Why Are Class Rings So Expensive? (Cost, Reasons To Buy + Cheap Alternatives)

Were you going to pay for a class ring, but the price tag made you second-guess your decision? Are you confused about the high prices of class rings? Don’t worry, as we are here to help you through.

You might be wondering why you should even pay such a big amount for class rings. If you think of such things, you must read this article until the end. You might or might not know why these class rings tend to be so expensive. The high prices make most people question their worth and use.

But most people consider it one of the most important investments while graduating from high school or college.

One of the major reasons class rings are so expensive is that they are made out of high-quality materials. The valuable metals add up to the worth of these rings. Another reason is that these rings represent lifetime memories and commemorate such worthy memories; you will have to pay more.

As it is quite evident that class rings allow you to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime experience of your high school or college times.

This is the only reason most people invest a good amount of money in class rings. Choosing the perfect class ring demands cash and your time as well.

Therefore, you must take your time while selecting the class ring.

How Much Do High School and College Rings Cost?

Various brands offer graduation class rings, and the price range might differ from brand to brand.

Class Ring

Moreover, the price of class rings varies depending on factors such as the construction material of the rings.

Whether it is a high school class ring or a college ring, they cost almost the same depending on the material.

The class rings range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

But many brands offer cheaper graduation rings, so you don’t have to worry about taking any load whatsoever.

Some big brands that manufacture and sell high school and college class ring charge over $300 for low-quality materials such as brass and alloy.

And for higher quality materials like silver, the cost of class rings increases by more than $600.

The price keeps on growing with the quality of the material. The better the material, the more will be the cost of the ring.

You only get yellow gold and rose gold options when choosing the rings, and for such precious metals, you have to pay more.

Mostly gold pieces are 10K, 14K, and 18K gold. The prices of rings vary depending upon the purity of gold.

Also, the gold class rings cost according to the current prices of gold.

Are Josten Class Rings Worth the Cost?

Most Josten class rings are 10K and 14K gold and are quite valuable.

The value of Josten class rings is not only because of the precious metal but also its weight. Moreover, these rings are also quite old, adding to their value.

Most Josten class rings are priced depending upon their weights. They charge approximately $22.90 per gram for a 10K gold ring and $32.01 per gram for a 14K gold ring.

The heavier ring you choose, the more expensive it will be. But they are worth it as they will last a lifetime without any damage.

Top Reasons why Class Rings are so expensive

Does it sound absurd to spend too much on a class ring? Are you confused about whether you should invest such an amount in a class ring or not?

If you have any doubts, we are here with the top reasons why class rings are so expensive that will help clear the confusion.

1.These Rings are Made out of High-Quality Materials.

One of the major reasons for the expensiveness of class rings is the high-quality materials that they are made out of.

Whether you are looking for graduation rings for high school or college, you will notice that most of them are made of high-quality materials that are durable and will last you a lifetime.

These superior quality materials and greater durability justify the greater number on the price tag.

The class rings are constructed of high-quality materials like sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold of various purities.

Moreover, these rings can also be made out of brass and other low-quality materials that are not as durable.

The ring manufacturers know that the class rings are very important to the students, and they want to keep them with them for a lifetime.

They don’t want the rings to rust away and stain their fingers, so the manufacturers tend to use the highest quality durable materials and ask for their price.

2.The Class Rings are Rooted in Tradition.

As you might already know, the different schools and colleges have other traditions, and the class rings reflect those traditions.

These rings are rooted deep into the school or college’s unique and particular traditions to enclose all its essence of it.

The customization of class rings according to the school or college’s traditions makes these rings quite expensive.

The fact cannot be denied that the customization comes with a price, which is reflected in the price tag of the class rings.

It has your school or college’s logo and motive engraved on it, making these rings special.

3. They have Customizable Engravings and Icons of Your Choice.

Even though you can get a simple class ring representing your school or college, you get various other options.

You can celebrate your whole academic life accomplishments at the institute by customizing the ring accordingly.

All the ring brands give you a chance to engrave your rings with the icons and engravings of your choice.

The ring’s value will be increased accordingly with all the extra customization features you will add to your class rings.

