What To Serve With Quesadillas? [Sides, Sauces, & More]

One of the many perks of living in America is being exposed to various cultures and cuisines.

Mexican food in particular has a special place in the heart of every American city.

Tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are super tasty and easy to throw together for a scrumptious meal.

Quesadillas come with various fillings and every single one of them is delicious and comforting.

However, usually, they are served with sides that complete the meal and hit the spot.

If you’re new to the world of quesadillas or are dealing with a case of decision fatigue, you may be wondering what sides best complement these delicious cheesy delectables.

Quesadillas are best served with rice, roasted veggies, and Mexican-style dishes like fried rice and street corn. They are always served with a dipping sauce like salsa, guacamole, or sour cream. For drinks, quesadillas pair nicely with mojitos, sparkling water, and lemonades. 

In my career of event planning, I’ve hosted quite a few Mexican-inspired events that centered around quesadillas.

I’ve become accustomed to what dishes work best and which ones should be skipped. 

Below is an outline of the best dishes, sauces, and drinks to be served with quesadillas.

These options are the ones that are always a hit with my guests, and that always seems to exude praise and excitement. 

Side Dishes to Serve For Dinner With Quesadillas

When dinner hour rolls around on a weekday, throwing together some quesadillas together is a quick way to feed a hungry family.

Whether it’s just your family or you have company over for dinner, quesadillas are always a hit. 

What Goes Well With Chicken Quesadillas 

Chicken quesadillas are easy and depending on how you prepare them, they can also be healthy.

These quesadillas pair best with contrasting flavors that accentuate the cheesy, chicken goodness.

We already wrote a whole article dedicated to What To Serve With Chicken Quesadillas, and below are three additional options! 

1.Cilantro-Lime Rice

Rice is always a good idea when serving quesadillas. Cilantro and a squirt of lime added to the rice bring it to the next level.

Cilantro-Lime Rice

The flavors add a tart freshness to the whole meal.

Though you will be stuffed with such a combination, it will be worth the flavorful combinations that complement each other.

2.Blistered Cheesy Peppers

Peppers are a sweet addition to chicken quesadilla and add to the western flavors.

The slight smokiness and melted cheese make chicken quesadillas an unforgettable meal. The ooey-gooey cheese is coupled is stuffed in a soft, charred pepper.

These peppers can be totally customizable to your tastes; you can poblano or jalapeno peppers for extra spice or mini bell peppers for non-spicy options. 

3.Mexican Fried Potatoes

Mexican fried potatoes go well with any meat quesadillas, but especially chicken quesadillas.

The potatoes are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. They are cooked in a blend of seasonings like onion, garlic, cumin, and paprika powders.

These spices go well with the taco seasonings and cheesy texture of the quesadillas. They are simple to toss together and throw in the air fryer. 

Vegetarian Dishes to Serve With Bean Quesadillas

For those who prefer a vegetarian option for dinner, bean quesadillas are nutritious, tasteful, and fairly affordable.

Bean quesadillas pair with a dynamic selection of dishes but here are the dishes that are always a hit at my events. 

4.Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are tenderly cooked in salt, pepper, and garlic and accentuate the creamy cheesiness of bean quesadillas.

The beauty of this side dish is that your chosen veggies can be whatever you prefer.

Carrots, red onions and green beans make an excellent medley as the red onion caramelizes and mix with the veggies and bean quesadillas. 

5.Cilantro Lime Quinoa

Bean quesadillas can be very heavy, depending on how the beans are prepared. Cilantro lime quinoa is a light dish that will counterbalance the quesadillas.

There is something very special about dishes with a citrusy flavor when being served with a Mexican-inspired dinner such as quesadillas.

It adds a level of freshness and gives it the kind of finger-licking flavor. 

6.Arroz Verde aka Green Rice

Arroz Verde is translated to green rice. Not only does this green rice look beautiful when served along with golden-red bean quesadillas, but it is also very tasty with a kick of jalapeno.

The green hue of the rice is brought by a mix of jalapenos, cilantro, and spinach.

Arroz Verde or Green Rice

This herb mixture will elevate your regular rice and help a simple bean quesadilla dinner seem much fancier.

Plus, rice and beans make one full protein and well-rounded meal. 

What Goes Well With Cheese Quesadillas

Whether you choose pepper jack or cheddar in your quesadilla, the gooey texture that comes with a bit of spice and luscious sauces makes for a tasty meal.

