Sweet Champagne Guide (Brands, Pricing & What To Look For)

When you think of sweet champagne, do you think of celebrations? Delicious, bubbly champagne is widely used as a celebratory drink, such as champagne toasts at weddings or other events.

The level of sweetness a champagne is a result of a step in the champagne-making process. To make it sweet, a step known as “liquid d’expedition” entails adding grape must with yeast, to trigger a reaction.

Sweet ChampagnePriceSize
Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Champagne$8.99750 mL
Korbel California Sweet Rose Champagne$14.97750 mL
La Marca Prosecco Rose$16.98750 mL
Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Spumante Champagne$9.99750 mL
Korbel Sweet Cuvee Champagne$15.99750 mL
André Extra Dry Champagne$5.97750 mL
J. Roget Extra Dry Champagne  $6.79750 mL
JFJ Extra Dry California Sparkling Champagne$8.99750 mL
Cruse Demi Sec Champagne$11.99750 mL
NV Laurent-Perrier Harmony Demi-Sec Champagne$24.99375 mL
Beau Joie Sugar King Demi-Sec Champagne$89.99750 mL
Borrasca Premium Rose Cuvee Champagne$24.99750 mL
Schramsberg Cremant Demi-Sec$41.99750 mL
Venue Clicuqot Demi-Sec Champagne$60.94750 mL
Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Bottles$11.994 bottles (187 mL each)
Lunetta Rose Mini Bottles$4.49Per one bottle (187 mL)

Get prepared for your next celebration or party with these bubbly brands of sweet champagne.

Sweet Pink Champagne

1. Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Champagne

Jacob's Creek Champagne

Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Champagne is the perfect sweet champagne, with aromas of red tree fruit and fresh berries.

Barefoot is one of the most highly recognizable wine and champagne brands around, at affordable pricing!

For only $8.99, this delicious champagne is not too sweet or too dry. While it leans sweet, it’s not overwhelming or overpowering.

Celebrate with this delicious sweet pink champagne at your next party or just because!

2. Korbel California Sweet Rose Champagne

Korbel California Champagne

Korbel’s California Sweet Rose Champagne blends both red and white grapes with the right number of bubbles.

This champagne would make the perfect addition to your next Sunday brunch, paired with cheese and fruit.

Made in California, mix this delicious sweet rose champagne with some orange juice, add to a flute glass, and you’ll have yourself the perfect mimosa. Be sure to chill the champagne first for the best flavor!

3. La Marca Prosecco Rose

La Marca Prosecco

This authentic La Marca Italian Rose Prosecco is perfect for any type of celebration. Beyond it’s fun pink color, the taste of this rose sweet champagne is superb.

Featuring many notes of fruit flavors, like honeysuckle, peach, citrus, and pear, blended with berry flavoring, this sweet champagne is sure to get everyone in the room excited.

Prosecco has been around since 1948, inspired by Italians.

Sweet White Champagne

4. Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Spumante Champagne

Barefoot Bubbly Moscato

This Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Champagne screams summer celebrations. Pair this champagne with spicy foods or sweet desserts!

This bubbly Moscato champagne is sweet and smooth, with notes of peach, orange, or apricot. This is a white champagne.

Even better, the twist and pop cork is easy to enjoy anywhere. You won’t even need a wine opener! Plus, the value is unbeatable with this classic budget brand.

5. Korbel Sweet Cuvee Champagne

If you like a semi-sweet white champagne, you’ll love Korbel Sweet Cuvee Champagne.

With just the right amount of sweetness, this champagne can be paired with almost any food for the perfect dinner.

You can really taste the notes of vibrant fruit and citrus with this sweet white champagne.

Attending a bridal shower or engagement celebration?  Bring a bottle of this affordable sweet cuvee champagne on for everyone to enjoy.

Extra Dry Champagne

6. André Extra Dry Champagne

Love champagne but don’t want quite as much sweetness? Try André Champagne Extra Dry version for a mild, light champagne with a crisp finish.

The hints of lemon and almond are perfect to pair with an Italian dinner. The price is also unbeatable, at only $5.97 for a standard 750 mL bottle.

At this affordable price, give this extra dry a champagne! Despite it’s extra dry name, it still has a mild sweetness.

You’ll be surprised at the amazing quality, despite the low price point.

7. J. Roget Extra Dry Champagne

This J. Roget extra-dry champagne is perfect for spring and summer celebrations.

Drink this champagne while relaxing under the sun with friends and family at your next gathering. J.

Roget Extra Dry Champagne is medium-bodied, with tastes of white peach, pear, and apple.

This popular extra-dry champagne is perfect for mimosas of any type. The mild sweetness is great to use in mixed drink recipes.

