Golden Goose Sneakers (Cost and Alternatives)

Ever look at a pair of shoes and question why they look that way for that price? Golden Goose Sneakers’ price range is a bit high for the average consumer.

So, it’s only natural to question as we take our time to make decisions instead of spending money on impulse.

Golden Goose Sneakers can range anywhere from $400 to $700. These shoes are handmade, are unique, are made from expensive material, have a unique distressing process, and have premium cotton laces. It is especially because of the material they are made of – premium Italian leather – that they cost so much.

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive?

Golden Goose Sneakers are expensive because there is purpose and intention in creating the appearance of these sneakers.

Most of the time, consumers aren’t looking for clothing or shoes that look worn down. However, there is a certain trend that ends up being associated with these types of clothes such as ripped jeans.

Golden Goose Sneakers

So Golden Goose hopped on this trend and decided to make their own handmade shoes with these qualities. Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo.

And while the business is now at the forefront of the sneaker market today, the business operates under less than 100 employees.

Top 10 Reasons

Golden Goose Sneakers are so expensive because they’re handmade, have their unique design, and their high quality.

Golden Goose resides in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, and is a company that is well-known for making high-quality designs.

The shoe, itself, is a bit more affordable in Europe mostly because this is a European shoe. Shipment is more expensive from Europe to the United States versus Europe sending it within its own continent.

Price Per Collection

 Price Between Sneakers
Golden Collection$750.00
Star Collection$350.00-$750.00
Miami Journey Collection$545.00
Resort Collection$655.00


One of the biggest factors that contribute to the overall price of Golden Goose Sneakers includes the fact that they’re handmade.

The company resides in Venice, Italy. These sneakers are one of the reasons why Golden Goose is so renowned throughout the world.

And the sneakers are considered hand-made because the business operates with less than 100 employees.

Unique Design

There are many unique designs that contribute to the overall price of the Golden Goose Sneakers.

They have several different collections, as well as several different name-brand titles, that you could choose based on your own preferences.

Both men and women can purchase from these various designs. This allows them to expand their target audience and increase the number of sneakers sold worldwide.

Distressing Process

Golden Goose Sneakers come pre-distressed, so you don’t need to break them in, compared to other shoes.

In other words, you’re not having to worry about getting comfortable wearing them before that big event or party. Instead, they come with all that pre-distressed nicely for you.

It is this distressing process that gives them a “touched by life” appearance. What this ends up doing is not only does it give the appearance of being worn, but it allows the consumer to not stress about “making them look dirty.”

After all, these are expensive shoes. So, this is one of the first worries that can cross a buyer’s mind when thinking of spending that amount of money.

High Demand

As a result of their triumph, Golden Goose Sneakers have made their way to the forefront of the luxurious shoe market.

Meaning that they are in much higher demand than the average, everyday sneaker. Despite the relatively high price range, people still are wanting sneakers from Golden Goose.

Thus, showcasing their qualities and everything that makes them one of the best sneakers in the luxurious market.


The materials that make up Golden Goose Sneakers are of some of the highest quality.

Now some of you are probably wondering what material these sneakers are made from! Well, the fact is that Golden Goose Sneakers are made from premium smooth Italian leather.

This material is used for durability and comfort and can be quite long-lasting. A lot of time and thought is put into the shoe, itself, in terms of the materials that the shoe is made from.

The lining in the shoes, for example, is not Italian leather but rather cotton to help keep cool in the summers and warm in the winters.

Italian Leather: Ultimate Comfort Material

The primary material that Golden Goose Sneakers are made out of is Italian Leather material.

Italian leather is, of course, leather made and produced in Italy. So instead of using leather from other places around the world, Golden Goose uses home-based material.

Golden Goose Sneakers

This type of leather is the full-grain, vegetable-tanned kind. And it is this combination that produces leather of such fine quality.

Of course, Italian leather is not a protected name or brand, so this does not guarantee the finest quality. However, reviews showcase this level of artistry from Golden Goose that offers this sense of quality.

Another material that they use in their products is Calfskin leather. This type of leather is expensive because of how it is obtained. As well as the amount of production that it takes to get this leather.


There are many collectibles of these shoes that people can collect if they want. And because of the many different qualities of these shoes, people will want to collect more.

Especially the different limited editions that are available for purchase that can get consumers hyped up.


Because Golden Goose Sneakers are made from premium Italian leather, these are some of the most comforting shoes to wear.

It would make sense that these shoes are of extreme comfort given their price range. And why the makers of Golden Goose Sneakers would charge so much in the first place.

Durability and They’re Long-Lasting?

A lot of love, time, and compassion is put into the making of these shoes. The material is hand-selected for its durability. Not to mention the fact that it’s long-lasting and does not have a lot of wear and tear.

This allows people to invest in these high-quality shoes that are worth the money in the long term. Mainly because they don’t have to keep spending their money repeatedly.

Golden Goose Sneakers Durability

Golden Goose sneakers should last quite a long time if taken care of. Ensuring that they are not worn so much for the purposes of hiking constantly would help.

