Freezable Water Bottles (Best Brands & Tips)

When you know you will be out all day, whether working or playing, you will want to stay hydrated. A reusable water bottle is a necessity for school, work, exercise, and just spending a day in nature.

If you enjoy refreshingly cold water throughout the day, you may want to find a water bottle that is freezer-safe. That way, you will have cold water throughout the day as the ice melts.

When you want to freeze a reusable water bottle, you should be sure to choose one that the manufacturer lists as freezer safe. These will be plastic or silicone bottles. Polar Bottle, Nomader Collapsible Water Bottles, Camelbak Tritan Chute, eddy+, and Podium bottles, the Bubi Bottle, and the Vapur Element bottles are freezer safe. 

Continue reading for details about these water bottles, which water bottles you should not put in the freezer, and clever ways to use prefilled water bottles.

Freezable Water Bottles

Freezing your water bottle is a great way to have cold water all day long.

Whether you use the frozen bottle to keep your lunch cold or just let it melt so you can drink cool water while you hike, freezing a water bottle the night before you need it is easier than finding ice to fill your bottle with during the day.

The Polar Bottle

When you want to freeze your water bottle, the makers of Polar Bottle suggest that you fill it only ¾ full to allow room for the water to expand as it freezes. The Polar Bottle is made in Colorado with as many locally sourced materials as possible.

This bottle is BPA-Free and has three insulated layers to keep your water cold for as long as possible.

The makers of Polar Bottle want their product to be easy to use and keep clean; therefore, the cap comes apart into two pieces simply by twisting.

All parts of the bottle are dishwasher and freezer safe. The Polar Bottle fits into bike cages, backpack pockets, and cup holders. 

The Polar Bottle is available in 12 oz, 20 oz, and 24 oz sizes and comes in a multitude of colors and designs. You can also get replacement caps and handles that fit all the bottles.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader Collapsible water bottle is safe to use at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, it is freezer safe. The manufacturer recommends only filling the bottle ¾ of the way before freezing to give water room to expand as it freezes. 

The Nomader collapsible water bottle is made from high-quality silicone. It is BPA-free and free from BPS, PVC, lead, and phthalates. Its silicone construction gives it several advantages over other water bottles.

First, it is shatterproof due to the silicone. If you drop it, this bottle will flex rather than crack.

Furthermore, when it is empty, you can flatten it and roll it up like an empty tube of toothpaste so that it doesn’t take up much room. 

In case you are concerned about how stable it is when it is full, it is uniquely designed with a rigid plastic sleeve to help it remain stable and sturdy, whether it is full or empty. This flexible bottle is both dishwasher and freezer safe.

water bottle

Nomad offers a lifetime warranty on their bottles and will replace any defective parts. This 22-ounce bottle fits into bike cages, backpack pockets, and car cup holders.

Camelbak Water Bottles

Camelbak has been a trusted name in water bottles for over 30 years. They produce multiple types of bottles from various materials. 

On their FAQ page, Camelbak notes that users can place any of their Tritan plastic bottles in the freezer. 

Camelbak recommends that you fill the bottle no more than ¾ full before freezing it. They also suggest filling it only ½ full before freezing it, then topping it off with water in the morning. 

Chute Mag

The Chute Mag cap fits the same bottle as the eddy+ and the Carry Cap. It has a leak-resistant magnetic lid that snaps over the spout.


The eddy+ is made from Tritan Renew, a lightweight plastic material made with 50% recycled plastic. The eddy+ cap attaches a straw through the lid. The straw is spill-proof when opened.

To use the straw, bite to open it and drink. When the lid is closed, it is leak-proof. If you freeze a bottle with the eddy cap, remember that the whole straw will have to thaw before you can drink from it.


The Camelbak Podium is an insulated biking bottle that fits multiple bike cages. This 24-ounce bottle is easy to squeeze for more water with less effort.

It has a self-sealing cap to avoid spills. When you freeze this water bottle, only fill it ½ to ¾ full so that the water has room to expand.

Bübi Water Bottle

The Bubi Bottle is made from rugged BPA silicone. It is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and freeze resistant. This 35-ounce bottle is up to any challenge you throw at it.

It is bottom rack dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and will even flip inside out, so it is easy to clean. You can store items in it to keep them safe and dry or roll them flat for easy storage.

To freeze your water in this bottle, fill it ¾ full of water and pop it in the freezer. Enjoy icy cold water after a couple of hours.

Vapur Element Water Bottle

The Vapur Element calls itself the “anti-bottle.” It is made from a flexible BPA and phthalate-free nylon material that stands up when filled then lays flat and rolls up when it is empty.

This bottle is dishwasher and freezer safe. It has a wide-mouth opening that is easy to fill. 

The Vapur bottles are designed to be filled and frozen for cold water all day or used as an ice pack. 

Water Bottles That Should Not Be Placed In The Freezer

Perhaps your favorite reusable water bottle is glass or stainless steel.

While glass is an outstanding choice for recycling, and stainless steel has excellent insulating properties, neither is great for freezing. 

Water Bottles in Freezer

Unless your glass water bottle says explicitly that it is safe for the freezer, you should not use it to freeze your water.

Glass can become brittle in the freezer and may shatter as the water inside it freezes and expands. 

Alternatives To Freezing Your Water Bottle

Store some water in the refrigerator all the time. You can keep a pitcher of water cold and fill your bottle with cold water whenever you want.

Fill your water bottle with ice. It won’t stay frozen as long as a whole frozen bottle would, but it will give you cold water for a few hours.

Choose a bottle with good insulation if you won’t be freezing it. A well-insulated bottle can keep your ice water cold for most of the day.

Freezing Store-Bought Water Bottles

When heading out to a cookout or a tailgating party, you may need to use prefilled water bottles. Most of these bottles are made of flexible plastic, and they have a little room at the top so that you can freeze them.

In fact, they make great ice packs for your cooler without all the melted water mess that accompanies loose ice. 

Another situation where you might want to freeze store-bought water bottles is when your area may lose power due to storms or natural disasters.

For example, if you anticipate a hurricane, you can pack the empty space in your freezer with water bottles.

They will freeze before the power goes out. Then, they will keep your freezer cold longer, and you will have bottled water to drink if needed.

Other Uses For Reusable Silicone Water Bottles

The Nomader and the Bubi Water bottles are made from high-quality silicone. You can use both of these collapsible water bottles as more than a water bottle or an ice pack.

The Bubi Bottle is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Nomader is heat resistant up to 248 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, both bottles can hold hot drinks or function like hot water bottles. You can also use these to place belongings in to keep them safe and dry. 

Taking A Water Bottle On A Plane

According to the TSA Website, you cannot bring a full water bottle through the security checkpoint. 

However, they explain that you can bring an empty water bottle and fill it after your pass through security. This will save you some money at the airport.

Concluding Thoughts

Freezing your reusable water bottle is a great idea for having cold water throughout the day. Your frozen bottle can even function as an ice pack to keep your lunch cold.

The Polar Bottle and any Camelback bottle made from Tritan Renew plastics are excellent choices for rigid water bottles that will stand up to the stresses of the freezer.

Flexible water bottles like the Nomader, the Bubi Bottle, and the Vapur Element anti-bottle also freeze well and roll up to save space when they are empty.

Remember that water expands as it freezes, so only fill your bottles ¾ full before freezing.

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