Is Creed Cologne Worth The Price? (Cost + Cheap Alternatives)

When I was getting married, I was determined to find the perfect perfume to wear on our big day.

I spent hours searching through department stores trying to find the perfect fragrance that would remind my husband and me of our special day for years to come. 

I finally came across Creed perfume and was completely blown away by how amazing it smelled. With notes of amber and jasmine with a hint of sandalwood, it would be the perfect fit for my wedding day.

But when I went to check the price I was shocked, a 3oz bottle cost over $400! Keep reading to learn what makes Creed perfume so expensive!

Generally speaking, creed perfume is so expensive because each of their fragrances is handmade with rare ingredients.  Their rich history and the dedication they have to create original artisan fragrances for men and women set them apart from other perfume manufacturers.

Creed has always been considered a luxury brand due to the high price tag. Historically, the fragrance has been a symbol of aristocracy and royalty, so it’s no surprise that it continues to be a symbol of luxury today. 

The Cost Of Creed

The price of Creed fragrances varies from size to type and availability. The cheapest bottle of Creed perfume costs $230 for a 1oz bottle, while the most expensive is a 5oz bottle for $1,760! 

The large price difference here comes from the amount of perfume you’re buying, as well as the fragrances themselves.

Creed Royal Service is one of Creed’s most popular fragrances, and it’s also the most expensive at $1,760 per bottle.

It was created by the sixth-generation master perfumer, Olivier Creed, and is a limited edition – fewer than 300 bottles are made. 

Creed Fleurs de Gardenia has the lowest price at $230, it is described as being the most delicate fragrance offered by Creed. With notes of gardenias, rose, lavender, and peonies, it is sure to enchant you with its romantic scent!

Creed fragrance is considered a status symbol representing wealth and luxury. Some consider it to be as much of a status symbol as owning a Ferrari or a Tiffany diamond. 

Creed Perfume

The Creed factory is located in Fontainebleau, France, and their team of highly trained professionals uses hand-picked ingredients from all around the world to create their fragrances.

Because of their attention to detail and guaranteed quality, the price of Creed fragrances is much higher compared to others on the market. Olivier Creed travels the world in search of the best ingredients for their fragrances.

Some of the ingredients that are included in Creed fragrances are roses from Bulgaria, Turkey, and Morocco, Florentine Iris, Calabrian bergamot, Hatian vetiver, and Italian jasmine. 

While these ingredients can be found all over the world, the House of Creed prides itself on finding the best ingredients. Everything matters in this selection process, from how it is grown and cared for, to how it is harvested. 

Top Reasons Why It’s So Expensive

There are many factors that go into a perfume like Creed having such a high price. Everything from how each bottle is handmade to the cost of shipping it around the world plays a role in the final price you’ll see in stores. 

1. It’s Handmade

One of the biggest reasons Creed fragrance is so expensive is because it is entirely handmade, and always has been. Most manufacturers use machines to harvest and mix their oils to create their signature scents.

At Creed, the employees are specially trained to do all of the harvesting, processing, and mixing by hand. Because it’s handmade, the production of their fragrance is much slower than other manufacturers.

Since they’re only able to produce a certain amount of each fragrance per year, their supply doesn’t reach the demand. All of this leads to a higher price tag.

2. Creed Perfume’s Impeccable Reputation

Creed has been producing cologne and perfume since the 1700s and has been known to create fragrances for kings. Because of this rich history, it is considered to be one of the leading experts in the fragrance field.

The reputation they have been able to uphold for hundreds of years is also what makes their product more expensive. Customers know the history, and who has worn a scent, so they want to wear it, too – no matter the cost.

3. Rare Ingredients

The perfume industry is a competitive one, and Creed sets itself apart by using rare and distinct ingredients. They choose ingredients that no one else in the industry is using, which leads to a higher cost during the production process.

Continuously searching for the best rare ingredient to use will automatically drive the price up. Creed continues to search for the best ingredients to help them stand out in the already congested market.

4. Limited Production

As mentioned above, Creed produces a limited number of bottles each year. By making their fragrances by hand, they are already limiting themselves in the number of bottles produced. They are also limited in the rarity of their ingredients.

Creed will never use machines to create their perfume because they understand that if they were to release a large number of bottles per year, they’d lose their value.

The high price wouldn’t be justified if there was enough supply to cover the demand, all in all, Creed is playing a smart game.

5. Each Fragrance Is Unique

No two Creed fragrances are the same. Because each one is handmade, you are guaranteed to have a unique fragrance every time you buy it.

