Why are Puppies So Expensive? [Plus Cheaper Alternatives]

Don’t you think that your pets are a part of your family? Do you feel they ask a lot of your attention and care yet are adorable? Are you considering getting a new puppy, but high prices keep you from doing it?

Well, we know that these little living beings have high price tags and require much of your money for their maintenance. But all of this wonderful chaos is worth every penny.

There are uncountable breeds of puppies, and the prices of each species differ depending on various factors.

No doubt everyone wants to get the best breed, and you will have to pay for the type of breed you want. Most popular and especially rare breeds are quite expensive.

Generally speaking, puppies cost ranges from $400 to more than $2000. Vaccination and training costs also add up after getting a new puppy. Average puppy vaccination might cost you $75 to $100 but can exceed up to $250. Pet training will cost you somewhere between $130 to $250 for four to six classes.

Pets are the life of any house. Puppies are lively and adorable creatures that make you fall in love with them quickly. But getting a puppy might require much of your savings due to their higher prices.

How Much Do Puppies Cost?

Generally speaking puppies are expensive if you are looking for some high or rare breed puppies, the price the seller demands might be shocking.

From a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, puppies cost range is quite vast and is mostly dependent on its breed.


On average, the typical cost of a puppy lies somewhere between $400 and $2000+.

However, this cost range doesn’t include the show-quality puppy with the breeding rights. This cost range only covers the pet-quality puppies who are neutered.

All puppies do not cost the same, and the price differs depending on multiple factors. You might also get confused about why different breeders ask for different prices for the same breed of puppies.

When you look deeply into the breed and ask the breeders, they will explain to you all the less-known expenses of breeding and upbringing the puppies.

You might not believe it, but it costs much higher to bring a puppy home than an adult dog. The average cost of a dog ranges from $1050 to $4480, but puppies are more expensive.

A good breed puppy ranges from $8000 to $25000+. This might look quite a lot to you, but this is what you will have to pay for a good breed puppy.

The most expensive dog breed is Samoyed whose cost is approximately $14000. It is found in Siberia. The Samoyed breed is  followed by Chow Chow which stands at almost $ 11000.

The cheapest dog breed is Chihuahua that costs as low as $375. Mostly they are rendered as the cheapest because of their low grooming and maintenance costs.

Top Reasons Why Puppies Are So Expensive

The high price tags of puppies are justified by various factors. Here are some reasons why puppies are so expensive;

1. Championship Lineages

Breeders breed dogs that have won championships. Any dog that wins the championship is the best one of its breed; it is right on the standard.

The championship lineages are healthy, have the best features, and have the best performance. These are expensive but perfect if you want to take your dog to any championship.

2. Designer Breeds

Breeders mix two breeds to create the ideal puppy according to most people’s requirements. It is referred to as the designer breed.

The standard designer breed is a poodle and any other dog with qualities to cancel the negative traits of a poodle. These are quite expensive.

3. Rare Breeds

There are various rare species of puppies. These rare breeds are expensive because it is difficult to find breeders.

Not many breeders offer these rare breeds, so they increase their prices. Rare species include Otterhound, Mudi, Tibetan Matiff, and some more.

4. Genetic Training

Genetic training enables the breeders to know the genetic makeup of a puppy in detail, so they conduct genetic tests on the dogs. This helps to determine any future diet restrictions and disease threats.

These genetic training are quite expensive. If the breeders offer to do these testing, it will raise the price of puppies considerably.

5. Vaccinations

Vaccination shots are important for the immune system of a puppy. Most breeders take care of the vaccination because they would not want to sell an unhealthy puppy or affect the litter.

Even though these breeders might say that the vaccination is free, they will add the vaccination cost into the overall price.

6. Training

Puppies must undergo various training if you want them to behave as you want or save up the cost of puppy pads.

Whether potty training or obedience training, you will enjoy your puppy learning all the things other puppies do. Potty training is necessary as puppy pads and crates can be expensive.

7. Dog Food

To keep the puppies healthy, the breeders must invest in the best quality dog food that suits the particular breed.

Dog eating

This adds to the price of the puppy. Afterwards, you will have to spend a lot of money on the same highest quality dog food.

