Is North Face Worth The Price? (+Cheaper Alternatives)

I spent over US $4,000 on a jacket and I’m still in shock. Why do I have to spend such amount on a jacket when I can get one for even $100? 

We know this is a scenario you encounter often and you really want to understand why North Face is expensive.

North face is not just a random product with cheap price tag. They mostly cost some huge price to purchase.

In this article, we would explain in details the reasons why North Face products are expensive and the cheaper alternatives you can explore.

North face is quite expensive due to several reasons. They’re made with expensive quality materials. North face brand is the fashionable choice of the upper class who constantly spike up the pricing. They’re made of expensive fabric technology that gives maximum comfort.

There is more to unravel as to the reasons why North Face is expensive. Follow us as we highlight and explain these reasons.

Top Reasons Why North Face is Expensive

1.Exquisite and Fashionable

North face is much more than just a mere gear or jacket. They offer top-notch and exquisite fashion trends.

They have cozy and iconic designs in different colors to make you appear sleek all day.

North Face jacket

North Face understands the business world better.

Think about it- formerly, they were using subtle colors for their clothings but over time, they began to use different attractive colors.

The aesthetic value of North Face with their sophisticated and elegant outlook is unparalleled. More so, they upgrade their fashion trends always.

A durable and comfortable gear like North Face with a stately appearance tickles the fancy of many people, ranging from sportsmen to outdoor lovers and school children on vacation.

This causes constant increase in their demand, hence a corresponding increase in their pricing.


North Face is really big on product durability as their products can last all through the ear, both during the spring and winter.

You don’t have to keep buying new gears all time or get different ones for different seasons.

The reality is that quality stuff are costly. If you want a quality and durable product, you have to pay for it and that’s where North Face got it right.

It isn’t really logical to complain about higher pricing of durable, quality products such as North Face.

The options are clear: you either get a non-durable, low-quality product at a lower price or get a durable, high-quality product at a higher price. North Face offers the latter and they got the market

The quality of their products is a reflection of the high-quality materials they use which are of course costly.

3.Renowned Reputation

North Face leverage their reputation which they’ve built over time to gain the confidence of the market space.

To most people, the name ‘North Face’ gives an impression of class, elegance, and quality thereby making them the choice of the market space.

It’s a simple marketing strategy- when people are comfortable and confident in your product’s quality, they go for it without minding the price.

Typically, no one shops for North Face without a good budget because they would be getting the value for whatever amount they pay.

It takes a lot of time, expense, marketing, and advertisement before they got to the limelight. They’re not just going to lower the price all of a sudden.

4.Universally Suitable for all Weather Conditions

A lot of people would choose North Face over any other brands in both the winter and summer periods. Their products perfectly fit in for both winter and summer.

Especially, the new hiking materials are lightweight and cool too. A durable and universal gear like North Face would always be the choice of the market.

Also, when you shop on the North Face website, you can shop for the most suitable gear for the activity you’re to embark on – whether you’re going snowboarding, running, climbing, or skinning.

Let’s face it, hardly will you see any other brand that does this. This spikes up their demand and increases their pricing always.

5.Increasing Growth

North Face has a booming market. They now have a wide array of products such as shoes, backpacks, children and babies gears, etc.

North Face position itself as a one-stop-shop for all family products.

This increasing growth demands new infrastructure and workforce.

This forces North Face to increase their pricing so they can adequately finance their new, growing infrastructure and workforce.

They use the high cost of their existing products to offset the cost of their emerging market. Hence, their high pricing is not going down any time soon.

6.Environmentally Suitable

North Face is really big on protecting the earth against non-biodegradable substances and they have a policy of recycling used gears.

You can sell your used gear to North Face and they would recycle it.

They’re working towards having more sustainable products.

They have a goal of making all their products with recyclable, regenerative, or any other properly sourced renewable fabrics.

Lots of expensive research and commitment goes into their ‘renewable’ policy, thereby forcing up the prices of their products.

You’re not only paying for the North Face product you’re purchasing, but also the cost of pursuing and maintaining a suitable ecosystem.