But if you want to keep all the memories with you in the best possible way, this might be an excellent option.

4.The Class Rings Represent your Once-in-a-Lifetime Memories.

Another reason brands tend to charge more for the class rings is because people are willing to pay that much money.

People have an emotional connection to the class rings; they spend extra money to ensure that the rings stay with them forever.

Class rings represent all your happy and sad memories, the outstanding bonds, and the exceptional experiences in your school or college.

Also, the ring symbolizes your youth time, and you tend to keep it closer once you grow up. The ring manufacturers consider all these things.

Therefore, they produce good enough rings to last a good time and always remind you of your pleasant times.

5.Class Rings are Durable and Beautifully Designed.

People form an emotional connection to their class rings, so they want to keep them with them for a lifetime.

The ring manufacturers adopt more durable manufacturing methods to ensure that they last a lifetime.

A Class Ring

From material to design, everything is created in a way that time would not affect it.

Also, the class rings are beautifully designed with remarkable engravings, which add up to the value of these rings.

These are why the high school and college rings are so expensive.

6.Graduation Rings have Resale Value.

It might seem absurd to you, but you can sell your class ring for a good price after some years.

This is because of the worth of the metal that your ring is made up of.

Gold is always gold and will be sold like gold; you can always sell your gold class ring as it has an excellent resale value.

Also, college traditions and allegiance run deep, and people tend to buy second-hand graduation rings even if they are engraved with someone else’s name and some other graduation date.

This factor also adds up to the value of class rings.

How to Save Money from Class Rings?

You can save some money on your class rings if you have a low budget. Some of the ways that you can save some money while buying a class ring are listed below;

1.Buy Low-Quality Material

If you cannot afford to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on your class ring, you can always opt for some lower-quality materials.

Rings made out of brass, alloys, and other materials can be as cheap as $10 and will not upset your budget.

2.Buy Second-Hand Class Ring

As mentioned above, some people sell their class rings after some years.

Of course, these rings will not cost as much as the new ones, and you can see if they can fit into your budget.

3.Opt for a Simpler Lightweight Ring

The heavier the ring, the more will be its price. You can look for a lightweight ring so that it will not cost as much.

Also, don’t opt for multiple customizations and other design features that will add up to the cost.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Most people value memories over anything else. As the class rings are commemorative memories of some of the best years, people tend to spend money on them without hesitation.

As you grow up, these class rings will help you reminisce all the beautiful memories of your student life in a particular institute, making it all worth it.

Moreover, the rings are made out of valuable metals with a great resale value, so your money will not go in vain.

You can keep your class ring for as long as you want and sell it if you need money. All these factors make the high price of class rings worth it.

Cheap Alternatives of Class Rings

Many people are not willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on class rings. In such cases, you will have to opt for some cheaper alternatives.

You can always opt for lower-quality metals and more affordable designs for class rings.

Walmart offers some cheap class rings. Also, you can go to your nearby jeweler and get any ring of your choice engraved with your name or any icon.

This will probably be cheaper than getting a customized class ring at Jostens and Herff Jones.

Still, Herff Jones offers relatively more affordable class rings than Jostens, and even some rings are cheaper than at Walmart.

Some cheap alternatives of class rings include arrow rings, Obelus rings, colored jewel rings, Bali caged rings, and many more.

The arrow rings symbolize forward movement and display your ambitions to keep going.

The Obelus rings remind you to keep shooting at the stars in your future. It is a brass band with a blue sandstone.

The colorful jewel rings are excellent for gifting your BFFs. These colorful rings will stay with you forever.

Bali caged rings represent all the school colors and are perfect for those with wanderlust.

This is a three-band caged ring that has stones in the middle and has a beautiful design.

Cheap AlternativePrice
Arrow Rings$5
Obelus Rings$98
Colorful Jewels Rings$18
Three-caged Rings$58

Final Considerations

Class rings are worth it as they stay with you forever and help you keep all your school and college memories.

As you grow up, these rings start to mean so much more to you than they did when you were young.

Its high-quality material and customized design make the class ring’s high price worth it.

Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in a class ring, you will be making a good decision.

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