However, because of the material that they are made from, these shoes have the capacity to last. And because they’re pre-distressed, you don’t need to worry about them suddenly looking dirty.

They’re worth it if you’re looking for a shoe that you have the money to invest in, last a long time, you love the look, and you value keeping up with the trend.


Golden Goose is a company that has made its way to the forefront of the market so, therefore, celebrities have taken notice.

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Hilary Duff have all been spotted wearing different editions of the limited collection.

Even stars such as Megan Fox, Reese Witherspoon, and Ana De Armas could be sometimes seen adorning the sneakers.

So, while it’s not technically a celebrity-endorsed company, celebrities do notice the high-quality material and seem to be in full support.

Cost of Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Goose Sneakers have a varied price range, so there are options that are on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Even, of course, if they still seem expensive compared to the overage price of average sneakers.

Moreover, there are more than just sneakers that are sold on the website of this company. Let’s go over some various costs of both sneakers and other shoes that are sold here.

Examples of Individual Sneakers and Their Prices

 Price Per Type of Shoe
Yatay Model$350
Woman’s Super Star Sneakers$525
Woman’s Super Star Sneakers 2$575
Super Star Sneakers with Snake Paint$575
Resort Collection Women’s Sneakers$615
Tennis Shoes$

At Golden Goose, there are unique patterns and designs for both men, women, and kids. Each price does not seem to defer depending on the gender of the shoe. Rather, the price of the shoe could potentially deal with the different sizing options that there are.

Men’s, Women’s, and Kids

 Price Per Shoe
Men$300 to $800
Women$500 to $800
Kids$330 to $500

As you can see, even the price of children’s sneakers is expensive, although they are still on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Shipping and Handling

Something to keep in mind when it comes to shopping for Golden Goose Sneakers is that it’s cheaper to get them where they’re made.

Because Golden Goose is an Italian-based company, the sneakers are going to be a bit cheaper in Italy.

This is because shipping from Europe to the United States can get quite expensive. Express shipping is $28, and any returns are usually delivered within 3 to 4 business days.

Thanks to celebrity marketing, their unique design and charms, and the fact that they are pre-distressed are the biggest reasons why Golden Goose is so popular.

Celebrity marketing helps boost their popularity as people love to follow the fashion of their favorite celebrities.

We will go into more detail in the following section but, in short, celebs such as Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Megan Fox, and Diplo partner with them.

Let’s talk more about their unique design and charm that’s got everyone hyped. With an audience of men, women, and kids Golden Goose has a little something for everybody. And what’s even more interesting?

Golden Goose not only handmakes their shoes with under 100 employees working for them. They also partner with customers to help with the designing process of the shoe.

What this means is that they market to their audience with a member representing that audience to ensure a popular design is underway.

It is through sketching, coloring, adding laces and charms, and wearing-and-tearing bags and sneakers to the individual liking.

So, there is a lot more that goes into the personalization process than initially thought.

Is It Worth the Price?

Golden Goose Sneakers are highly valuable because of the material and the benefits that this material provides.

People love them for the fact that they have a unique design, and that they’re pre-distressed.

So, when you purchase them, the worry of ruining a pair of $500 shoes is lessened because they come looking like that. However, the fact remains that it all depends on what you’re looking for in a sneaker.

Regular, Average Everyday Shoes

If you’re looking for an average, everyday shoe to hike, run, or compete in sports in, then Golden Goose Sneakers are not worth the investment.

After all, while they do come pre-distressed, they are not meant for average, everyday use.

Especially in terms of hiking or running track. This will inevitably cause the sneakers to decline in quality over time.

Trendy Shoes That Are Worth the Investment

Golden Goose Sneakers are sneakers that are trendy, come pre-distressed, and are comfy to the sole.

So, if you’re looking to save up a little money and purchase materials that are expensive as a treat for yourself, then these are the shoes for you.

And a lot of their products are high-end, so many celebrities endorse these products because they love the quality of the material.

Not to mention the fact that these products are handmade and in one of the finest companies in Venice, Italy.

Downsides to Golden Goose

The general price of these sneakers ranges anywhere from $350 to $750, which can be enough to deter most shoppers away.

And, as previously mentioned, Italian material is not a protected name, so this means it does not necessarily guarantee high quality.

Another downside that people have mentioned is that the sizing can be tricky when ordering online. So please be sure to measure yourself so you can get the most accurate size possible.

Ways to Save Money

For any consumer, it’s only natural to want to find a way to save money. After a bit of research, there are several ways to save money.

The first and most obvious way is to look for a more affordable option. As of this moment, there are no discounts to speak of.

However, if you find a reputable site, some may offer these sneakers used. This way, you’re able to get a cheaper version of the price.

 Price Ranges Per Option
Ebay$250 to $500
Real Real$115 to $500
 Shop Style – ClearanceFrom $268
Shop Golden Goose FakeUnder $50
Black Friday Sales / DiscountsUp to 30 percent off

There are ways to save money if you do some research. Some of the price ranges are like the original price range. Ebay has some sneakers as low as $250 and they don’t generally go higher than $500.

