Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber

Riding in an Uber with your little one while using their private car seat helps you worry less. You don’t have to think about the health hazards involved in using a public car seat. Furthermore, you spend less time sanitizing and resizing the car seat safety harness to fit your baby.

Yes, you can use your car seat during an Uber ride. However, to use your car seat, you need to know how to install and uninstall it yourself. Also, consider the inconvenience of carrying the car seat when not in use.

The pro and cons of using your car seat during a ride are substantial, but you need to know your options. This article contains information to teach you how to install and uninstall your car seat. It also encompasses Uber rules in different states. 

Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber

Of course, you can bring your car seat. We recommend it because of the paranoia that comes with parents thinking about the health hazards. Although the Uber Company has ways to maintain and keep their seats clean, parents tend to worry.

It will save you the inconvenience if the Uber-provided car seat doesn’t fit your child. The car seat may be too small or too big, which can cause the driver to decline the ride. Children are more comfortable with a routine or any resemblance of familiarity, so using their seats is best.

To install your car seat in an Uber, you can use the seat belt or latch method.

Seat Belt Method 

To install your car seat using the seat belt method, these are the steps to follow.

  • First, put your car seat base on the Uber’s back seat.
  • String the car’s seat belt through your baby seat harness hook
  • Fasten and clamp the seat harness
  • Confirm if the base is firm by shaking it. The car seat base should not move excessively in any direction.
  • Put the car seat on its base and recline the chair, so your child can breath well.
  • Place your baby in her seat to confirm, and then adjust as necessary. Fasten the seat harness and secure the baby.
  • Ideally, the seat harness is snug and in an right position.
  • Start the Uber trip.

The Latch Method

  • Put your car seat on the Uber back seat.
  • Identify the Uber lower rear seat anchors or ask the driver for help.
  • Fasten the lower safety harness to the anchors. Check to see that they are not tangled.
  • Apply a little press on the car seat base as you pull the safety harness snugly.
  • Check that the base is firm and doesn’t move excessively in any direction.
  • Put the car seat on its base and place your child in her car seat.
  • Recline or adjust the seat, so the baby remains comfortable—strap in the child to secure her in the car seat. Double confirm the base is firm and her harness is snug.
  • Start the Uber trip.

While installing the car seat, leave the door ajar and call the driver’s attention to wait. If you do not know how to install the car seat, ask for help from the driver or follow the above steps.

How Do I Order A Car Seat With My Uber Ride?

Due to the inconvenience of carrying a car seat throughout the day, some parents order a company-owned car seat. Yes, the Uber services offer a cat seat during your trip. Below are steps to use this option

  1. Download(if you do not already have the app) and start the Uber App
  2. Put in your pick up location ( this is the exact place the Uber would pick you from)
  3. Then put in the drop-off location.
  4. Select the car you want from the list of ready cars
  5. Choose a car seat
  6. Request a ride.

Please note;

  • That the car seat service comes at an extra charge of $10
  • That the car seat limit is a child older than two years who weigh more than 22 pounds and is taller than 31inches.
  • The Uber ride comes with one car seat per child, so two children, carry one car seat with you.

What Are The Uber Laws According To Different States?

Some areas consider an Uber a taxi, while other places take these cars as private cars. Because of this, different laws are governing different locations. Here are eight states and their local Uber laws.


In Alabama, parents or drivers can provide a child car seat. The law expects any child below six years to use a car seat. Children between the ages of 6-15 can go on trips with a seat belt.

The law expects parents or drivers to provide and secure children with an Alabama federal-approved car seat. Furthermore, the child must be fastened and secure in his seat during a drive.


In Alaska, the driver is to have a car seat for kids in his car by law. The parent or the driver can install the car seat. Kids below eight years old are expected to use a car seat by law.

Children from the ages of 8-16 years of age must use seat belts during an Uber ride. Parents must allow the driver to install and secure their kids into an Alaskan federal-accepted car seat.


In Arkansas, the law expects the driver to make sure the child uses a car seat during a drive. The parent or the driver may bring the car seat. Any child below 6years old must use a car seat.

Arkansas must approve the car seat. The driver must secure children from 6-15years with seat belts.


The Uber law in California makes it clear that the parents come with car seats. The law covers kids below 8years old traveling in a car. If the child is traveling alone, the driver must secure the child in a car seat.

Children above 8-16 years can use a seat belt.


In Colorado, the parents bear the responsibility for their child’s safety. Parents are to come with car seats for children under 8years, and the driver can take over if the parent is absent.

Children between the ages of 8-16years must use seat belts.


The law in Connecticut would find both adults guilty if the child isn’t secure in a car seat. The law expects children below six years to use a car seat while 7- 16 use seat belts.


The Delaware law would hold both or either the driver and parents. Children below seven would use approved car seats, while children from 7-16 years must use seat belts.

District of Columbia

The law here would find both or either parent or driver guilty. It expects children under 8years to be fastened into an approved car seat while those from 8-16 years use seat belts.


Yes, you can use your private car seats with an Uber. For parents that would instead book for car seats, Uber offers that service. To use personal car seats, you should know how to install them. Be aware that the car seat Uber offers may not fit your child.

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