If one perfume has spicy or floral notes, you can expect that no other Creed fragrance will have the same scent or characteristics.

Every time you purchase a Creed fragrance, you will find something new about it that makes it unique.

6. Shipping Costs

Creed produces all of its perfume out of a single shop in France. People across the world buy their products, which means Creed needs to ensure their product always arrives safely and promptly. Additionally, safe packaging comes at a higher cost.

Also, if you purchase a Creed product at a department store near you, you will notice a slight markup. This is because the store itself has to pay high shipping costs along with the perfume itself, so they need to be sure to break even. 

How Is It Different From Its Competitors?

The number one reason that Creed fragrance is so different is that it is handmade. Most fragrance manufacturers work to ensure they can produce the most product as efficiently as possible to meet the demand. 

At Creed, they care about quality above all else. It doesn’t matter if they’re only able to produce a certain amount of fragrance each year, the rarity of it makes it special. 

The way Creed produces its fragrances is similar to how wine is produced. If they create a scent, but they feel it isn’t ready to go on the market then they will hold off on releasing it to the public. 

When you purchase a Creed fragrance, you are guaranteed to be buying a quality fragrance from a company that cares about what they do. The work they put into each fragrance completely justifies the high price. 

Is It Better Than Alternatives?

Although there are many alternatives on the market that have strong similarities to Creed perfumes, nothing will ever be an exact replica. Creed works very hard to set itself apart with its handmade process and rare ingredients.

Creed Perfume

While similar fragrances are on the market for considerably cheaper, you will never find another fragrance manufacturer who puts the same work into their product.

This should definitely be taken into account when you’re searching for your ideal fragrance.

Top 5 Alternatives

One of Creed’s most popular, and financially accessible, fragrances are their Aventus perfume. There are many fragrances on the market that have strong similarities, although nothing will perfectly match the unique craftsmanship of Creed. 

1. Michael Kohrs: Extreme Night

Extreme Night by Michael Kohrs is the only fragrance on our list with pineapple notes to match Aventus. Though, unlike Aventus, some have noted that this cologne also wears off too quickly.

2. Al Haramain: L’Aventure

This perfume is noted as being one of the longest-lasting fragrances on our list. Some consumers are unable to tell the difference between this and Aventus, which makes the lower price even more appealing!

3. Armaf: Club De Nuit

This fragrance from Armaf is one of the top-selling colognes for men but at a much cheaper price. With notes of lemon and black currant, it is the perfect musk for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

4. Fragrance Club: Inspired By Aventus

This perfume is going to be the closest you will find on the market to Creed Aventus. The main difference is that it doesn’t have the note of pineapple that Aventus is known for, and some customers say it wears off too quickly.

For nearly ten times cheaper than Creed Aventus, it may be the best option for those who seek a luxurious scent without the hefty price tag.

5. Armaf: Shades Of Wood


Shades of Wood has a very earthy scent in comparison to others on our list, with citrus and rose undertones. It is a much lighter fragrance, with the cheapest price in comparison to other Aventus clones on the market.

BrandSize (fl oz)Price
Creed Aventus3.3$445.00
Michael Kohrs: Extreme Night2.4$63.99
Al Haramain: L’Aventure3.33$35.97
Armaf: Club De Nuit3.6$34.47
Fragrance Club: Inspired by Creed Aventus1.7$29.95
Armaf: Shades of Wood3.4$26.99

Where To Find Creed Perfume

While Creed can be found in many stores across the world, many choose to go right to the source by purchasing from the company’s website.

Creed works hard to ensure their products are shipped safely and directly from France, so you never have to worry about the perfume breaking in transit. 

If you would prefer to buy Creed in person, it can be found in many department stores. Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom carry the fragrance, and you can even find it in some Walmarts across the U.S.

Can You Find Creed Perfume For Cheap?

If you are looking to find Creed perfume for a cheaper price, you may be out of luck. Creed fragrances are normally not discounted at major retailers, and the House of Creed does not authorize discount sellers. 

Keep this in mind if you come across Creed fragrance for a significantly cheaper price, it may be a fake product. 

Is It Worth The Cost?

After learning all of this, you may still be asking if it’s worth the cost. With its rich history and longevity, Creed ensures that you will feel the epitome of luxury when you wear their products.  

Any of the fragrances offered at Creed look as if they are worth every penny because of all the work that goes into them.

They are meticulously designed and chosen to represent their brand, and you may find that even the smallest bottle lasts a lot longer than you originally thought. 

The answer of whether or not it’s worth it is ultimately up to you! If you come across Creed fragrance, and you’re prepared to pay for it, then it is completely worth it. 

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