7.Excellent Fabric Technology

North Face products are made with advanced fabric technology such as Gore-Tex and Future Light materials which is a perfect blend.

The Gore-Tex technology makes their jacket warm while the Future Light materials allow enough ventilation to your waterproof.

You can take their words for it. If North Face advertises a jacket as waterproof, be sure you would be getting a waterproof. This is all because they make use of cutting-edge technology.

Lots of people have a preference for North face jackets because they’re cool and dry. This causes an increase in demand and of course, a corresponding surge in price.


They last even over a decade. In fact, from customer reviews, they last longer than customers’ expectations. Even though expensive, they are worth their price.

Their durability is due to the quality materials used in their manufacturing. Quality materials mean higher pricing and that’s why you find North Face expensive.


A lot of research and testing goes into their production. Their products truly do have all the features they claim they have. North Face gives you class and comfort.

They don’t fade off easily and the garments can last for over a decade. You don’t expect such to come at cheap pricing, hence their products are expensive.

North Face Product

10.Comfortable to Use

They have a lot of features that make them comfortable to use. They have a dual zipper head so you can easily open the zipped garment at the bottom for better thermal control.

You can put on the jacket with enough ventilation and warmth.

They also make use of bux-bubble construction in their sleeping bags which prevents them from shifting.

Comfort comes at a cost and that’s a reason why North Face is expensive.

You’ve to pay for the comfort they give, and we don’t think they’re backing out on that.

How Can You Save Money on North Face?

Enroll in Customer Loyalty Program

You can participate in any of their customer loyalty programs to earn points that you can redeem when purchasing their products. With this, you can buy at a reduced price.

For every $10 you spend purchasing North face products, they’ll give you one point. You can then accumulate these points to buy their products at a discount price.

Also, you can participate in the Note face renewed program. When you recycle and submit your used North-face item to them, you’ll receive a gift card you can use on North face to purchase.

You can recycle up to three items annually and the value of your gift card depends on the items you submit.

Become a VIPerks member

You can become a VIPerks member and get free shipping for any goods you purchase that’s worth $50 or more.

You can also look out for their free shipping code either on their website or code site.

Shop During Holidays

Be strategic in your purchases. Shop at certain strategic periods (e.g public holidays) when you could get as high as a 50% discount.

The North Face

During this period, North face reduces prices to attract more sales.

Shop At Local Boutique To Get More Discounts

You don’t have to shop from the fancy boutiques in the high-brow areas of the city where the prices would certainly be higher.

These fancy boutiques are mainly for the upper echelon who have no difficulty in paying higher prices.

You can purchase at a local boutique at a reduced or discounted price. You can also purchase from the Sports Authority at a discounted price.

Shop At Discounted Stores

We can check out online vendors who run periodic discounts to purchase at a lower, discounted price.

For example, you can check out especially during spring season. They annually offer up to 65% reduction in the price of North Face.

Also, you can check out and take a survey on their website.

They will then send a coupon of $10 off your purchase of $25 or more to your email address. With this, you can save 40% or more on the actual purchase price.

Buy North Face At Outlets

Look out for a North face outlet store where you can buy overstock, factory seconds, and made-for-outlet exclusives at discount rates as high as 30%.

Here, there are cheaper North face you can purchase that you can never find in regular North face stores.

Shop At Thrift Stores

You can get your North face at thrift stores at very low prices. Although the gear would be an already used one, it still works though.

You can rock it well as though you recently purchased it.

You can check out online thrift stores such as where you can get a 50% discount on your first purchase.

They also have different discounts per time for North face. There’s just a discount for your purchase all time.

Use Your College Discount To Purchase North Face Products

If you’re a college or university student in US, you can purchase North face products under the North face student discount at a 10% discount rate.

You will need to verify your eligibility and you can only use the student discount once in every 30 days.

North Face Puffer’ Cost

The brown North face puffer is quite expensive, with an average price of $240. It’s the choice of students all over Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, etc.

In the UK alone, there are over 3,000 increase in Google’s search trends of brown North face. This increasing demand causes an increase in their price.

It’s no longer available for sale again. The North face clothing has halted the production of brown North face puffer, thereby causing a drastic reduction in their availability and a sporadic spike in pricing.

