Tuna Casserole Serving Suggestions (Bread, Wines & Desserts)

Tuna casserole has been an American classic for almost a century!

This creamy and satisfying meal is not only quick and easy to make, but it is also guaranteed to flash you back to your childhood. Depending on your upbringing, this dish will use an array of ingredients.

However, one thing is for certain — it will feature canned tuna, egg noodles, a cream based sauce and a crispy topping.

However, moms like myself know that in order to serve our family a healthy and balanced meal, additional items are needed. Thus, what do you serve with tuna casserole?

The most popular dishes to pair with tuna fish casserole are crispy green vegetables like a simple salad or green beans! This will add texture to the menu, without contrasting with the flavor of this creamy dish. Moreover, since this is already a starchy meal, limit your other side to a simple serving of bread. This can include bakery items like garlic bread or a croissant.

Furthermore, the best desserts will be light, fruity and refreshing such as an apple tart. Lastly, the best wine to pair with creamy dishes that feature lean fish are fruit forward, semi-dry whites like chardonnay. 

What To Serve With Tuna Casserole

1. Green Beans

Green Beans

Every good parent knows that you need a splash of color in every meal! Sautéing green beans in extra virgin olive oil with a dash of minced garlic and finely chopped onions will not only add flavor to your fare, but it will also add fiber!

This is a great addition to serve with starchy dishes like tuna casserole and it goes great with the cream of mushroom soup in the dish.

In fact, you can use any excess of this Campbell’s Soup to make a green bean casserole that will compliment the meal perfectly!

2. Steamed Broccoli

Steamed Broccoli

While not always a fan favorite with the kids, broccoli is another fantastic side to eat with tuna casserole!

My secret to success is simply bringing water to a rolling boil, adding a handful of salt and dropping in fresh broccoli for two to three minutes.

This maintains the fresh flavor of this cruciferous vegetable without causing it to wilt or lose it’s extremely beneficial qualities.

Also, my son gobbles it up! Most importantly, this simple side will not steal attention from the tuna fish casserole. 

3. Leafy Green Salad

Leafy Green Salad

Another popular option to serve with tuna casserole is a simple salad. Pair it with a vinaigrette or an Italian dressing to add a bit of zest and compliment the flavors of your casserole. Then, spruce it up with some shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes and croutons.

However, remember that you are already serving a hearty main dish that contains an array of ingredients. Thus, keep your toppings to a minimum. 

4. Roasted Asparagus

Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus is similar to green beans in flavor, but it adds a touch of sophistication to any plate. Best of all, this is another simple dish that requires minimal ingredients and effort.

Olive oil, salt and pepper are the ideal seasonings that will enhance this vegetable without overpowering the tuna casserole. 

However, just like the zucchini, this is another side that tends to wilt quickly. Thus, pull the asparagus out before you think it is done.

Then, leave it on the pan until it is time to serve to allow residual cooking to finish off the dish. 

5. Peas And Carrots

Peas And Carrots

While slightly on the nose, this healthy vegetable medley uses one of the main ingredients of many family’s tuna fish casserole recipes — peas.

This makes it a simple choice for a side that also adds a bit more color to the meal. Additionally, for those who use cream of chicken instead of cream of mushroom soup in their recipe, consider cooking the veggies in chicken broth.

This will further ensure that the flavors pair perfectly!

6. Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

Toasty and buttery garlic bread is both delicious and easy to make. Most importantly, the crispy texture contrasts the soft quality of the tuna noodle casserole. It also adds an enticing aromatic to the room, elevating the excitement over this meal.

Additionally, butter and garlic pair nicely with the casserole, adding a richness to the overall eating experience. 

7. French Bread

French Bread

French bread, otherwise known as a baguette, is an simple item to pick up at the store that compliments virtually any dish.

Additionally, unlike the garlic bread, this variety features a crunchy exterior and a doughy interior. This gives it the ideal structure for soaking up the excess creamy sauce.

Add butter or keep it plain — either way it will go well with the noodles and sauce!

8. Potato Chips

Potato Chips

If you don’t have time to make it to the store to grab some fresh bread, potato chips are always an easy accent. They are also guaranteed to keep your kids happy!

