20 Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers [Fun Crafts & Games]

It is November. The leaves are turning, the weather is cool, and our thoughts turn to family and thankfulness. You may be feeling a little stressed as you prepare for a big Thanksgiving family gathering. Your toddler still wants to play with you and make lasting memories. No problem. You can incorporate fun and easy Thanksgiving activities for toddlers into your holiday preparations. 

The number of Thanksgiving crafts and activities online is overwhelming, but we have just what you are looking for. We have collected the best 25 activities to keep your toddler entertained and you in the holiday spirit without feeling stressed. We have 5 learning activities to build letter, number, and color skills, 5 fun crafts, 5 snack crafts, 5 active games, and 5 silly storybooks.

Check out the top 25 Thanksgiving activities for toddlers and be ready to make precious memories.

Thanksgiving Learning Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlers learn through playing and it is easy to work a little bit of learning letters, numbers, and colors into fun Thanksgiving activities. Try these inventive learning crafts that will keep your toddler busy and engaged for hours.

1. Turkey Name Plates

You and your toddler can make a simple turkey out of a paper plate and construction paper. Help your child learn to spell their name by writing one letter on each turkey feather. You can say the letters and trace them with your fingers.

2. Feed the Turkey with PomPoms 

Toddlers love to put things in and dump them out, so this is a great activity! Create turkey from a paper lunch sack or an empty bottle and let your child feed it pompoms. You can practice counting the pompoms, sorting them by color, or sorting them by size. All of these activities will keep your toddler entertained and will help them practice their fine motor skills.

Read about this project here or a slightly different version here.

3. Racing Turkeys Number Line (Older Toddler – Preschool)

This is a counting game that is fun for older toddlers and preschoolers. With just some clothespins, a yardstick, and dice, your can race your clothespin turkeys to the finish line! Maybe the winner won’t be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner!

See how to build this game here.

4. Color Candy Sort

Here is a fun game for learning colors. Make paper feathers in the same colors as small candies like M&Ms or Sixlets. Let your toddler sort the candy by color onto the leaves. This is great for fine motor skills and learning colors. It is also just fun to eat candy now and then!

For specific instructions, click this link.

5. Turkey Feather Measure

Does your toddler what to know how tall he or she is? Every five minutes? Here’s a fun way to measure. Buy some stiff feathers from the craft store and have your child lay on the floor. Lay the feathers end to end and see how many feathers tall they are. Then they can measure you, and the couch, and the table, and the dog, and the door, and their bed. . . You get the idea. This is a great activity for counting. Also, the feathers are generally assorted colors, so you could practice colors as well. 

See examples of this activity here.

Thanksgiving Games for Toddlers

Everyone loves a game, even the little ones. We’ve gathered 5 tot-friendly games with Thanksgiving themes to add some festive competition to your November days.

6. Turkey Baster Relay

Each kiddo playing will need a turkey baster and a feather for this race. They will squeeze the turkey baster to blow the feather across the finish line. There will probably be a lot of puffed-up cheeks for adorable photos as they try to only blow with the turkey baster, not with their mouths. 

For detailed instructions follow this link.

7. Turkey Ring Toss

Does your little one love to throw things? Here’s a lightweight, indoor-appropriate ringtoss that you can make together from paper plates, feathers, and leftover coffee creamer bottles. It’s a bit of a combination between frisbee and ring toss, and loads of fun. 

Instructions for building the game can be found here.

8. Turkey Feather Hunt

If your toddlers love an easter egg hunt, they will love the Turkey Feather Hunt. You can create a turkey from an old jar for them to collect feathers in. Take a few minutes to hide feathers around a room, then let them in to find them. As they add the found feathers to the jar, the turkey grows a tail! They will have to practice patience while you hide the feathers, so they learn something important and have fun too.

For instructions on how to decorate the jar, check out these ideas.

9. Turkey Walk

This high-energy game is great inside or outside. It will get your toddler moving and being creative and silly.  All you need for this activity is a little imagination. Tell your toddler to show you how to walk like a _____ turkey. Walk like a fat turkey, a scared turkey, a happy turkey, a sleepy turkey, and so on. You will probably run out of ideas before your child runs out of energy!

