Where to Buy Goat Meat Near You (Online & Locally)

Goat meat is becoming a popular choice for meat-eaters all over the world, as people discover its unique flavor and nutritional benefits.

Many people believe that goat meat tastes better than beef or pork. Some say the flavor is similar to lamb, but with a slightly stronger taste.

Goat meat is also lower in fat and calories than other types of meat, making it a healthier option.

If you’re wondering if goat meat is a staple in stores across the country, the answer is… it depends. In some areas with large populations of immigrants from countries where goat meat is commonly consumed, such as India and parts of Africa, goat meat can be readily found in your local market.

However, in other places goat meat may not be as easily accessible because it’s not as widely consumed. That being said, there’s definitely been an increase in popularity for goat meat as people are starting to explore different protein options.

So don’t be surprised if you do start seeing more goat meat on shelves in the future! Keep reading to find out where the best places to look for goat meat are.

Local Farms or Farmers Markets

Check out your local farmers market or try to connect directly with a farmer in your area to find fresh goat meat.

Smaller, local vendors are going to have the best quality meat  and shopping local has the added benefit of supporting the local economy. Buying from these smaller places also helps keep your money in the community.

Check out Local Harvest to connect with a local farmer or find a farmers market near you.

Once noteworthy farm if you’re in the Denver area is Fire House Farms.

A Butcher Shop

Instead of just grabbing your goat meat off the shelf, head to your local butcher shop for the best quality.

Sure, it may cost a little more, but you’ll be getting fresh goat meat from animals that are raised in better conditions.

Plus, buying fresh goat meat from a reputable butcher shop means that you know where your meat is coming from and can trust that it’s ethically raised and processed.

Specialty Meat Markets

A specialty meat market is like a regular butcher shop, except they offer a wider variety of meats beyond just beef and chicken. Want fresh goat meat for your curry dish? No problem.

Looking for something more exotic like wild boar or buffalo? These markets have got you covered. Not only do they provide access to a diversity of meats, but they often source their products from local farms, ensuring freshness and supporting the community.

Plus, many specialty meat markets offer custom cutting and packaging options, so you can choose exactly how much and what type of meat you want. 

And let’s not forget about the taste factor – specialty meats tend to be far superior in flavor compared to factory-farmed options found at bigger stores. So next time you’re looking to mix up your protein choices, check out your local specialty meat market – your taste buds will thank you.

Ethnic Grocery Stores

If you’ve never been to an ethnic grocery store, you’re missing out on a whole world of unique and delicious foods. These stores typically specialize in the cuisine of a specific culture or region, offering hard-to-find ingredients and fresh meat that you won’t find at your local supermarket.

Goat meat is a great example of that – it may not be as popular in mainstream American grocery stores, but it’s widely enjoyed in many cuisines, especially in South Asian/Indian, African, Middle Eastern and Central American dishes.

So if you want to try this tasty (and lean!) alternative to beef or lamb, visit your nearest ethnic store. The meat could be fresher and tastier than what you’ll find at a regular supermarket, and hey – it’s a great way to expand your culinary horizons!

Here are some ethnic grocery store chains across the US that are likely to carry goat meat:

Asian/Indian Markets / Stores

Hispanic/Latino Markets / Stores



Specialty Grocery Stores & Natural Foods

Now, shopping locally may be best for several reasons mentioned above, but that does mean you should rule out grocery chains. Natural foods stores are also likely to carry goats meat.

Many will carry goat meat frozen or in the butcher section, often labeled as “chevon” or “cabrito.” 

This is a good option if you are looking for great prices.

And depending on where you live, they may even offer it in the butcher section fresh!

Here are some of the specialty grocery stores across the US:

Buying Goat Meat Online

We know what you’re thinking – can goat meat really be shipped to me? The answer is yes, you can buy goat meat online. Many online retailers will pack it up and deliver it right to your door.

There are a few things you need to consider when buying goat meat online. First, make sure that the website is reputable and has a good reputation.

Second, make sure that the website has a good return policy in case you are not happy with the quality of the meat.

Finally, keep in mind the shipping time. Depending on where you live, it may take a few days for the meat to arrive. Many online retailers typically use insulated packaging and dry ice to keep the meat fresh during shipping. Some may even offer overnight delivery options for those last-minute barbecue cravings. 

Be sure to check out the website’s shipping process before you buy any meat from them.

Here are a few of our favorite online shops that sell goat meat:

How Long Can Goat Meat Be Stored?

Once you’ve found your preferred goat meat vendor, you may want to buy the meat in bulk to get a better price or simply to have on hand whenever you want it.

In general, goat meat can be refrigerated for one or two days before cooking, but should not be refrigerated longer than five. The best quality is maintained if you freeze it and use within three months from frozen state – after that point any decrease in flavor will happen more quickly.

You’ll get best results from your purchase by vacuum-sealing in an airtight container since this will help retain more moisture inside the package which means less spoilage.

Final Thoughts

Goat meat, it is a healthy and delicious beef alternative that can be easily incorporated into your diet. And with it’s growing popularity in the US, more and more places are starting to carry it.

Give goat meat a try the next time you’re looking for something new to cook!