What to Serve with Mushroom Soup? [Sandwiches & Meats]

Just yesterday, I was at my local farmer’s market and was taken by surprise. Next to the winter citrus, there were rows and rows of beautifully assorted wild mushrooms. They must have spent some serious time foraging because they had everything from giant Portobellos to dainty Japanese enokis.

Trying to control my urge to buy one of each, I quickly devised a plan. I could buy a few types for lunchtime salads, a few others to sauté with breakfast omelets, and then really splurge with a variety of mushrooms for a dinnertime soup.

My soup would not only be abounding in flavor – but with textures as well, by adding lots of different types of mushrooms. Mushroom soup comes in a variety of flavors and makes a nice light lunch. But my family would want a little more substance for dinner.

Sandwiches are a fast and satisfying addition, especially in the fall and winter when mushrooms are in season. Bakery breads and homemade yeast-free breads are ideal for livening up a light dinner. If you’re serving soup as a first-course, pork chops and smoked sausages are a good meat choice for those wanting more protein.

What Sandwiches to Serve with Mushroom Soup

Soups and sandwiches are the ultimate comfort combination. And with mushroom soup, loaded with rich, earthy umami, you already have a headstart on flavor. Whether you prefer a creamy mushroom soup or chunky wild mushroom soup, there are a variety of sandwiches to make a complete meal.

Cold or hot, quick or more involved, gluten-free or Vegan, sandwiches have so many options for creating this classic soup/sandwich combo.  


Unless your mushroom soup is swimming in cream, it’s actually a very light meal; though a little low on protein. To balance the meal, you’ll find lots of inspiration at your deli meat counter. I especially love a hearty Italian sub sandwich with a variety of meats and cheese.

You can add some creole flair and serve a Muffuletta, a New Orleans’ favorite, with olive tapenade, salami, ham, mortadella, and two types of cheese: mozzarella and provolone cheese. But for the ultimate ham and cheese, try serving a Cuban Sandwich.

Traditionally, it’s assembled on a soft roll (ideally Cuban bread) with a coat of yellow mustard and layers of roasted roast pork, glazed ham, and salami with Swiss cheese and thinly sliced dill pickles. A few minutes in the oven to let it melt, and voilà, the perfect side dish with your mushroom soup on a cold night.

Cuban Sandwich

2.Vegan and Gluten-free

But deli meats aren’t the only choices for mushroom soup. In fact, there are many Vegan and gluten-free options. Instead of a burger, try a Portobello “burger.” Simply broil a giant Portobello mushroom and serve; the bun is optional.

Top it with lettuce, onion, and your favorite mayonnaise spread, and you’ll have a veggie dinner for your mushroom soup.

For more gluten-free options, many stores are now selling jicama wraps. A little smaller but just as substantial as a traditional wrap, you can fill it with an assortment of grilled veggies.

For extra protein, a chicken salad filling in your jicama wrap would pair nicely with mushroom soup. 

Vegan Jicama Wraps

3.Pulled Pork

One of my favorite choices for soup and salad night is pulled pork, especially if I’m serving mushroom soup. Actually, it’s a deconstructed, two-part, soup and sandwich version of the traditional pork roast and mushroom Sunday dinner.   

I like my pulled pork with BBQ sauce for the sandwich when I’m serving a broth-based mushroom soup. And with a creamy mushroom soup, a Carolina pulled pork, juicy and tangy and slow-cooked in cider vinegar would be the perfect side dish.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

4.The Cheese Melt

If you’re looking for speed, grilled cheese has the advantage of not only being fast but sure to please everyone at your table. Just a few slices of bread, medium-soft cheese like cheddar or swiss (either thinly sliced or grated), and a few minutes of heat, and dinner is served.  

And if you want to experiment a little, try making one of my favorites, a Welsh rarebit. First, you start with toasted bread. Then you make a cheese mixture just like you would for mac and cheese.

Next, add a little mustard and a dash of Worchester sauce for extra flavor. Finally, pour over the toast and grill for a minute or two until brown and bubbly. Take it from me; it will soon become a family favorite.

Cheese Melt Sandwich

Breads To Pair With Mushroom Soup

If you’re serving soup as a first course or a light lunch, you might prefer to just serve bread, especially if you’re serving a heartier soup with grains. And everyone appreciates warm bread.  It’s easier than ever to buy as many bakeries, and grocery stores are starting to sell a wide variety of specialty breads.

You can choose from your favorites, experiment a bit or even try your hand at making your own. 

1.French Baguette

Making a homemade French baguette can be pretty daunting. In fact, it’s so specialized and demanding that there’s an annual award in Paris for the city’s best baguette maker. Thankfully, most grocery stores are now making in-house baguettes, so all we need to do is slice and serve.  

For an even more homemade experience, but still, with some help from the store, look for par-baked, or take and bake baguettes. You can add a little garlic butter either before or after baking.

The garlic flavor blends very nicely with mushroom soup, and the crispy bread is perfect for catching those last bits of soup at the bottom of the bowl. And as a bonus, your kitchen will smell like a Parisian boulangerie.

