What To Serve With Frittata [Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner]

Frittatas are a fantastic egg based dish that are an ideal meal for busy parents to throw together last minute!

Just whip up some eggs, throw in the vegetables, cheeses and meats that you have on hand, and then cook until golden brown on either side! It is a one skillet dish that limits kitchen messes and prevents food waste.

Talk about a dream menu item! However, for those parents who want to plan ahead and turn this dish into a full-fledged meal, what do you serve with frittata?

We review the options for breakfast, brunch and dinner!

When serving vegetable frittatas, add proteins like bacon or sausage to bulk up the meal. Conversely, when meat is in the mix, lean towards something sweet like pancakes or fruit tarts to offset the fattiness of the pork. Additionally, look for starches like potatoes that won’t steal attention from the main course. Finally, don’t forget to include a fruit salad and bed of mixed greens. The splash of color and contrasting texture is a great addition to your spread.

What To Serve With Frittata For Breakfast Or Brunch

1.Breakfast Potatoes

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Breakfast potatoes are a classic and filling breakfast side that pair perfectly with any type of frittata.

Simply season them with the same spices used in your egg dish and you will have complimentary flavor profiles and a well rounded meal.

Add peppers and onion to give the side dish a bit of zest or keep it simple with just the starch. 

Breakfast Potatoes

2.Hash Browns

This is another stereotypical morning meal component that also features potatoes!

For those who want a lighter helping of carbs, this is a great alternative that still provides a nice contrasting texture and won’t distract from your main dish. Best of all, these are quick and easy to make!

However, unlike with the breakfast potatoes, it is best to keep your seasonings simple. Add salt and pepper and lightly fry them in olive oil to achieve an optimal result. 

Hash Browns


A sweeter starch option is a hefty helping of waffles. These crunchy, yet doughy, grid shaped cakes can be doused in maple syrup, topped with whipped cream and berries, or smeared with peanut butter.

Not matter what, the contrast in flavors will stimulate different taste receptors, ensuring that your guests get the most out of their meal!

Just remember that you should serve a hearty frittata with smaller sides to prevent everyone from feeling too full. 



Oatmeal is a heart healthy choice that can also be easily customized to complement the flavors of your frittata. Keep it plain or dress it up with brown sugar, fruit, nuts, or even peanut butter.

Since frittatas are known for being packed with vegetables, any of these options will partner well with your main dish. Additionally, this is the easiest carb on our list to make!


5.Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet, sugary, doughy and delicious. There is something so perfect about biting into a gooey cinnamon roll!

When serving this dessert-like side with your frittata, remember to keep your portions small so that guests can enjoy the salty, sweet and savory parts of their plate.

Moreover, you can also serve this as a dessert course to end the meal. This will ensure that the focus remains on your frittata. 

Cinnamon Rolls

6.Coffee Cake

This is another sugary option, that doesn’t go overboard with the sweetness. Instead, it is a subtle mix of a mild sponge cake along with cinnamon and sugar topping. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Moreover, it is a dish that will trigger the opposite taste receptors that your frittata will engage.

This means that the meal will be diverse and your guests will enjoy contrasting flavors that will result in a truly delightful dining experience.

Coffee Cake

7.French Toast

For the folks who love an ample amount of sweetness in their meal, you can never go wrong with French toast!

Not only will the egg based ingredients pair perfectly together, but you will also achieve some variance in your meal thanks to the powdered sugar and syrup toppings.

Since this is a hearty spread, make sure to keep your toast thin. This will ensure guests don’t get overfilled.

French Toast


Pancakes are another classic brunch item that go well with virtually any other item.

That is thanks to the subtle sweetness of the batter that can be dressed up with syrups and whipped cream or kept simple with a few pats of butter.

Again, keep your pancakes small to help your guests still enjoy the main course. Furthermore, if you are keeping to a vegetarian meal, consider using protein pancake mix. 


What To Serve With Frittata For Dinner

Everyone loves breakfast for dinner! When you serve a frittata as the main course, you will be guaranteed a protein packed meal.