Interestingly enough, some people even swap out the breadcrumbs for crushed potato chips on top of the casserole. The salty and crispy texture adds a delightful crunch that enhances the mouthfeel of the meal. 

Vegetable Side Dishes To Serve With Tuna Casserole

The perfect pairing in any meal starts with balance. Since tuna casserole is a warm, rich and creamy dish, lighter vegetable sides that add a bit of texture are the perfect complement to this main course. Green needs to be your favorite color when selecting this part of the meal.

If you want to get more creative with your dishes, here are some unique options!

1.Brussel Sprouts

I considered myself blessed as a child because my mother never force fed me brussel sprouts. Boy was I mistaken! This universally hated vegetable is surprisingly appetizing, when prepared correctly.

This change in perception occurred when my husband, who holds a culinary degree, demonstrated that this normally bitter bite takes on the flavors you apply to it.

Since you are serving a hearty main dish that usually has a mushroom based sauce, sauté your brussel sprout halves along with cremini or button mushroom slices.

Again, the seasoning should be light, so consider olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and a white wine sauce. 

Finally, this delectable dish can be topped with panko bread crumbs and parmesan cheese.

This will eloquently mirror the breadcrumb topping on your tuna casserole, while providing a crispy contrast thanks to this cousin of cabbage!

Brussel Sprouts

2.Grilled Zucchini Spears

This option does take a little more forethought, but it adds a unique flavor component to the plate.

When prepared correctly, grilled zucchini spears topped with olive oil, parmesan cheese and a hint of garlic are a mouthwatering match to this creamy casserole. 

Grilled Zucchini Spears

3.Cesar Salad

This Italian classic seems to go well with any Italian dish. Best of all, it is quick and easy to make.

Just throw some shredded parmesan and croutons over a bed of romaine lettuce. Voila! Your salad is complete.

Cesar Salad

Salads To Serve With Cassoulet

Anyone who has been to a French bistro knows that salads are a big part of the country’s cuisine. Thus, make sure to serve one of these delightful options!

1.Salade De Figues (Fig Salad)

This classic French salad blends the peppery taste of arugula with the honey-like sweetness of figs and the earthy element of goat cheese to create a fabulous bouquet of flavor.

When you finish off this colorful mix of flavors with shallots and vinaigrette, you will create a delightfully tasty and refreshing starter!

Again, it is a simple way to add color, texture and contrasting flavors to the meal. It is also extremely healthy!

Salade De Figues (Fig Salad)

2.Salade Lyonnaise

This traditional salad choice will perfectly pair with your cassoulet. This is thanks to the one of the pork-based main ingredients!

The basic mixture of crispy bacon, croutons and a poached egg, displayed over a bed of lettuce is the optimal side to add to a hearty stew.

Top it with a French dressing, which will tie in with the tomato base of the cassoulet, and you are set!

3.Salade Paysanne

The name of this dish literally translates to peasant salad. However, it provides a substantial start to your meal.

Lettuce is combined with walnuts, potatoes, tomatoes, fried pork fat (lardons), French cheeses and a soft boiled egg.

Dressed with a dijon mustard sauce, this salad is another appetizing precursor to the main course.

Moreover, just like the Salad Lyonnaise, it features similar ingredients to the cassoulet, making it another perfect pairing. 

Desserts To Serve With Cassoulet

With a hearty meal comes the need for a refreshing dessert! Here are some of the sweetest options that are guaranteed to mellow the palate!

1.French Lemon Tart

To end this heavy and heartwarming meal, finish on a light and refreshing note! French lemon tart is the perfect palate cleanser.

It will leave you feeling satisfied, but not overfilled. Additionally, it is elegant and the ideal combination of sweet and sour.

French Lemon Tart

2.Creamy Strawberry Crepes

For those looking for a more sugary dessert option, crepes filled with a sweet cream and topped with sliced strawberries are the quintessential French treat!

Drizzle them in chocolate to add an extra special touch. Best of all, this can also be completely customizable.