They’re one of the most searched items in various online stores. For example, on ebay, there’s a search for North face clothing every three seconds

Also, they’re made of quality materials such as Gore-Tex, goose, or duck down and they are really difficult to make.

They’re not made of animal products, but duck down that have been certified by the Responsible Down Standard.

Brown North face puffers are always made by skilled materials engineers who charge highly for their service. All these contribute to why they’re expensive.

Is North Face a Luxury Brand?

Even though their pricing is quite expensive, North face may not exactly qualify as a luxury brand like Gucci, Bogner, Canada Goose.

A luxury brand only produces high-end brands, but this is not so for North face.

For example, there are North face clothing such as ‘North face Fleece’ that costs as low as $100.

There are also popular second-hand purchases for younger customers that cost around $120-$140.

However, there are some North face clothing that are luxurious products. These products are more quality and expensive.

An example is the ‘North face Supreme X North face’ which costs $2,489,00. These expensive luxurious products are always the choice of the upper class.

Why is North Face Popular?

They have robust collaborations with famous and luxurious clothing brands and designers such as MM6, Gucci, etc.

With this, they’ve been able to harness the popularity of their collaborators to advance themselves and their products.

The endorsement of popular models and artistes also stirs up their popularity among young people.

For example, the popular Tiktok model, Jenner puts on a North face jacket and this caused a 20% increase in the web search of North face.

They’ve been in business for over five decades with high credibility. Their products are of high quality and standards. This has been able to sustain their growing popularity

They understand the marketing and branding trends perfectly.

North face focus much more on online marketing strategy using the service of renowned social media influencers capable of convincing young and successful individuals of the need for North face clothing.

With this, they’ve been able to capture a large number of people much better than a traditional advertisement method would.

Cheaper Alternatives To North Face

PatagoniaThe average price for this is $150.
Arc’teryxThe average price is around $200-$300.
MarmotThe average price is around $100.
SpyderThe average price is around $200 -$400


Just like North face, they offer a wide range of productions such as jackets, outdoor gear, general clothing, etc.

They also have an environmental protection and sustainability policy similar to that of North face.

Their products are made with recycled feathers and other properly sought recycled materials.

Their outdoor clothing is suitable for everyday life activities and therefore versatile like North face.

 Although they produce several types of jackets, their jackets are generally warm and durable.

More like North face, they use Gore-Tex in producing some of their expensive model jackets.


Their jackets are of outstanding quality as they use, just like North face, only Gore-Tex to ensure durability and resistance.

Although their jackets come in different designs, they’re water repellents and waterproof.

They aim to enhance environmental protection by producing highly sustainable products and accessories.

However, their environmental policy is not as pronounced as that of North face.


Their jackets are specially designed to be durable. They’re one of the first brands in the US to make use of Gore-Tex in their products, just like North face.

Unlike North face that’s generally suitable for Al weather conditions, Marmot is best suitable for low temperatures and climates.

They’re also very durable. Although their jackets come in different designs, they’re mostly lightweight.

Their jackets are always sealed to avoid any entrance of water and give maximum comfort.

They’re big on customer relations and satisfaction. They have a lifetime warranty and repair program for their customers.

Also, their customers are permitted to return purchased goods within 60 days. Contrastingly, North face doesn’t offer these to their customers.

 Unlike North face which offers its products to the International market, Marmot only accepts orders within the US.


They provide a wide range of clothing materials such as trousers, layering clothes, jackets, accessories, etc.

They feature core ventilation zippers to release excess heat and fully-taped seams to keep out moisture.

Their jacket also features many interior and exterior zipper pockets store gear, removable heavy-weather hood, and soft nylon taffeta lining. They’re quite chapter than North face.

Final Considerations

North face is really comfortable, classy, and durable. No doubt, your outdoor activity would be more thrilling when you put them on.

However, they are quite expensive and you may not be able to purchase them with a low budget.

There are some cheaper alternatives to North face that you can consider getting. You should check them out to see if they’re worth any of your penny.

Preferably, get a jacket made of Gore-Tex and be sure they’re waterproof and durable too.

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