However, many people expect a hearty menu selection when having supper. Thus, look for options that are guaranteed to fill up your family! 


Bruschetta is an amazing choice because the tomatoes, red pepper flakes, garlic, onions and cheese are all normally staple ingredients found in frittatas.

Moreover, the bread will help to bulk up the meal and ensure that your menu achieves all of the food groups that you hope to find on your plate.

Most importantly, it is another dish that is fast and simple to make! This is ideal for busy moms who want to serve a delicious and health meal, without a lot of effort. 

2.Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is an American classic! Not only is it easy to make, but it is an additional dinner side that will keep guests full and satisfied.

When preparing this gooey sandwich, choose cheeses that were used in your frittata.

This will guarantee a seamless flavor profile and you will already have the ingredients on hand. Both kids and adults will love this choice!

Grilled Cheese

3.Sweet Potatoes

For a slightly more unique option, consider making sweet potatoes to serve with your frittata!

This is an extremely healthy option that will add some sweetness to your meal. Select from baked, mashed or even French fry varieties, depending on your preference.

This will also bring some extra color and flavor to your meal. Most notably though, this starch tends to pair perfectly with any vegetable option, including broccoli frittatas. 

The Best Sauces To Pair With Frittata

Sauces are best when ingredients are simple. Just like there can be too many cooks in the kitchen, there is also such thing as too many ingredients.

1.Pico de Gallo

Just like the bruschetta, pico de Gallo uses similar ingredients to the main dish, which makes it another perfect pair!

However, it also adds a bit of pizzazz with the jalapeños in the kix. This little bit of spice can really dress up your egg dish. It is also the ideal complement to a southwest themed frittata. 

2.Avocado Hollandaise

This sauce combines the rich, creamy and zesty flavor of hollandaise with the earthy taste and buttery texture of avocados.

This is a great option for any type of vegetable or cheese based frittata. Additionally, this will go well with a frittata that is hot, cold or room temperature.

However, if meat is a part of the ingredients list, especially fish based options like Salmon frittata, you are better off not adding a sauce of any kind. 

3.Salsa Verde 

Speaking of spice, this zesty green sauce has the perfect combination of picante and dulce!

Made with tomatillos, onions, jalapeños and lime juice, this signature spread will elevate any veggie frittata that you plan to serve!

Best of all, many of these ingredients are found in the majority of frittatas. This makes it an easy sauce to pair with your egg casserole. 

Salsa Verde 

What Salad To Serve With Frittata

Frittatas are soft in texture so adding some crunch and moisture to the mix is a great way to add depth to the overall meal. Here are the top salads to pair with your egg casserole. 

1.Fruit Salad

Sweet, refreshing and always healthy. You can never go wrong with a small fruit salad when you plan to serve a frittata!

This light and delicious side presents a different flavor profile than your main course, but it still pairs nicely with the vegetable components of the egg dish.

It also adds some different textures, allowing guests to explore all aspects of their palate. 

fruit salad

2.Green Salad

Talk about texture! The crunch of the lettuce, carrots and croutons, the juiciness of the tomatoes, the crumbly feel of the cheese and the creaminess of the dressing provide so many amazing consistencies to your meal, while also giving guests a cornucopia of flavors!

When making your signature salad, choose garnishes that are featured in the main recipe to help the overall flavors coincide nicely.

Again, this will guarantee that nothing goes to waste and that you have a flawless spread. 

Green Salad

3.Tomato Feta Salad

Simply slice up some cherry tomatoes and red onions and then add in some feta cheese. Dress the mixture with salt, pepper and olive oil. Voila!

You have another refreshing and simple salad that both kids and adults will gobble up!

Best of all, this salad tends to go well with any type of frittata so there is little worry about the clashing of flavors. 

Tomato Feta Salad

Bread Options To Go With Your Frittata

Starches are a fan favorite at any meal, but you want simple options that will keep the focus on the main course.

Thus, look for bread types that do not use lot of seasonings or include added ingredients. 


For the folks who want a carb with their meal, but don’t prefer the sugary nature of stable breakfast starches, consider a flaky, buttery and airy croissant. This lighter side is a great complement to any meal.