Add a variety of berries, peaches, baked apples or pears and you will have the ideal menu item to relax the palate after such a heavy meal.

Creamy Strawberry Crepes


This sweet merengue based treat is light and airy, making it an amazing post-cassoulet dessert.

When selecting these confections, look for fruit-based flavors to help offset the heartiness of the dish.

Additionally, enjoy richer options like chocolate, red velvet or salted caramel. These can cause your guests to feel overindulged. 


4.Tarte Tatin

This French pastry features fruit that is caramelized in a mixture of butter and sugar. Just like with pie, this sweet treat can have apples, pears, peaches or strawberries as the headliner ingredient.

It is light and delicate with a hint of crisp, which will add texture to your meal and won’t fill you up too much. Just remember to keep portions small!

Tarte Tatin

Bread To Serve With Tuna Casserole

No pasta dish is complete without a bread to go with it! Aim for the classics to ensure that you don’t take away from your main course.

1. Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

This tangy bread can add another element to your meal. It is also a simple option to pick up at the supermarket!

Crispy on the outside and airy on the inside, it will partner well with tuna fish casserole. Moreover, just like the French bread, it will not steal attention from the main dish. 

2. Garlic Knots

Garlic Knots

This is a doughy, pull apart version of garlic bread. Kids love this option and it is another fan favorite with any pasta based cuisine.

However, in order to ensure a seamless pairing of flavors, consider a side that also uses garlic. This will prevent your seemingly simple side from overpowering the main course.

3. Croissants


Butterly, flaky and airy. This is an ideal choice because it is not dense like other option. This allows you to fill up on tuna fish casserole, while still enjoying this French bread type.

Just keep in mind that it will not scoop up your sauce as well as other options on the list. 

Wines To Pair With Tuna Casserole

When serving the family this hearty fare, it is important to find a wine that will compliment the flavor notes of the meal. Here are the top options to serve with tuna casserole. 

1. Viognier Wine

This white wine has a medium body with fruit forward flavor. Hints of apricot, honeysuckle, peach and apple can all be noted with each refreshing sip. This makes it a perfect pairing to fish based cuisine.

The saltiness of the tuna casserole compliments the sweetness of the drink, in turn, softening the strong opposing tastes.

2. Oaked Chardonnay

This classic, full-bodied beverage is brimming with stone fruit flavors. Moreover, it has a creamy consistency that mirrors that of the casserole.

Food experts recommend this wine for dishes that include meaty fish and exhibit a velvety texture. Did we just perfectly describe tuna casserole?

3. Chenin Blanc

Sweet, bubbly and energizing. This is another whimsical wine to pair with your seafood dish.

The notes of apple, pear and honey are evident in this sparkling wine. These attributes will seamlessly offsets the briny taste that accompanies canned tuna. 

4. Roussanne

This is another white wine option that features notes of apricot, lemon and honey. In case you didn’t know, Roussanne is very similar to chardonnay.

Thus, it is on the drier side and has a relatively high acidity. This means that it partners well with cream sauces, like that of a tuna casserole.  

5. Pinot Noir

This red is a light to medium bodied wine that has notes of raspberries, cherries and vanilla.

Most importantly, this drink has a rather high acidity, which is the optimal choice to serve with a fatty dish. This ensures that your mouth experiences a drying sensation after each sip.

Why does this matter? It triggers you to take another bite of the moist and meaty stew. This balances the meal and softens the palate. 

6. Syrah (Shiraz)

Berries, peppers and chocolate are all recognizable with each sip of a Syrah. This full bodied wine is less dry than other options, making it a good choice for those who normally prefer whites.

However, it still has the acidic attributes that you want when consuming a fatty dish. Best of all, wine experts recommend this when serving lamb!

7. Cabernet Sauvignon

This is another highly acidic option, but it features notes of cherries, plums and peppers. These darker fruits give off a rich taste, but it will also feature a drier finish.

That is ideal for a rich dish like cassoulet, but not preferred by every guest. Thus, make sure to have a selection so guests can have options.

8. Zinfandel

This is the sweetest option on our list. It utilizes strawberries, peaches, blackberries and cinnamon to create a very fruit forward flavor.

