Why is Dover Sole So Expensive? [+ Cheaper Alternatives]

Are you a seafood lover? Do you like to experiment with different types of fish in your meal? In any of such cases, Dover Sole is the best type of seafood or fish to try.

Dover Sole is liked by most of the people because of its meaty flesh which is different from other fishes.

Although it has similar nutrients to other fishes and is rich in proteins and omega fatty acids, it lacks fishy flesh texture. So, people who don’t even like to eat fish in general still seem to cherish this fish.

Generally speaking, Dover Sole costs approximately $22 to $35 per pound in a grocery store. In restaurants its cost starts from $60 and goes up to over $100. Dover Sole is one of the most expensive types of soles. It is because of its rarity as it is only found in Europe and its unique flavors and meaty texture.

Dover Sole is a type of flat fish that is found in the sediment of seawater. Even though this fish is a specialty of the Dover area, it can also be found in the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans.

It is quite an expensive fish, and when you order it at a restaurant, you will be surprised by the price.

Dover Sole is cooked in various ways through various recipes. Here you can check a Dover Sole recipe to make it in its yummiest form.

How Much Does Dover Sole Cost?

The average price you will have to pay for a Dover Sole is approximately $22 to $35 per pound, which explains its worth.

In some areas, Dover Sole is also sold at $45 per pound. The better cooked and the more expensive the restaurant, the more you will have to pay to devour this tasty fish.

Dover Sole

Some restaurants serve per pound while most cost according to the type of recipe and dish.

Dover Sole is quite an expensive type of fish and is often sold in the market under the name Sole Meunire.

At a restaurant, you would have to pay somewhere between $75 and $100 per pound or they usually charge per dish, depending on the restaurant.

The cost of this fish varies from place to place but every fisherman and all supermarkets know its worth.

It doesn’t come cheap unless discounted by a particular store. So, if you want to have a unique taste, you will have to pay for the experience.

In case you are a good cook and love trying to cook new things, you can look through some recipes and cook your own yummy Dover Sole. Here is a comprehensive Dover Sole recipe to make it perfect.

You might be wondering about the high price of diver sole, so to help you with your confusion, we have listed below the top reasons why Dover Sole is so expensive.

Top Reasons Why Dover Sole is So Expensive

The price of Dover Sole has always shocked people, making them question what is so special about this fish.

This fish is undoubtedly special, which justifies the greater price than most other fishes. Here are some reasons that justify the high cost of Dover Sole.

1. Chefs Acclaim It.

One of the major reasons for the popularity and high price of Dover Sole is because world-known chefs acclaim it.

All the popular chefs have not only praised this special type of fish but have also created recipes for them and also served it in their restaurants.

As this expensive fish is luxury food, many celebrities have added it to their meals and share its praises with their fans.

Being loyal fans and rising curiosity, people also start finding this fish in the supermarkets and grocery stores.

Chefs try to create different recipes, and people try them out in restaurants due to their popularity. This adds up to the fish’s demand and thus a greater number on the price tag.

2. It has a Unique Flavor.

Another reason why Dove Sole is more expensive than other fish is because of its unique flavor. Most people say that Dover Sole is meatier and less fish-textured.

It has a rare buttery flavor with a tinge of sweetness. It has the most distinctive flavor and, unlike other fish, tastes almost the same.

This is why it is even liked by people who are not much fond of fish because of the same fish flavor.

Even though chefs work to enhance Dover Sole’s flavor, they claim that it is enough on its own and should be enjoyed most naturally with a mild recipe. It is usually served with a sauce.

3. It is Scarcely Found.

One of the major reasons why anything is expensive is because of its rarity. It adds to its value and price if anything is difficult to find and create. This is why Dover Sole is costly.

Dover Sole is the type of flatfish that is only found in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.

These fish make their home in the sediment and live at the bottom of the ocean, making them difficult to catch. Also, they hide from predators.

They are found in a limited region and are difficult to catch, making them rarer. And it is because of its rarity that it costs too much.

4. There are Fishing Regulations.

Like any other fish, Dover Sole is carefully regulated. It is important to keep the fishing regulations in check to prevent the fish from being at extinction risk like many other rare fishes.

Moreover, Dover Soles can also sense their environment and lay eggs only if it is safe. Therefore, the fishing regulations also ensure that the fish has a safe environment to reproduce.

Also, the fisherman has restrictions and must use special gear to catch these fish as it stays on the seabed.

