What Wine Goes With Lasagna? [Vegan Options Too]

Lasagna is a delicious dish that can be made to suit the eating habits of any family. From the traditional tomato, meat, and cheese lasagna to a vegetarian lasagna with alfredo sauce, you can create a filling meal that your family will love.

But how do you know what wine to serve with your lasagna? Especially when you start experimenting with ingredients?

Never fear. We are breaking down the flavor profiles of various lasagna recipes and popular wines to share the best wine pairings for your favorite lasagna.

The best wine for traditional, rich-tasting ground beef, tomato sauce, and cheeses lasagna is a fresh, fruity, red wine like a Barbera, Beaujolais [Gamay], or a Zweigelt. You might also consider a Dolcetto or a Zinfandel.

A vegetarian lasagna with white sauce pairs well with a white wine with some oakiness like a Chardonnay. A lighter lasagna may pair best with a dry white wine like a Sauvignon BlancA Chardonnay is also a good choice for seafood lasagna.

One important thing to consider when choosing a wine is to pick one that you enjoy drinking.

While selecting a wine to complement the flavor profile of your foods enhances the meal, it is only a benefit if you enjoy the wine itself.

Keep reading for specific details about choosing wines based on the ingredients in your lasagna and some ideas to broaden your palate.

Red Wines For Lasagna Bolognese

What Ingredients Are In Meat Lasagna?

A traditional meat lasagna has ground beef or Italian sausage, tomato sauce, béchamel sauce, and an assortment of cheeses.

The cream in the béchamel sauce and the cheeses add layers of richness to lasagna.

Italian lasagna

The tomato sauce adds acidity to the dish to balance out the creamy richness of the cheeses.

When you choose a wine for traditional lasagna, you need to consider the powerful richness and acidity in the dish and look for a contrasting flavor.

What To Look For In A Wine To Pair With Bolognese Sauce

Red wines typically have a more robust flavor than white wines and pair better with the richness of a lasagna.

When you look for red wine for lasagna, choose one with intense fruity flavors that can stand up to lasagna’s powerful richness and acidity.

red wine

Try pairing Barbera, Beaujolais (Gamay), Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, or a Zinfandel.

1.Barbera Wine

Barbera grapes are grown in Italy’s Piedmont region, California’s Napa Valley, the Sierra foothills, and in other locations in the American West.

It is also grown in South America and Australia, where the grapes are blended with others. 

Wines made from these grapes have a dark color and low tannins. They pair well with foods that have high acidity and rich flavors. Traditional Barbera wines have vanilla, blackberry, cherry, and herbs flavors.

Barbera wines made in North America have fruity flavors of cherry, raspberry, and blackberry and flavors of anise, licorice, and caramel.

The low tannins and full fruity flavors work well with the acidity and richness in a lasagna.

2.Beaujolais (Gamay)

This French wine’s flavors include full fruits like strawberry, cranberry, and cherry and the depth of earthy spice notes from the iron, granite, and silica in the soil.

Beaujolais wines pair well with all kinds of foods, even the complex flavors of lasagna. These wines are low in tannins and high in a fruit-forward flavor that works well with lasagna.

Furthermore, Beaujolais wines are affordable. Finally, these wines are easy to drink and full of comforting flavors.

3. Zinfandel

Zinfandel is a light-colored red grape that grows in warm climates and is one of the first grapes to ripen each season. The history of the Zinfandel grape is fascinating.

Californian wineries have grown this varietal for the last hundred years, but before that, it grew in Italy as Primitivo and in other parts of the Mediterranean. Many years of research found that this grape is Tribidrag, an old variety from Croatia.

Zinfandel is light-bodied, has moderate tannins and high acidity. It pairs well with strong flavors as you find in a barbecue or curry.

The fruit, berry, and citrus flavors in a Zinfandel, along with the deeper flavors of licorice, anise, vanilla, and other spices, will perfectly complement the rich flavors in a lasagna.

These flavors work together with the tomato, garlic, and onion in the sauce, the richness of the cheeses, and the beef. 

Wines for Vegetarian Lasagna

What Is In Vegetarian Lasagna

When you make a vegetarian lasagna, you have many choices. It could be a tomato lasagna made without meat or a lasagna made with cheese sauce and vegetables and no tomato sauce.

When you consider a wine pairing, think about the vegetables in the lasagna and how the wine will work with them.

What To Look For In A Wine For Vegetarian Lasagna

As a rule, the wine you choose should be as sweet or sweeter than your meal and should have a higher acidity than your meal. Also, and importantly, you should like the wine you are drinking. 

If you have a vegetarian lasagna with ricotta and cream sauce made with mushrooms and other earthy flavors, white wine with a deep taste like an oaky Chardonnay is a great choice. You might also consider a Gavi or a viognier to accompany a rich vegetable lasagna. 

On the other hand, if your lasagna has a lighter flavor, you might want to choose a dry white like a Sauvignon Blanc. 

If you prefer red wine, try Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, or Chianti with your vegetarian lasagna. 

4.Chardonnay – Vegetarian Lasagna With Mushrooms And Cream Sauce

Chardonnay is the world’s most popular white wine. It is made from green-skinned grapes that are grown all over the world. It is easy to grow and work with, making it a popular choice.

Chardonnay wines are available at prices that fit all kinds of budgets, so you will be able to find something that works for you. 

Typically, Chardonnay is dry to medium with medium acidity. The flavors of Chardonnay can change wildly depending on where it is grown and when it is harvested.