Plus, no matter what ingredients are in your frittata, when you serve a croissant, it will never clash with the dish. Add a dash of butter and you are ready to eat!



In contrast to the French option listed above, buiscuts offer a more crumbly texture with a slightly denser consistency.

This bread product is a great option when meats and gravy are served with the meal. However, butter is just as satisfying in terms of spreads.

Most importantly, these are easy to make, they won’t distract from the main course, and they are always a fan favorite!


3.Sourdough Toast

When looking for a slightly tangier option, sourdough is the way to go! This chewy and slightly sour bread is a great choice when you want to hit all the taste receptors with your menu items.

Moreover, it is an wonderful option to pair with butter, jam, jelly, peanut butter, honey or even cheese spreads.

This means it an amazingly customizable starch option that you can tailor to the flavor components of your main dish.

Sourdough Toast

The Best Desserts To Pair With Frittata

Everyone know that the perfect meal requires a delectable dessert! When your main course in frittata, remember to stick with the theme of the meal.

Thus, look for fruit based desserts to tie in with the breakfast fare and to provide a light end to the meal.

1.Fruit Tarts

Fruit tarts are a fantastic dessert option that go well with the breakfast and brunch theme. They also pair perfectly with frittatas because both dishes feature an egg base!

Moreover, fruit is another staple breakfast item so this sweet treat will tie in well with the meal.

Remember that bite sized servings are always best since this morning meal tends to be stacked with filling side options. 

Fruit Tarts

2.Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are a spectacular end to any meal! Why? The tart taste serves as a palate cleanser and while they feature a hint of sweetness, they also have a zesty component that makes sure that guests will not overindulge.

Moreover, just like with the rest of our fruity suggestions, the flavors will go with the breakfast theme. 

Lemon Bars

3.Strawberry Shortcake

This subtly sweet option features a breakfast themed base that mirrors the consistency of a biscuit or scone. This makes it another great option for dessert!

Additionally, the sweetness of the berries and whipped cream will add a light flavor contrast that will not overfill guests. Best of all, it brings another pop of color to your overall table spread.

The Best Wines To Pair With Your Frittata

Sparkling and sweet wines are always the best options to pair with egg based cuisine. Thus, look for lighter white wines that feature a mix of sweet and tart flavors.


Everyone loves a bit of bubbly! The tiny bubbles will dance on your tongue, providing some added mouthfeel to your meal.

Remember that you do not want to choose an option that is too dry. Thus, a Doux or Brut will be your best options to select when pairing with a light and fluffy frittata. 


This highly acidic wine will contrast nicely with the delicate flavor of the eggs, while adding a bit of sweetness. This varietal features apricot, pear, lime and even pineapple flavors.

What this means is that it will not only cut through the intricate flavors of the frittata, but it will pair with your dessert and starch selections nicely.

It also has an herbal sensation that will compliment most of the spices used in this healthy breakfast fare.

3.Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc and eggs is another classic pairing. That is because this fruit forward wine mixes sweet and savory, similar to your menu items.

You will taste hints of melon, grapefruits and peaches with this selection. Moreover, it is another acidic option, which is great for lean food options. 

What To Serve With Quiche Frittata

A quiches frittata is essentially a crustless quiche. Frittatas tend to use less diary so if you choose a quiche themed version of this dish, look for lighter sides to offset the heavy nature of this dish.

1.Fruit Kaboobs

These are a simple alternative to a fruit salad! Grab a mix of berries, melons and citrus fruit to create this easy starter.

Not only will the bite size piece be simple to throw together, but kids love them.

Moreover, you can serve this finger food plain or you can hard cheeses to pair with the added dairy in your main dish. Either way, this is a great side that will meld well with any dish.

2.Berry Crostini

Similar to bruschetta, this appetizer features blueberries, raspberries and blackberries atop crispy bread slices and a schmear of goat cheese. Add a drizzle of honey for some added sweetness!

This is a light, healthy and flavorful option that will wow guests! Most importantly, it will not fill them up before the main course.  