This indulgent meal may seem a little high on calories but is so worth it when served along with the following three sides. 

7.Roasted Zucchini

Roasted in garlic and olive oil, zucchini is a very light and yummy option to go with cheesy quesadillas.

These light veggies will offset the indulgent meal, and help you get your veggies in for the day.

You can roast them diced, or my favorite way is to roast them in breaded rounds. 

8.Mexican Fried Rice

You can never go wrong with rice and quesadillas for dinner. But Mexican Fried Rice is very special and a sure hit at the table.

Cooked with warm spices like paprika, chilli powder and cumin, this rice has tantalizing aromas and a depth of flavor. 

9.Red Chili 

Red chilli is packed with beans, beef, and a host of flavors that come from chilli powder, broth, and other aromatic spices.

It looks beautiful next to the golden cheese quesadillas and complements them well.

This protein-packed dish will also add extra nutrition to the meal, and provide an excellent dipping sauce for the quesadillas. 

What To Serve With Pulled Pork Quesadillas

Pulled pork quesadillas are loved by everyone because pork is richer and juicer than all the other meats.

The best side dishes for pork quesadillas are the ones that have a bit of heat in them like the ones I will tell you about below. 

10.Pickled Jalapenos

Pickled jalapenos are served cold and have a little bit of sour and spiciness to them.

The go will accentuate the rich juiciness of pork quesadillas, especially if they are cooked with barbecue sauce. 

11.Spicy Pinto Beans 

Pinto beans are cheap but can transform any meal into a king’s feast. These beans are spiced with chilli, onion and garlic powder and are topped with jalapenos.

They are sweet and spicy enough to bring out the rich flavor of your pork quesadillas.

What I like most about this dish is that is very easy to make. Most of the time I just throw it into a slow cooker and come back to tender and beautifully seasoned beans. 

12.Red Pozole

Pozole is a popular and classic Mexican stew that is full of veggies, meat, and broth. We wrote a whole article on What To Serve With Pozole.

It will provide a wholesome meal of proteins, veggies, and carbs. 

Healthy Sides for Cheeseburger Quesadillas

A cheeseburger quesadilla is the product of a successful marriage between Mexican and American cuisines.

American cheese melted into perfectly seasoned beef and heated in a folded tortilla brings the best of both worlds.

Though indulgent, you can still pair some healthier sides for a balanced meal. 


When there are traditional cheeseburger flavors in my mouth, fries are not far from my mind.

The golden, crispy fries seasoned well with salt are the perfect combination for cheeseburger quesadillas.

A healthier option for fries is to bake instead of frying and to use less salt. 

14.Roasted Brussel Sprouts

When eating something so dense in cheese and fatty beef, Brussel sprouts are a good supplement to add an element of health to the meal.

These are easy to toss in olive oil and seasoning and throw into the air fryer. They come out all crispy and provide a dose of vitamins we all need. 

15.Caesar Salad 

A classic caesar salad is light and will balance the rich cheeseburger quesadilla. The caesar dressing is my favorite – with the anchovy and tart flavors.

Caesar Salad

This salad is as delicious as the quesadilla and will help you feel less guilty about your indulgence. 

What Pairs With Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas 

If you love buffalo chicken wings, then buffalo chicken quesadillas will also be your favorite.

These quesadillas are spicy and cheesy. The buffalo sauce is addicting and you will be reaching for more quesadillas until they are all gone! 

16.Veggie Tray

A simple tray of celery, broccoli, carrots, and snap peas is a great way to compliment and accentuate the hot flavors of buffalo.

They are so a source of vitamins and nutrients, giving the meal the needed balance of nutrition and deliciousness. 

17.Roasted Asparagus 

Roasted asparagus will elevate your quesadillas to a new level. The citrusy buttery seasoning will complement the tart flavors of buffalo chicken.

This vibrant vegetable is also beautiful and will look very appealing next to a buffalo chicken quesadilla. 

18.Marinated Mini Sweet Peppers 

Marinated mini bell peppers are usually seasoned and marinated in a mixture of dill, parsley, garlic, and vinegar.

The sweet flavors of the peppers and the acidity of the vinegar marinade pair nicely with buffalo chicken quesadillas.

It provides the meal with an element of fresh and aromatic veggies, allowing you to enjoy a nutritionally balanced meal. 

Salads To Serve With Quesadillas

Salads are a staple with lunch and dinner. There is a vast array of salad options for serving with quesadillas. Below I outline the best options that people rave about. 