8. JFJ Extra Dry California Sparkling Champagne

Drink glass after glass of this delicious JFJ Extra Dry Champagne for consistent refreshment.

Unlike some other champagnes, this extra dry champagne combines fruity notes with a nutty character.

All of JFJ’s classic champagne products receive consistently top-rated reviews from champagne lovers like you.

Use in your mimosa, paired with eggs and bacon for a complete Sunday brunch meal.

Demi Sec Champagne

9. Cruse Demi Sec Champagne

A Demi Sec Champagne usually refers to champagne that is “semi-dry” champagne that is slightly to mediumly sweet.

This Cruse Demi Sec Champagne delivers exactly that! With tastes of green apple and almond, this light-bodied champagne is sure to get you feeling happy and joyful.

This demi-sec champagne option is made in France and enjoyed all over the world.

10. NV Laurent-Perrier Harmony Demi-Sec Champagne

This French Champagne is perfectly well-rounded with Chardonnay.

If you’re looking for a champagne to give as a gift, this rich champagne both looks and tastes rich.

Pair this demi-sec Harmony Champagne with any type of cooking, either sweet or savory.

This demi-sec champagne would also make the perfect pairing with traditional French desserts or pastries.

Champaign in Glasses

11. Beau Joie Sugar King Demi-Sec Champagne

This Champagne blend features 50% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Meunier for the perfect blend.

Beau Joie Sugar King Champagne features a signature black bottle, perfect for a gift for a champagne lover.

Imported from France, this pale gold champagne is both fruit and elegant.

12. Borrasca Premium Rose Cuvee Champagne

Blend up a strawberry mimosa using this Borrasca Premium Rose Cuvee Champagne.

The bright pink and black bottle even looks like it’s ready to party.

Gather your friends and use this champagne for strawberry mimosas, pairing perfectly with notes of light raspberry and juicy cherry.

This medium-bodied champagne would also make an excellent gift for any celebration.

13. Schramsberg Cremant Demi-Sec

No need to wait until New Year’s Eve to try Schramsberg Cremant Demi-Sec Champagne.

For your next special occasion, try this top-tier champagne that has the right level of sweetness.

With hints of vanilla, apricot, and apple, the bright flavors of this champagne are a crowd pleaser.

This demi-sec champagne is made in the North Coast of California.

14. Venue Clicuqot Demi-Sec Champagne

Have you tried the popular charcuterie board trend? Venue Clicuqot Demi-Sec Champagne would make the perfect addition to sip on alongside a delicious meat and cheese board.

Or, pair this champagne with desert. With so many flexible options, you’ll love enjoying this semi-sweet champagne any time of day.

This high-end up champagne is imported from France.

Champagne with meal

Mini Bottle Champagnes

15. Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Bottles

This Barefoot Bubbly Pink Champagne is the same product as mentioned in option #1, only it’s in an adorable 4-pack of mini bottles.

These mini bottles have a pop and twist cap for everyone to easily enjoy anywhere.

Perfect for parties or beach gatherings, these single-serving portions make life easy.

16. Lunetta Rose Mini Bottles

Adorable and miniature, these Lunetta Rose Mini Bottles would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower. Each mini bottle contains a single-serving portions of 187 mL each.

This rose champagne has a clean, fresh, and fruity taste that appeals to a variety of palates.

Costco Champagne

Are you a Costco member? Costco offers unbeatable pricing on many favorite champagne brands. It’s so popular that it is currently not sold on Costco’s website! The Costco champagnes you will find may vary depending on your location.

Some champagne products are only found in stores, so be sure to check your local Costco to see what amazing champagne buys you can find.

Costco Champagne

What to Look for When Shopping for Sweet Champagne

Level of Sweetness

Champagne varies quite a bit in terms of sweetness. Knowing the different categories will help make your shopping easier!

Look for brut, extra dry, demi-sec, or doux champagnes, which contain the most sugar. Extra Brut champagne will not be very sweet.

Occasion and Pairings

What is your purpose in buying champagne? Are you attending a celebration for New Year’s or a wedding?

Or, are you looking for a perfect champagne to pair with an evening meal. The occasion you’re shopping for will determine which type of sweet champagne is best for you.

Flavor Notes

Reading the flavor note description of champagne bottles gives you an insight into its taste.

Many champagnes have fruity notes or flowery. Find the flavor notes that appeal most to you, for your specific occasion!

Final Thoughts

Champagne is a delicious, bubbly drink that can make any special occasion.

With this expanded knowledge on sweet champagnes, you’re now prepared to make the best pick for a smooth and sweet champagne.

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