Originally, Golden Goose Sneakers can reach up to about a grand depending on several factors.

Just be sure that if you’re searching for genuine Golden Goose sneakers you don’t accidentally purchase a knock-off for the same price. eBay might be a bit of a stretch.

And Amazon, unless you’re intentionally searching for knockoffs that look similar enough and are of good quality but for a better deal.

Golden Goose and Its Competitors

If the overall price is not something you’re paying attention to, then let’s explore comparisons between Golden Goose Sneakers and other high-end brands.

After all, if you’ve invested enough and are wanting a high-end product, it’s important to understand which of the brands have what you’re looking for.


Brands such as Chanel are high-end and notorious for their expensive products.

Chanel costs more than Golden Goose, so it’s safe to say that you should stick with the lower end of the spectrum. After all, Chanel can range anywhere from $850 to the thousands.


LouBoutin is a well-known shoe brand that also sells sneakers anywhere from $500 to $2000.

So, depending on what you’re looking to spend, it might be safer to stick to the lower end of the spectrum.

Still, there’s a craze for LouBoutin. Especially their pumps, although this seems insignificant when discussing sneakers.  


Balenciaga is another high-end brand that is known for its high-quality products.

They can range anywhere from $700 to $2,000. So, a lot more is charged than Golden Goose. Balenciaga’s sneakers are made from Polyamide, Rubber, and Elastane.

So, they’re not made from the same premium leather that Golden Goose Sneakers are made from. However, they’ve been positively rated as comfortable.


Gucci products are also high up on the end of the spectrum and their sneakers can range anywhere from $600 to $1000.

Gucci sneakers are made from a leather alternative known as Demetra. It’s a material that was produced out of Gucci’s factory in Italy. Demetra is made from 77 raw plant-based materials.

Including wood pulp and viscose. What’s amazing is that this product also uses vegetable tanning – the same as premium, high-quality leather.

So, Gucci seems to be coming across as genuine material despite being an alternative form of leather.

Other Note-Worthy Products

Other note-worthy products that Golden Goose creates include bags, clothes, and other accessories.

These are often created from the highest quality products that the website has to offer. When this is combined with the shoes, these products make great outfits together.


Golden Goose not only sells sneakers, but they sell products such as bags, clothes, and accessories.


Apart from bags, clothes are also a selling point for Golden Goose. In their summary collection, Golden Goose has some swimsuits that they’re selling for both men and women.

Both outfits that they incorporate that fit a summer vibe match meaning that couples can match up their outfits.


There are also accessories that Golden Goose sells. Glasses, beach towels, and other accessories are available.

However, a lot of these are super expensive that makes people question if it’s worth purchasing solely to keep on trend with a lot of the clothes available. For example, their cotton beach towel is $175.

And there are hair collection ties that are selling for $80. Just for one hair tie. So some of their products are questionable.

Top Reviews: Golden Goose Sneakers

Let’s discuss some reviews to better shine a light on the experiences that people have had with Golden Goose Sneakers.

One reviewer compares her Golden Goose Sneakers to other brands such as Chanel, LouBoutin, Hermes, Marant, and Repetto. All these marketing brands are high-end in the market. According to this reviewer,

Top 4 Cheaper Alternatives

Cheaper is not always better although there are options out there that are high quality. And besides, purchasing $50 several times is still cheaper than investing in shoes that are in the $300 to the $700 range.

Not to mention the constant, anxious worry that someone’s going to know and steal the shoes.

Or that they get somehow ruined, and you’ve wasted rent money for the month. However, let’s go over some top brands that are worthy competitors to Golden Goose.

Top Alternatives

 Average Price Range
Adidas$60 to $150
Converse$100 on average
Common Projects$200 to $400
New Balance$140 to $180


Adidas is one of the top brands that pop up when researching fellow competitors to Golden Goose Sneakers.

It’s affordable within the average, everyday consumer’s budget. Adidas uses the material Ocean Plastic which is a form of Polyester yarn.

The primary places that Ocean Plastic is used in Adidas shoes is the upper part of the shoes and in clothing such as jerseys.


Converse is a product that is owned by Nike and is made from a stitched upper position, a toe cap made from white rubber, and an outsole that is made from brown or tan rubber.

Cotton canvas is the primary material that molds and makes the shoe. And Converse traditionally costs anywhere from $100+ on average. Plus, it comes in a vast arrange of different styles and colors to be personalized form.

Common Projects

Common Projects is a company started in 2004 with an average price range of $200 to $400.

They’re a footwear company that makes their shoes from an Italian footwear factory in the Marche region.

One of the benefits of these shoes is that they’re hand-stitched similarly to Golden Goose.

New Balance

The last company that we would like to discuss is New Balance – a brand that sells its shoes anywhere from $50 to $150. So out of all the options, this is the cheapest brand.

Final Considerations

To conclude, Golden Sneakers are worth it if money’s not a question and you’re looking for a high-quality shoe.

However, if money’s tight and the budget calls for shopping for the average sneaker, it’s best to go to the suggestions above.

After all, even if you must sacrifice the price, you should never have to completely sacrifice the quality.

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