How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Texas?

Cosmetic surgery has been popular for years. Although it is at times looked down on, acceptance has grown considerably. The ability to alter features you feel uncomfortable with is an opportunity available to many. One of the most popular procedures that is quickly gaining popularity in Texas is the tummy tuck.

However, price plays a big part in determining whether or not to have the procedure done. It is highly unusual for insurance to cover cosmetic issues. Therefore you are left to pay the balance out of pocket. With tummy tucks rising in record-high numbers now in the state of Texas, it begs the famous question – how much does a tummy tuck cost in Texas?

According to Dr. Sacha Obaid of North Texas Plastic Surgery, the total cost of a tummy tuck in texas can range from $7,475 to $17,650. This includes of all professional fees, facility fees, and miscellaneous expenses.

What Is Included?

One thing to take under consideration is that not all tummy tucks are created equal. At times, people opt to have the lower or upper abdominal area reduced instead of having the entire abdominal region altered. Going this route saves on cost significantly because people decide to only focus on the most problematic areas. Addressing the most problematic areas can make for a drastic change without the whole expense of the entire, extensive surgery.

What Costs Are In The Quoted Price?

As with all medical procedures, many variables can take place both before and during the course of treatment. Additionally, the recovery after the surgery itself can often lead to extra care and monitoring. However, there are standard charges that are common in each case. These standard charges are part of the quoted price given to you at your initial consultation. These items below are what is typically part of the initial quote that you receive.


Before you even step foot in an operating room, you have your initial meeting. This meeting is a  consultation with the medical staff, and the doctor performing the procedure. During this time, you outline what you are hoping to accomplish with a tummy tuck, and they take a detailed medical history, measurements, lab work, vitals, and other necessary documentation. 

At times the initial consultation is free. This cost is specific to the doctor and practice in which they work. There are other times that it is either lumped in with the overall price or is charged separately from the procedure itself. 

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Most commonly, if you decide to go forward with the tummy tuck, the consultation cost will be included in your quote’s total amount.

Surgeon Fees

Depending on where you reside, the surgeon fees alone for your tummy tuck can run between $3,000-$6000. The price will depend on your doctor’s experience, the cost of living in the area in which you have the procedure, and the rate that the practice charges. 

Surgeon fees vary depending on which doctor you decide to utilize. However, the doctor’s cost that you ultimately choose will be within your quoted final price.

The quoted price is based on a standard operation. If, once it starts, the surgeon runs into issues, the price could go above the quoted price. The exact course is not something that is determined until the procedure takes place. Therefore it is unable to be mentioned until it is known.

What is the Tummy Tuck Cost in Dallas?

As one of Texas’ most central hubs, Dallas is a popular destination for many things. There are many medical procedures that take place in this metropolitan area. Cosmetic surgeries and tummy tucks are frequently done as well, and average $6,000-$13,000.  


Several types of anesthesia can come into play during medical procedures. For tummy tucks, the doctor will typically use general sedation instead of just local anesthesia. At times, a doctor prefers deep sedation, but the medical community consensus seems to be that general sedation works just fine.

The amount given during your consultation will include the price of the anesthesia itself and the cost for the medical professional that administers it.

It is important to note that some people require more anesthesia than others. It isn’t easy to notice until the procedure happens. If this occurs and you are one of the patients requiring more anesthesia than the typical amount, this could affect your overall price.

Facility Fees

Cosmetic procedures are not always in a standard hospital. They can be in an outpatient facility, depending on the level of care needed. Facility fees are within the overall cost. The price allocated is for a typical time that is necessary for a routine procedure. If the surgery takes longer than what is customary, the price will fluctuate. A patient may need additional time if the doctor finds the situation to be more complex as they start the surgery. Unfortunately, this is another area in which it is unknown until the surgery begins. As with all medical procedures, things can  come up frequently and without prior knowledge that are important to address. It is best to keep this in mind going into the procedure so that you are not surprised if the cost happens to go up. 

Depending on the type of tummy tuck that you choose, you will be able to go home to recover later the same day, or you may need to stay overnight in the facility. If there are complications, you may be required to stay several nights in the facility for monitoring due to the unknowns. The cost for this possibility will not be in the quoted total price.

What Costs Are Not In The Quoted Price?

Although the final quote tries to include all expenses incurred during a tummy tuck procedure, some are not within the quote given at the consultation.

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Although medication is essential for a cosmetic procedure, it is not in the overall quote of costs that your physician gave you. The good part of this is that your medical insurance may cover your prescriptions even if they do not cover any part of the actual tummy tuck. Coverages can vary in this situation, but at times insurance is agreeable to extending prescription benefits in cosmetic procedures. You definitely won’t want to forego them!

Often your surgeon will prescribe you painkillers as well as antibiotics. Medications will vary by person depending on the individual needs and the outcome of your cosmetic procedure.


As with any medical procedure, labs are a vital part. Cosmetic surgery is no exception. Your doctor will likely want you to get pre-operative labs completed before you undergo your tummy tuck. Although this is an extra cost that will be out of pocket, it is essential to complete it. These afford your surgeon the best overall picture when they go in to complete your cosmetic surgery. To get the best outcome, you want your surgeon to be the most prepared that they can. These preoperative lab results will prove to be critical to the success of your surgery.


To aid in recovery time and help alleviate the pain, your doctor may recommend a particular garment to wear around your abdomen. Unfortunately, these are not within your quote for the cost. However, your doctor may have referrals that will help you get the needed items for a  reduced amount. Depending on the garment that you may need, the cost can add up to $350.


Although cosmetic surgery, including tummy tucks, is not routinely provided for in medical insurance, they are indispensable for many people. The ability to afford this procedure out of pocket is difficult for many. Thankfully there is assistance out there, including financing opportunities through a lot of medical practices. Be sure to take the time to speak with the billing staff of your surgeons’ office. They will have more direction for you in the way of financial assistance.

Additionally, your medical insurance may cover a portion of your bill, even if it is just for lab work or prescriptions. It is beneficial to speak with them regarding this if you do not have to pay this portion out of pocket.

It is also essential to utilize your flexible spending or health savings account where you can. Even items such as the necessary garments can sometimes be purchased through these methods.

Lastly, be sure to research and get quotes from several different practices. The surgeon’s cost and the cost of the facility are dependent on what the average cost of living is for that location. A lot of the more experienced surgeons reside within cities that have higher costs of living. Consider going to neighboring areas for your tummy tuck to save on the price. With Texas experiencing a rising rate in the number of tummy tucks completed per year, each doctor’s experience is going up. No longer are you relegated to the big cities to get a qualified doctor for your tummy tuck.

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