3.Greek Yogurt

This is another superfood to add to the spread! Greek yogurt is healthy, but not overly filling.

Furthermore, you can serve it plain or top it with dark chocolate, fruit or nuts. You can even add some granola and make mini parfaits!

What To Serve With Vegetable Frittata

Meat is a great compliment to any vegetable frittata because it adds a complimentary flavor and some extra protein to your meal.

Since most frittata recipes feature lean and healthy ingredients, consider more hearty pork based breakfast options like bacon and sausage. 


When serving a vegetable frittata, the best compliment is crispy, salty and savory side of bacon.

Not only will the crunch of this delicious protein add some texture, but the fattiness of the meat will offset the drier components of your meal.

Moreover, it ensures that your guests will fill up on their food and feel satiated for hours after brunch is served.

For easy prep, just line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and bake the bacon at 400 degrees for approximately 20 minutes, flipping the slices halfway through. This will cut back on dishes and the splatter oof grease!



Sausage is another hearty side to pair with a lighter vegetable frittata. However, unlike the bacon, sausage comes in all shapes and flavors.

Thus, pick the types that is best suited for your egg dish. If the frittata uses Italian ingredients, then pair it with an Italian sausage. In contrast, a Spanish frittata should be partnered with a chorizo!


3.Pasta Salad

Completely customizable, easy to make and surprisingly filling. Pasta salad is a great choice to serve with frittata because you can match your ingredients.

Thus, use the same seasoning and vegetables that you included in the main course to create the perfect complement! Best of all, the flavors will be similar, but the textures will contrast.

This provides depth to the meal with minimal effort. Additionally, if you want to have more protein, add in some delicious deli meats like salami, pepperoni or ham!

If you are looking to keep your meal vegetarian, then consider protein pasta to get your fill!

Pasta Salad

What To Serve With Spanish Frittata

Spanish frittatas tend to have a bit of a bite, so look for sides that will match this spicy flavor profile!

Look for tastes that blend well together, but also add some varying textures to the meal.

1.Tortilla Soup

This is a delicious and steamy stew filled with all the signature ingredients of your Spanish frittata!

This equates to the perfect blend of flavors and a multitude of textures. Moreover, tortilla soup is a great side to serve on a cold day.

Additionally, since this side contains little protein, a frittata is a wonderful option to balance out the meal.

Tortilla Soup

2.Chips And Guacamole

Add a little crunch to your Mexican themed meal with chips and guacamole! This delectable combination will not steal the show, but instead, enhance the flavors of your frittata.

It also contains onions, tomatoes and jalapeños, which are likely included in the recipe for the main course. 

Chips And Guacamole

3.Cilantro Lime Rice

Simple, refreshing and filling. Cilantro lime rice is named with the three ingredients needed to make the dish.

All of these will meld well with your Spanish egg casserole, without stealing attention. Moreover, it can be a nice palate cleanser between courses if you intend to serve dessert. 

Cilantro Lime Rice

Final Thoughts

Whether you serve slices or mini frittatas, these are an amazing option to add to any meal and any of these delicious sides will do! Moreover, these are also great menu options to serve with omelets.

Just remember to keep portions small so that your guests can enjoy all aspects of the menu.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you want to ensure they get a well balanced meal!

10 Side Dishes To Serve With Frittata

10 Side Dishes To Serve With Frittata

Are you wondering what to serve with Frittata For breakfast, lunch or dinner?


  • Baked or Sweet Potatoes
  • Hash Browns
  • Waffles or Croissants
  • French Toast, Pancakes or Biscuits
  • Cinnamon Rolls or Coffee Cake
  • Lemon Bars
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Avocado Hollandaise
  • Salsa Verde 
  • Fruit Salad


When serving vegetable frittatas, add proteins like bacon or sausage to bulk up the meal. Conversely, when meat is in the mix, lean towards something sweet like pancakes or fruit tarts to offset the fattiness of the pork.

Additionally, look for starches like potatoes that won't steal attention from the main course. Finally, don’t forget to include a fruit salad and bed of mixed greens. The splash of color and contrasting texture is a great addition to your spread.

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