19.Mexican Slaw Salad With Black Beans

Mexican slaw is one of the best salads to serve with any meal, but the dressing and beans make it especially decadent and appropriate with quesadillas.

The slaw itself is refreshing and crunchy. The avocado lime dressing in this salad adds the perfect balance of citrus and creaminess to the dish and is topped with black beans.

It is excellent and you will find yourself forking this salad in as you enjoy those quesadillas. 

20.Cucumber Tomato Salad

Cucumbers and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and cilantro are fresh and flavorful.

They balance cheesy quesadillas well and provide an extra dose of nutrition.

If you use cherry tomatoes, these sweet little delicacies will take your entire meal to the top with the bursting flavor and dose of vitamins. 

21.Mexican Corn Salad

If you’re serving pork or chicken quesadillas, you will be delighted to find this Mexican corn salad served along with the meal.

The corn is off the cob and prepared just like the Mexican-style street corn and tossed with fresh greenery.

It is juicy, fresh, and packed with seasonings that will tantalize your tastebuds. 

What Sauces To Serve With Quesadillas

What’s a quesadilla meal without all the yummy sauces to go with it? Sauces make or break a meal and that is why I selected the hit sauces from my events. 

22.Vegan Jalapeno Butternut Squash Queso

For our fellow vegans, a good queso sauce may be hard to come by but a vegan jalapeno butternut squash queso will hit the spot.

It is easy to prepare and will match the taste of the cheesy queso flavors. Plus, the jalapenos will provide an extra kick as you bite into your quesadilla. 

23.Pineapple Salsa

Pork quesadillas pair nicely with a sweet, citrusy salsa like pineapple salsa. The summer, tart flavors with hints of sour and sweet balance the rich flavors of pork.

Plus, if you are serving barbeque pork quesadillas, the sweet flavors of this salsa will complement the barbecue sauce very well.

It is one of those salsas that you will be dreaming of for days to come after the meal. 

24.Lime Crema

Chicken, pork, beef, and even vegetable quesadillas will taste even better with a lime crema sauce.

The creamy texture of this sauce is infused with lime zest and juice. It is fresh and puts the “cherry on top” of all Mexican-style dishes with the citrus flavor. 

25.Peach Salsa

If you’re serving breakfast quesadillas or pork quesadillas, this peach salsa will be the perfect dip to accompany the meal.

The salsa is fresh, sweet, and wholesome. If you like an extra kick, you can also add jalapenos for that heat.

This salsa is great with cheese and pork quesadillas that are often rich and in need of a balancing side dish. 

How To Serve Quesadillas At A Party

Parties, where quesadillas are served, are always a hit. Below I will name the party favorites that I serve at my events.

Whether you serve chicken, beef, pork, or cheese quesadillas these side dishes will be loved by all. 

26.Mexican Corn On The Cob

Mexican corn on the cob is very different from the American version. It is packed with cheese and seasonings that make this juicy vegetable a real delicacy.

You will have a party with your friends and a party in your mouth! 

27.Street Corn Nachos

Nachos are always a favorite, regardless of when they are served. But street corn nachos will be gone faster than everything else at your table.

They are served with nacho cheese, flavor-packed street corn, and jalapenos. It is a cheesy, crunchy, and sweet dish all at once that will keep a lively atmosphere at your next gathering.

Plus, the crunchiness of the chips is so good with the tenderness of the quesadillas. 

28.Refried Beans

Refried beans are creamy and wholesome. Personally, I love the subtle salty taste and texture.

People usually love dipping their quesadillas or chips into refried beans that complement the cheesy and crunchy flavors.

29.Mexican Street Corn Sprouts

If you want to add an element of health to your party, Brussel sprouts with Mexican street corn are the way to go.

The corn adds a touch of sweetness to the crunchiness of the corn. Topped with seasonings and cheese, these spouts are a perfect addition to any quesadillas.

30.Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are creamy and filling. They are just as easy to eat as quesadillas, without needing utensils.

The filling for deviled eggs can be versatile and prepared differently. Sometimes I sprinkle paprika on top and other times, I top them with freshly chopped jalapeños. 

31.Jalapeño Poppers 

Jalapeño poppers are always the top favorite dish that everyone enjoys. These poppers are stuffed jalapeños with cheese and bacon bits.

The cheesy and spicy flavors mix well with quesadillas.

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