This is a great choice for red wine beginners and will help to offset the saltiness of the cassoulet.

Lastly, the Zinfandel has a lower acidity, making it a better choice for those who fill up quickly.

The other wines on our list will leave you wanting more to eat whereas the Zinfandel will better maintain the mouthfeel of the main course. 

Desserts Dishes To Pair With Tuna Casserole

Just like with the wine, you want to serve light, sweet and fruit forward desserts with your tuna casserole!

While an apple tart or pie is a fantastic choice, for those limited on time, consider our first, heart healthy option!

1. Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit is a simple and healthy choice that provides a refreshing end to any meal. Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and peaches all have a candy-like quality to them due to their sweet and juicy nature. 

Best of all, this option will not overfill you or leave you feeling sluggish and bloated.

If you want to prime your presentation, serve the fruit on kabobs or add a dollop of sugar free Cool Whip to the top of the spread!

Fruit Salad

2. Apple Crisp Dessert

Apple Crisp Dessert

A lighter version of the American apple pie, an apple crisp nixes the crust and prioritizes the filling!

This simple recipe combines sweet apples with cinnamon, sugar, flour and butter and then tops the mixture with a sweet and crumbly topping.​​ This makes for a warm and crispy dessert that is never too heavy.

If you want to dress it up, add a quintessential scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Just like with the fruit salad, an apple crisp is not too heavy and the sweetness is a nice contrast to the saltiness of the tuna casserole. 

3.Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart

Made with either pastry cream or custard, this sweet treat gives a luxurious vibe to your dinner. It also requires minimal effort.

Best of all, when served in mini form, you limit the calories and ensure that everyone can have a second helping! Just like the fruit salad, this is a refreshing choice that will not make you too full.

4.Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t like a rich slice of chocolate cake? While heavier and less fruity than the alternative options, the chocolate is a rich and sweet option that also contrasts the briny taste of tuna nicely.

Moreover, it is a fan favorite of children and adults alike. If you go with this option, consider altering guests in advance so that they can make sure to leave room for dessert!

Chocolate Cake

What To Serve With Vegetable Casserole

With a vegetable casserole you will already be set on having an array of colors in your meal. Thus, prioritize starches and protein based options.

1.Mashed Potatoes

This signature side found at every Thanksgiving dinner is an amazing option to bulk up your meal!

Not only are the creamy potatoes a delicious choice, but they will ensure that your guests fill up!

For those who want some added protein with their meal, also considered offering your guests cheese, fresh bacon bits, sour cream and other hearty toppings.

This will help everyone stay full after eating their vegetarian main course.

Mashed Potatoes


This super food is packed with protein and can be seasoned to match that of your vegetable casserole. This makes it an optimal pairing that can also double as a starch in your meal!

Moreover, if you have excess vegetables, a great way to guarantee that the flavor profiles match is to finely chop up any excess vegetables you have from the casserole recipe and cook them with the quinoa. Talk about a healthy and colorful meal!


3.Minestrone Soup

On a cold day, nothing is quite as satisfying as warm food! Minestrone is a great choice because it has similar vegetables to most vegetable casseroles.

It also features beans with at loaded with nutrients and protein.

Furthermore, the smooth consistency of the broth paired with the creamy and crunchy texture of the casserole will ensure that your meal is filled with character. 

Minestrone Soup

Can Your Freeze Tuna Noodle Casserole After Baking?

Make sure to get the most out of this delicious dish by freezing the leftovers! Since it will only last for about three days in the fridge, this is a great way to cut back on food waste.

When stored in an airtight container, tuna fish casserole can last up to three months in cold storage.

Final Thoughts

Tuna noodle casserole is a simple meal that takes minimal time to make. This means that you should aim to serve sides that are also easy to prep.

Additionally, since this is a hearty dish, your sides should be light with simple seasonings.

Your goal should be to keep the focus on the main dish, while adding complimentary flavors, contrasting textures and additional color!

Unfortunately, one downside to tuna fish casserole is that it can sometimes leave unwanted smells sticking around after the meal is over. For some helpful tips on fixing this stinky issue, click here.

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