10. Do the Turkey Trot

Put on some music and dance! This is a simple activity for toddlers and preschoolers to do to practice listening and gross motor skills. And hopefully, it will get some of their wiggles out too. Teach them these basic nine steps – step left, step right, flap your wings, jump up, spin around, touch the ground, gobble out loud, swish your tail, and take a bow. Little ones can learn the steps in a particular order. For older children, call out the number that goes with the move to make the game a little more challenging.

Thanksgiving Papercrafts for Toddlers

11. Paper Bag Puppets

Puppet shows provide endless fun for toddlers. Work together to make a turkey, Pilgrims, Native Americans, and other Thanksgiving-related characters and tell stories with them. The edge of the coffee table makes a great puppet stage.

12. Turkey Headband

Playing dress-up is a staple of childhood. Make a turkey headband with your little one. Trace their hands for the turkey feathers to personalize it. They will be so cute you will want to gobble them up!

13. Coffee Filter Tie Dye Turkey

For a little crafty kitchen fun, make a tie-dye turkey. You just need coffee filters, water in a spray bottle, washable markers, and a little patience to make the tie-dye tail. Your toddlers can make their favorite colors and watch how colors blend to make new colors. 

14. Thankfulness Tree

This is the time of year we focus on the things we are thankful for. Create a Thankfulness Tree out of construction paper and write on the leaves what your toddler and other family members are thankful for. Your child can decorate the leaves and stick them on the tree.

15. Leaf Rubbing

Go on a leaf safari with your toddler and collect the interesting leaves that you find along the way. When you get home, Show your kids how to make leaf rubbings to transfer the pattern of the leaves to paper.

Thanksgiving Food Crafts for Toddlers

We tend to associate Thanksgiving with food, and it can be fun to combine a Thanksgiving craft with snack time. Try out some of these Thanksgiving-themed snacks you and your toddlers can make together.

16. Turkey Popcorn Bags

In the tradition of hand-shaped turkey art, this cute turkey combines a food service glove with M&Ms and popcorn. Here’s a similar version with Goldfish Crackers. Add a few details like googly eyes and a construction paper beak and you have a super cute and delicious Thanksgiving-themed gift for your child care workers or teachers. Plus, it’s just fun to make and eat! 

17. Turkey Donut

This is definitely a once in a while treat since it has a lot of sugar, but it is really cute and fun. It all starts with a glazed donut as the turkey body. Then, let your toddler put candy corn into the edge of the donut for the turkey feathers. You can add candy eyes and one more candy corn for the beak, and you have a sugary sweet turkey treat. 

18. Turkey Pudding Cup or Fruit Cup

We can’t have that donut every day, so how about decorating a fruit cup like a turkey? If you flip a cup of oranges upside down, it becomes the turkey body and you can add paper feathers and googly eyes for some thanksgiving friend charm. That’s one way to get your toddler to eat some fruit!

19. Leftover Turkey Sandwich

After Thanksgiving, we have to find something to do with our leftovers. Let your toddler help make a cute turkey-shaped turkey sandwich. Cut the bread into a circle and use fruit and cheese to make the tail feathers. Fun foods make leftovers more appealing to the littles.

20. Thanksgiving Trail Mix

Making a trail mix or snack mix is an easy and fun way to get your toddler involved in the kitchen. This sweet and salty mix satisfies your munchy cravings. It also makes a great holiday gift for friends and teachers. The recipe calls for Reese’s Pieces, but if you want to stay away from peanut butter, M&Ms are just as delightful.

Silly Thanksgiving Books

Sometimes you need to sit and read a silly story with your toddlers. You are too tired to keep going, but they are not. These silly stories will give your feet a break but will keep your toddler giggling.

21. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

This book is a rollicking Thanksgiving play on the classic rhyme, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

22. Run, Turkey, Run 

Follow turkey as he runs away and tries not to be the main course at Thanksgiving dinner.

23. One is a Feast for a Mouse 

A mouse is hungry after the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. He only needs one pea, and one olive and one more . . . . How will he get his tower of ones home? 

24. Ten Fat Turkeys

In this counting backwards book, ten turkeys take on ten silly tasks.

25. Turkey Trouble 

Turkey knows he is in danger of becoming dinner. But he has a plan… a disguise. How will he hide his identity from the farmer?

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Final Words

Although Thanksgiving dinner can be hard work, take the time during the season of thankfulness to be thankful for your family. Spend quality time with your toddler and make memories. Cuddle on the couch and read silly Thanksgiving stories with your toddler. Try out some of our Thanksgiving treats with your family.

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