These fishing equipment are expensive, and their maintenance is costly too. So, all this price is added to the fish making it more expensive.

5. There are Farming Costs.

As too much fishing of Dover Sole is not allowed, people have started growing it in fish farms by creating the likely environment for fish. Fish also feel safer in the smaller setting and breed regularly.

Even though fish farms are successful, they are quite expensive, especially those breeding Dover Sole.

It is because this fish requires innovative equipment and farming processes for the breeding process.

6. It Has Various Health Benefits.

A product is expensive either when it is rare or has multiple benefits, and Dover Sole is not just rare but also has various health benefits. Most fish have healthy nutrients and minerals; the Dover Sole has some extra.

Its protein count matches that of red meat and a healthy amount of vitamin D. Some other essential minerals found in Dover Sole include phosphorous and vitamin B12.

As it is rich in minerals and vitamins, it costs more. Also, people tend to pay a little extra for healthier things, and Dover Sole is quite beneficial to cost a little extra.

7. It Has A Rare Texture.

It is not only the unique flavor but also the texture of Dover Sole. Its meat is thicker and more meat-like and not fish-meat-like. After taking a bite of this fish, you will know that it is not any regular fish but Dover Sole.

The unique thick texture of this fish adds up to its price. You will have to pay for a memorable and better experience different from biting into any other type of fish.

Its unique flavors, thickness, and texture have earned praise from well-known chefs worldwide. And these are the factors that make this fish cost this much.

Dover Sole

8. Shipping Costs are higher.

As we have discussed earlier, Dover Sole is found in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters, so it costs more to ship the fish from there. The area of Dover in England also has this fish.

No matter where you are, most people will be far away from these oceans, and it would be a lot to cross when shipping the fish from one place to another.

Because of the greater distance, the shipping costs are higher, which adds up to the overall price of Dover Sole, making it expensive.

How to Save Money On It

The high price of Dover Sole might make you wonder how you can save some money on it.

No doubt the increasing popularity of Dover Sole might have made you curious, and you want to try it for once at least.

Make Your Own Dover

If you want to save money on Dover Sole, you should not go to a restaurant to try the fish out and make it on your own, following some delicious recipe.

Moreover, look through your nearest supermarkets and grocery stores to check who sells the cheapest Dover Sole.

If you are near the source of Dover Sole fish, try to buy it from the fishers directly. This will cut all the additional shipping costs and would be much cheaper.

You can also check out some fish coupons on green promo code and The Fish Society Discounts Codes to get up 12% and 25% off respectively on Dover Sole.

Also, you can save money on it by buying it at a discounted price from the store.

You can also get discounts on Dover Sole from the Pure Food Fish Market Seattle, Bradley’s fish UK, and some other stores.

Is It Worth It?

The rare taste and unique texture of Dover Sole make it worth all the money. It gives you a unique experience completely different from any other type of fish.

Its meat-like thickness and texture make it likable to people who are not fond of eating fish.

Dover Sole Fish

Dover Sole is worth all the hype, with famous chefs praising its unique taste and texture and creating recipes from this delicious fish.

The variety of health benefits it offers also makes this fish instantly preferable by people worldwide.

Cheaper Alternatives

Not everyone can pay this much for a fish. The high price of Dover Sole is a drawback, but this cannot stop from wondering about its rare flavor and texture.

In case you want to experience a similar taste and texture, you might be looking for some cheaper alternatives to Diver Sole.

Some cheaper alternatives of Dover Sole include cod, wahoo, and sturgeon. Cod fish is an excellent replacement as it is rich in flavor and essential nutrients.

Also, this fish is less expensive and easily available in the market.

Wahoo is a dark fillet fish that is rich in proteins. It has a meaty texture similar to Dover Sole and is less costly.

Sturgeon is another cheaper alternative to Dover Sole. It is also firm and meaty with high protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Cheaper AlternativeCost
Cod fish$3.32 to $3.46 per kg
Wahoo$3.43 to $5.91 per kg
Sturgeon$4.64 to $9.98 per kg

Final Considerations

Dover Sole is the noblest of all fishes in the ocean, with its rarest flavors and textures. Being the rarest comes with an exceptional price tag that justifies its rarity.

Chefs worldwide create recipes for these delicious fish and serve them in their restaurants for high prices.

It describes why Dover Sole is regarded as royalty that belongs to the table of riches and is a sign of luxury.

But people who like to experiment with food and taste buds also try such expensive food. You can try various recipes on Dover Sole and enjoy its uniqueness.

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