Are Crocs Expensive? [Costs + Cheaper Alternatives]

Ah, Crocs! Shoes that are loved by both kids and adults for the same reasons. They’re often worn in the summertime when the heat grows unbearable in certain parts of the country.

With their unique design and many shapes and colors to choose from, it’s a no-brainer that Crocs are so expensive. However, a lot more goes into why Crocs are so much more expensive than their cheaper alternative knockoffs.

Crocs prices range anywhere from $45 to $100. A lot of the variance in price is attributed to their pattern and unique design. These waterproof shoes are extremely comfortable thanks to their cushion that makes people want to wear them even around the house.

Stick around to find out the top 10 reasons Crocs are so expensive. And the top 3 Alternatives!

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

There are several reasons why Crocs are expensive – their durability, unique design, and the fact that they last long – not to mention what they’re made from.

Crocs are some of the most comfortable shoes out there. And, as a result, they’re loved by people of all ages. Certain Crocs are limited edition and collector’s items as well.

Out of all the Crocs available, these ones are the ones that can rack up the prices because of their once-in-a-blue-room nature.

 Various Types of Crocs + Prices
Limited Edition (seasonal)$40.00-$50.00
Celebrities Edition$70.00 (SZA – Stocks)
Disney Inspired$40.00 – $60.00
Balenciaga Alternative?$220-$500.00

Can you imagine how expensive some of the Crocs can be? Especially in terms of when they partnered with Balenciaga.

Balenciaga is a high-end fashion company that sells to consumers with money in their pockets.

So, unless you’re really wanting something luxurious, we recommend leaning towards the classic Crocs or even limited edition.

Celebrities such as SZA that have been working towards amplifying the negative impacts of mental health have more affordable Crocs than Balenciaga.

Top 10 Reasons Why Crocs Are So Expensive

Crocs are expensive because of their material, durability, the fact that they’re long-lasting, they’re health-based, unique design, comfort, easy maintenance, limited edition nature, and the fact they’re collector’s items.

All these reasons help to contribute to the high prices that Crocs can reach. In fact, Crocs can reach up to about $100 or more depending on whether they’re endorsed or promoted by a celebrity.

Croslite Material

Croslite material is a propriety closed-cell resin material that is not plastic or rubber. Given this fact, it’s one of the healthiest choices for the environment.

It is because of this material; these shoes have maximum cushioning that provides that comfort.

Something amazing about this material as well is that it’s waterproof! These shoes make excellent choices to wear during a fun day at the waterpark.


The fact that these shoes are protected from wear and tear makes them an excellent choice for both children and adults.

The material that these shoes are made up of prevents this wear and tear. Mostly because these shoes are not made from natural rubber and plastic.

Rather, they’re made of resin. This material enables cushioning for your underfoot and provides absorption from friction and water.


These Shoes Stand the Test of Time!

Long-lasting is yet another reason why Crocs are so expensive. After all, because of the material that they’re made from, they’re able to last longer than the regular shoe.

You can wear them anytime you want and for however long you want. Making these shoes able to withstand the test of time!

Crocs can last approximately 3 to 5 years with everyday wear. However, running with these shoes against terrains that have a lot of dirt and rocks will cause them to depreciate faster.

Breathable Shoes and They’re Waterproof?

When you first look at Crocs, one of the things you’ll notice is the holes – these are important because they enable the wearer’s feet the ability to breathe and not be so sweaty.

After all, one of the most popular times to wear them is during the summer. Why?

Because these shoes enable you to get airflow so that you’re able to splash in the water with no need to worry about things like wet socks. Mostly because these shoes are slip-on and aren’t like sneakers in any way.

Personalized Design

Ever walk into a store and notice Crocs sitting on the display shelf?

Well, there’s a reason for that. Many people are drawn to their unique design that captures their attention.

After all, it’s not just an ordinary shoe. With multiple color selections and availability for both kids, teens, and adults this shoe has grown to be highly marketable. And a lot because of its design alone.


Disney has come up with many different types of Crocs that are limited edition.

