular uses of sun-dried tomatoes include the following:

  • Alone as a dried snack.
  • Mixed into pasta.
  • Sautéed with onions and spaghetti noodles.
  • On top of pizza.
  • In homemade pesto.
  • On top of pork chops or steak.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sun-dried tomatoes work in most dishes that normal tomatoes do.

Watch Out For Allergies (Tomatoes and Others)

Tomatoes are a common allergen, but it may surprise you to hear that sun-dried tomatoes can contain other allergens. Gluten, soy, corn, dairy (in the form of cheese), and nuts can cross-contaminate or be ingredients in sun-dried tomatoes.

Make sure to check the label before purchasing your tomatoes for any possible allergens.

Risks of Consuming Sun-dried Tomatoes

There are some risks associated with consuming sun-dried tomatoes. Sun-dried tomatoes can mold if stored improperly in bags, while canned sun-dried tomatoes carry the risk of botulism, a rare infection that can cause extreme food poisoning.

If you consume sun-dried tomatoes and feel ill afterward, you might have food poisoning and should call your doctor.

Final Thoughts

Sun-dried tomatoes are a delicious, healthy way to get your Vitamin C and fiber in for the day. You have plenty of options when shopping for the perfect brand of sun-dried tomatoes for you, but remember to keep an eye out for any additives or excess sodium that might reduce the tomatoes’ nutritional qualities. 

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