French Baguette

2.Savory Scones  

Though most people associate scones with breakfast or afternoon tea, you can just as easily make savory scones with a few changes. It’s a much easier home baking experience than baguettes, and you can make scones in just a few minutes.

What’s more, there are endless possibilities for your choice of flavorings, such as shredded cheese, crumbled cooked sausage, or fresh herbs and spices

And you can add even more flavor with maple butter spread. The deep maple butter will bring out the earthy tones in the soup. And when you pair a scone with its delicate, crumbly texture, you’ll have excellent contrast and balance for a creamy, such as chicken and mushroom soup.

Savory scones with feta mozarella and green herbs

3.Flatbreads with Toppings 

Flatbreads would be a perfect side for a more robust or chunky mushroom soup. Many people use a traditional yeast-free flatbread or even Naan as a base. Flatbread toppings can easily be found by a quick look through your fridge and pantry. 

With a little of this and a little of that, you have a complete meal in moments. Just brush your flatbread with a bit of olive oil and warm it up in your oven. I especially like grilled onions, marinated artichoke hearts, and prosciutto for toppings. 

(Does this sound a little like pizza without the sauce?) Though you could add a tomato sauce too, flatbreads of all sorts would elevate any mushroom soup meal.

Flatbreads with Toppings 

4.Soda Bread 

But for a hearty, warm bread whose aroma will permeate the house, serve a freshly baked soda bread with mushroom soup. The yeast-free nature and lack of kneading give soda breads a denser, nibbly, chewy texture.

It’s a perfect bread when you have little hands in the kitchen that want to help. Soda breads are easy to make and quite hard to mess up.  

The fun part of pairing soda bread with mushroom soup is that you can easily match the earthy umami flavors of the mushrooms with your bread. 

When serving soups with grains, like mushroom and wild rice soup or mushroom and barley soup, add a few caraway seeds to your soda bread for extra depth and flavor. And just like scones, you can experiment with flavored herb, honey, and maple butter spreads.

Homemade Simple Irish Soda Bread

Meats to Serve with Mushroom Soup

Breads and sandwiches are not the only choices for mushroom soup. If you flip through cookbooks from all over the world, you’ll find that mushrooms are a universal ingredient paired with meats. That’s because the mushroom’s earthy flavor enhances and magnifies the taste of the meat.

Personally, I prefer more delicate flavored meats, like pork and chicken with mushroom soup. But if you prefer bolder flavors, try smoked sausages with Hungarian mushroom soup. 

1.Pork Chops

The ultimate family dinner is pork roast served with a mushroom sauce. And this flavor combination is easy with mushroom soup; all you need is a few pork chops. You can keep the dinner light by sautéing seasoned boneless pork chops in a bit of butter.

Or, for entertaining, try coating your pork chops in fresh breadcrumbs seasoned with sage before cooking. Trust me, this soup and breaded meat combination tastes just like my favorite appetizer, stuffed mushrooms.

Oven Baked Pork Chops


When deciding what to pair with mushroom soup, I like to think of recipes that have a mushroom sauce. Chicken a la King is the classic dish which combines the flavors of roast chicken with a velvety white mushroom sauce. So if you already have a creamy mushroom soup, pairing chicken would mimic the flavors.

And just like the pork chops, you can sauté the chicken and serve it with a light butter sauce. Or, you can flatten the chicken, coat it in seasoned bread crumbs for a more elegant pairing with mushroom soup.

Roasted chicken

3.Smoked Sausage

Another family favorite for mushroom soup is smoked sausage. Unlike me, my family’s palate tends towards bolder flavors. And if your family is the same, try Hungarian mushroom soup and smoked sausages.

Hungarian mushroom soup is perfect for waking up those taste buds. Packed full of paprika, it brightens the flavors and highlights the mushroom’s earthy taste. And you can continue the flavor explosion by serving grilled smoked sausage, either with a spicy mustard or onions and peppers.  

smoked salami sausage

Final Considerations

The beauty of a mushroom soup is the amount of flavor you get from each bite. Loaded with umami, that rich earthy quality in all mushrooms, your mushroom-based meals will have the flavors of a substantial and meaty dish. And what’s amazing about mushroom soup is that you can make it with any variety of mushrooms.

But other than a quick lunch, mushroom soup is a little too light to serve on its own. To solve that, sandwiches and breads are the perfect dinner partners for pairing with a creamy mushroom soup or a hearty mushroom and barley soup. Dinner will be ready in no time.

You can assemble your favorite sandwich or simply slice warm bread before the the soup is finished heating. If you’re looking for a little extra protein, maybe to serve after a first course mushroom soup, there’s a variety of meat choices. Pork chops and chicken are a classic pairing, but spicy smoked sausages would pair just as well.

So next time you’re at the market, and you see all the exciting mushroom shapes, sizes, and even colors, think about all the fun you could have sharing a bowl of mushroom soup with your friends and family.  

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