This includes the Charms that are popular amongst the general public to decorate their Crocs with and make it their own.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber partners with Crocs to curate his own personalized Crocs to be sold to the general public.

Upon a further look at the website, his Crocs have recently sold out. From what it appears, his are a light blue that is covered with personalized charms that he’s come up with Drew House.

Post Malone

Post Malone has also partnered with Crocs to create his own version. An example would be a white pair of Crocs with his own design as a logo. And the charms that accompany it.


SZA’s Crocs are a swirly dark brown and warm brown color and with Charms from the company that Crocs bought.

These shoes are a way that SZA could promote mental health.

Comforting Cushion

Now we know we’ve already talked about comfort, but we can’t stress it enough!

It’s one of the top reasons why companies put their shoes at a higher price. So, if you want comfort, this is where it’s at!

Cleaning? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Their easy maintenance is just icing on top of the cake at this point as to why Crocs are so expensive. After all, when ordinary sneakers get soaking wet, it can be a hassle to try and clean them.

Let alone get them back to their quality before they got wet from whatever your kid stepped in.

However, just a simple quick wash with hot water and soap, dry them out for a little while, and they’re good as new!

Cleaning Crocs

Now, there are some tips and tricks to make your Crocs extra squeaky clean.

There are a couple of materials that can be used and can be found in most pantries. Add a sprinkle of baking soda over the lining and leave it on for over 2 hours and then tap it out.

Afterward, vacuum the insides to remove any leftover debris. The other tip that you can use to clean your Crocs is to use a mild soap and a water solution.

Sounds simple, right? Use a pea-sized amount of soap and lukewarm water to scrub the Crocs free of pesky debris and nasty germs.

Limited Edition Items

If you’re someone that’s into rare, once-in-a-blue-moon products, then Crocs has options for you! There are limited edition items that are seasonal or holiday-oriented that make these the perfect fit for a fun outfit.

Some even have been associated with certain celebrities such as SZA and Post Malone.

Some LOVE to obtain these special edition Crocs to be able to say that they have those associated with these celebrities.


If you’re a collector that’s obsessed with getting the latest trend, then Crocs has plenty to be able to collect from.

This is true especially if you’re someone that’s interested in limited edition items, such as celebrities that’ve partnered with Crocs to create their own.

After all, who wouldn’t want to collect Crocs from high-end celebrities such as SZA and Post Malone? There are so many kinds of Crocs out there. So go nuts and have fun!

Regular Crocs Versus Limited Edition: Price-Check!

Classic crocs cost about $45 and can get up to $100 according to their website. These classic crocs are Crocs that you see in the stores that can vary in color and size.

But there are specialty Crocs that are not just the colors that are on the color wheel and have special patterns associated with certain themes. People can personalize their Crocs, and this can increase the price.

How To Save Money on Crocs?

There are discounts to keep an eye out for regarding Crocs, as well as purchasing them from Goodwill. However, there are many knock-off brands that are not original.


So, if you’re truly wanting to invest in the classics, be sure to check out the website or viable sources.

When the summertime approaches, there are usually plenty of discounts to look for. Such as now when there’s a good $20 taken off many of the $54.99 Crocs.

Is It Worth It?

It is worth purchasing Crocs because who doesn’t love to personalize their shoes or obtain limited edition Crocs?

After all, being able to personalize the shoes that you wear often is a great way of self-expression. So, allowing the wearer to customize their shoes in a way that best fits them is the perfect plan!

Plus, there’s also the fact that companies such as Disney and even other celebrities’ partner with Crocs to come up with their own creation.

Personalizing your shoes is a great way to promote that sense of self-expression that everyone needs.

Everyone already loves Crocs for their unique design and ability to protect the wearer from absorbing too much water.

But to have the ability to select personalized charms? Genius! Especially if the charms are from specific TV shows that consumers love.

Crocs Store

Limited Edition Lightning McQueen

You know all kids go nuts for Lightning McQueen so it’s a wonder that Crocs even partnered with Disney to make these shoes go viral.

Now, because of this, they’re raking up the prices of these shoes because of their popularity.