You may find a Chardonnay with a light lemon flavor, a mineral taste from the soil, or even tropical fruit.


If the Chardonnay is aged in oak, it also picks up a vanilla flavor. Try a Chardonnay with a stronger oak flavor for lasagna with a heavy cream sauce.

If your lasagna is light tasting with a milder flavor, try an unoaked Chardonnay like a Chablis.

5.Gavi – Spinach Lasagna

Gavi wines are made from the Cortese grape grown in the southern part of Italy’s Piedmont region. It is bone dry and has a crisp flinty flavor due to the soils of the region.

Gavi wines are floral and crisp with flavors of green apples and lemon. It works well with a lighter lasagna that doesn’t have heavy cream sauce or mushrooms.

6. Viognier – Pumpkin Or Butternut Squash Lasagna

Green-skinned Viognier grapes are grown on the west bank of the Rhone river in France.

In the last 30 years, it has been planted worldwide in Australia, the United States, Italy, South Africa, and other places.  

Viognier has a light flavor of tangerine and honeysuckle to a more intense flavor of creaminess, vanilla, and spiciness.

This wine goes well with mild cheeses and fresh herbs. It also pairs well with squashes and pumpkins, so a butternut squash lasagna would be an excellent pairing for the Viognier.

7. Sauvignon Blanc – Zucchini Lasagna

The Sauvignon Blanc grape comes from the Loire region in France. This green-skinned white grape grows in cooler regions and makes a dry, acidic wine.

This grape is also grown in Italy, Austria, Hungary, California, New Zealand, Australia, and Chile. 

Sauvignon Blanc wines are very dry, almost tart, and have high acidity. These wines generally have light fruit flavors of peach, grapefruit, & lime, herb flavors like lemongrass, and spicy tastes like vanilla, clove, and nutmeg.

 vegeterian lasagna

These complexities pair well with lasagna with cheeses like ricotta and mozzarella and green vegetables like zucchini.

Wines For Seafood Lasagna

8.Soave – Shrimp And Crab Lasagna With Cream Sauce

Soave wines are made from the Garganega grape which is grown in northern Italy.

It is a dry light wine that has the flavors of peach, melon, citrus, and sweet marjoram with just a little bit of saltiness. It is a delicious complement to seafood dishes. 

9.Pinot Gris – Shrimp And Crab Lasagna With Tomato Sauce

If your tastes run to a stronger, spicier flavor in your lasagna, try pairing it with a Pinot Gris.

The higher acidity and slightly sweet flavors of stone fruit in the Pinot Gris can stand up to a spicier dish. Pair this with a tomato-based seafood lasagna instead of a cream-based version.

Wine For Chicken Lasagna

white wine

When you choose a wine for a chicken lasagna, consider what would go with a similar chicken and pasta dish, chicken alfredo.

A light red like a Barbera or Beaujolais makes a nice pairing or a dry white wine like a Pino Gris/Grigio or Orvieto.

10.Orvieto – Chicken Lasagna With Cream Sauce And Spinach

A simple Orvieto is a fresh-tasting, pale yellow wine produced from the volcanic clays around Orvieto, Italy. It is fruity and flowery and pairs well with seafood and pasta dishes.

Wine For Turkey Lasagna

When you make or eat a turkey lasagna, the turkey is most likely going to be ground turkey and treated as ground beef or pork would be. It will have a tomato sauce and strong flavors.

Therefore, similar wines for meat and tomato lasagna are good pairings for turkey lasagna. A Beaujolais or Zinfandel are good choices, as are Dolcetto or  Zweigelt wines. 

11.Dolcetto – Turkey Lasagna With Tomato Sauce

The Dolcetto grape grows in the Piedmont region of Italy along with the Barbera wines, although it is not as well known. Wines made with this grape are sweet, have low acidity and moderate tannins. 

Dolcetto pairs well with meat lasagna due to its low acidity and fruity flavors. Its dark, rich color complements its flavors of blackberry, plum, spice, licorice, and almond. 

12.Zweigelt – Turkey Lasagna With Tomato Sauce

Zweigelt is an Austrian grape created by blending Saint-Laurent with Blaufrankisch in 1922. This hundred-year-old varietal has become so popular that it is a parent grape in its own right.

Wines from this grape are dark and rich in color and suitable when cellared for ten years or opened soon after being sold.  


Zweigelt wines have low tannins but a high acidity which pairs well with lasagna’s rich flavors. These wines also have an intense berry fruit flavor and tart notes. You can enjoy this wine at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the kind of lasagna you like, you can find a wine that will pair perfectly with it. The general rule for pairing wines with lasagna is a red wine with beef and tomato lasagna and white wines with cream sauces, seafood, and vegetarian lasagna. 

If you enjoy a traditional tomato and beef lasagna, pair it with a red wine that is low in tannins, medium to high acidity, and has an intense fruity flavor.

For a vegetarian lasagna with mild cheeses and a cream-based sauce, choose sweet white wines with acidity as high or higher than the dish.

For a richer dish, choose an oaky wine, and for a lighter dish, choose a lighter-tasting wine. When you select a wine for a seafood lasagna, consider the kind of seafood and the kind of sauce.

For shellfish and cream sauce, choose a white wine like a Chardonnay, and for a tomato-based fish lasagna with a more robust flavor, choose a red wine like a Pinot Gris. 

Remember, whatever wine you choose, it should be something that you enjoy. 

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