8. Covid-19

Covid-19 and people staying at home for quite a while increased the demand for puppies. The change in supply and demand added up to the price of puppies.

People bought all types of breeds, whether popular or not popular, cheap or expensive, which resulted in great demand and lesser products in the market.

9. Grooming

Grooming requirements are different for different types of dog breeds. Some require more attention and special products, while some can get through with any dog products. So, the grooming costs also add up.

10. Spay/Neuter Surgery

It is also necessary to keep the puppies’ reproduction in check. You will have to choose if you want to spay your female dog and neuter the male one or not.

If the breeder offers spay/neuter surgery, the cost will add up in the puppy’s price.

How to Save Money on a Puppy?

Here are some ways to save money on getting a puppy;

Look for Cheaper Breeds

If you do not have a great budget but still want to own a puppy, you will have to find ways to make it fit into your budget.

First, you will have to look for breeds that are not very expensive and fit right into your budget.

For instance, you can get a Chihuahua, a beagle, or a pug, all of which are quite inexpensive and have low maintenance costs.

Get a Puppy from a Dog Shelter

You can also consider getting a puppy from a dog shelter as these are considerably cheaper than any other pet store or pet breeders.

Dog shelters have hundreds of puppies and dogs that are looking for a home. These shelters are also inexpensive and would even let you adopt a puppy for less than hundred dollars.

Check Up With Your Friends Having Dogs

Another way you can save money on getting a puppy is by checking with your friends who own dogs. The chances are that you might find a dog or a puppy that needs a new home.

In this way, you will get a puppy for free. If not for free, your friends might be humble enough to give you a puppy at an exceptionally discounted price far from the high prices of pet store owners.

Learn to Train Your Puppy

You can also save money on your puppy by choosing the ones that are not trained and being the trainer. Many pet breeders sell trained puppies at high prices.

You can also save the cost of hiring a dog trainer by learning to train your puppy on your own.

Save on Grooming Costs

You can look for cheaper yet high-quality dog food and should get it in bulk to save money. Moreover, look for dogs that require cheaper grooming and are easy to maintain.

There are numerous dog breeds that are not too expensive to groom and maintain, you can definitely look for such dog breeds.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Puppies are the cutest little living beings that have the potential to convert your silent and boring house into lively, adorable chaos.

Many people tend to get pets to get over their loneliness and also as a coping mechanism. No doubt pets can release your stress and work great for people with depression and anxieties.

Getting a popular or rare breed might cost you a lot, but it comes with the surety of a better species, a healthier dog, and better features.

Also, if you are conscious about the parts of your puppy, you cannot get some ordinary puppy with standard features.

Also, if you are wondering if it is worth spending money on dog training, high-quality dog food, and health checkups, it is.

It is important to consider the health of your puppy as they will surely become a part of your family. If you are a dog-lover, you will see that every penny you spend on your dog or getting a better breed is all worth it.

Cheaper Alternatives

If you are dying to get a new puppy but do not have enough money, it is time that you look for cheaper alternatives to get a puppy.

One of the most affordable alternatives is contacting your local pet shelter. There might be many dogs and puppies waiting for a home in your nearest pet shelter. You can go there and get yourself one at a much lower price.


As mentioned earlier, you can also socialize and check if there is any puppy at a home that is looking for a new home.

You can contact your friends and people who own dogs. This way, you might get a popular breed at a much lower price if not for free.

Moreover, you can look for puppies with breeds that are not much popular and expensive.

You can visit various pet stores and look through different types of dogs to check which will suit your budget the best. Visiting multiple stores will also give you other price options on the same breeds.

If you still cannot afford to get a dog, you can see if you can spend some time with any puppies or dogs around.

You can volunteer to pet sit for a while if someone wants to leave their pet anywhere. In this way, you might get some hours or even days with a puppy.

Dog shelters$100 to $400
Pet stores$1000 to $4000
Getting from a friendUsually free but depends on you and your friend

Final Considerations

As adorable as puppies might seem, most come with high price tags and great maintenance costs.

Even though you can lower these costs by choosing a breed that is not as rare or popular or can contact the breeders that are selling for less than the other breeders.

But even if you have to pay a great amount for puppies, it is all worth it. They are your companion in your lows and help you eliminate your loneliness; they win your heart with their adorable faces and manners.

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