And all the reasons that are listed as to why Crocs are so expensive in and of themselves.

So, the fact that Crocs can partner up with both celebrities and other companies makes them versatile as well.

And allows people that are obsessed with companies such as Disney to have shoes that are themed after their favorite character? Genius!

Celebrities Partnering with Crocs

There are celebrities that have partnered with Crocs – such as SZA and Post Malone – to curate their own prized creations.

Anyone that loves collecting can purchase these as well as Crocs such as Lightning McQueen because who doesn’t love Disney?

Other celebrities that partnered with Crocs include Justin Bieber and Diplo.

Even companies such as Balenciaga are known for helping design some very fashionable crocs for high-end buyers.

It’s crazy to think that there are Crocs that have been priced at a high price of $220!

Downsides to Crocs

Despite all the good benefits of wearing Crocs, there are some downsides such as a lack of support in the heel.

Crocs are not really meant to be worn for long-distance travel such as hiking.

Let’s leave that to specially designed sneakers that can protect the soles of your feet from experiencing pain.

Other downsides include the pricing, as Crocs can be expensive, and the prices may not be friendly for everyone. Or worth it to parents that can’t afford Crocs even if their child really wants one.

Crocs Versus Crocodile Materials

Crocs are not to be mistaken for materials made from Crocodiles – although over the past few years Crocodile-related products have increased in sales.

And it should be noted that one of the most popular products in relation to Crocodile materials is their bags.

Crocodile bags are some of the most coveted designs of the material ever to hit the fashion market.

To the point where Crocodiles are low and on the verge of endangerment because of poachers.

Crocodile Bags

Crocodile bags are some of the most expensive forms of this product because of the low population and lack of dependable farms to produce them.

Some of the reasons why crocodile bags are so expensive is because of the lack of dependability of farmers to produce these products. Mostly due to the low numbers of crocodiles as well as their tiny size.

Some of the other reasons that crocodile bags are so lovely are because of the material – animal – they’re made from!

The leather that is formed from crocodiles can be unique and costly due to being so sought after by the public eye.

Leather skin that is hand-crafted by craftsmen is also quite difficult to add all the little details.

Other Products Made from Crocodile Leather

Other products that are made from Crocodile Leather include belts, briefcases, shoes and cowboy boots, and carry-ons plus luggage totes.

People love these different types of products because of both their quality and unique sense of style.

Leather materials made from crocodiles can vary in colors such as dark brown or a lighter brown. 

Top 3 Cheaper Alternatives

Of course, not everyone can afford Crocs so there are cheaper alternatives that come in handy.

Other companies have tried their hands at making shoes that are specifically like Crocs, themselves.

Original Crocs are expensive given that these are the classics that many people covet. Other alternatives were about the same price if not more. So only three that are cheaper will be shown here.

 Prices of Alternatives
Bigant Clogs$16
Slide Sandals$23
Funkey Monkey Sandals$17

Bigant Clogs

Amazon has clogs that you can find that are about $16.99. There is also another company called EVA that has good alternatives.

These shoes have a defined heel cup and mild arch support. With their resistant soles and adjustable straps, these shoes have proven to be worthy alternatives to Classic Crocs.

Slide Sandals

Slide sandals are a good alternative for waterproof shoes, and you can wear them to places such as the water park.

These sandals cost about $23 so are cheaper than the average classic croc. And these shoes do provide a certain comfort and cushion to the wearer.

So, if you’re unable to afford traditional crocs, slide into these bad boys to get a familiar feel and look.

Funky Monkey Sandals

Funky Monkey Sandals are just amazing because they’re waterproof and durable, and they channel the Birkenstock style.

So, if you want a worthy replacement, think of getting these. These sandals can range anywhere from $17 to $20 so about $15 cheaper.

Final Considerations

To conclude, get yourself a pair of Crocs! It’s a bit of an investment, but so are any good pair of sneakers.

Especially if you have kids, they’ll love these types of shoes for going to the waterpark.

And you’ll love the protection that the material these shoes are made from because it’s easy to clean.

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