Why is Publix So Expensive? (How to Cut Cost + Cheaper Alternatives)

We can see a great competition of superstores with a variety of new stores being introduced.

With the competition comes the better quality of products thus greater prices. You might already know you get what you pay for so or better items, you will have to spend some extra money.

This greatly depends on the quality of products that a store offers and certain other factors.

Publix is one of the most successful supermarket chains in the USA, especially in the south.

Publix has always maintained its reputation as one of the best stores in the region despite its slightly expensive items.

No doubt it is not only successful but also one of the most expensive ones.

Generally speaking, prices at Publix are higher than at other stores. Their products are of exceptional quality and their stores provide excellent customer service. Also, Publix employs extra staff to offer additional services for seniors free of charge.

To help you overcome your confusion about the prices at this store, we have compiled everything you might need to know about Publix.

Here are all the top reasons why this store is one of the most expensive ones yet the most popular one.

Publix’s Cost vs Other Main Competitors

Prices at Publix are greater than that at Walmart unless you avail of their BOGO deals. Normally, sale prices at Publix are 5% to 15% cheaper than that at Walmart.

Walmart tends to offer affordable prices for staple food items such as milk, eggs, and bread but the prices of all the items are relatively greater at Publix.

But Publix offers plenty of sales offers that compensate for the high costs without compromising the quality.

For example, you can get a dozen of cage-free brown eggs at Walmart for $2.48 while Publix sells them for $5.49.

Target sells the same eggs at $2.89. The price of a gallon of full-fat milk at Publix is $7.29 while Walmart sells it at $6.97.

Similarly, the price of one lb of beef is around $10.71 at Publix and Kroger sells an lb of lean ground beef at $17.99.

While Walmart sells 2 lbs of ground beef at $10.72. Similarly, bread and other routine food items are also cheaper at Walmart, Kroger, and Target than at Publix.

10 Reasons Why Publix is so Expensive

 Listed below are all the reasons which make Publix more expensive than all the other stores around the country.

1.It Offers High-Quality Food Items.

As you might have heard, you get what you pay for. It is true in all cases, including the food items.

Therefore, if a grocery store has higher prices of things, they offer high-quality products. Publix is known for its highest quality food items, appliances, and other household items.

Moreover, Publix offers a great variety of everything from vegetables to other grocery items, giving you a choice to choose the best one.

But you might never know whether the better-looking food item is even that healthy or not. For that, you will have to look for other factors, e.g., organic, non-GMO, etc.

2.The Salary of Publix Associates is Better.

A good portion of a store’s income is divided among the store’s associates. A grocery store has a lot of workers, including those in your vision and those behind it who work to make the store successful.

Among many other grocery stores, Publix is the one that offers greater wages to its associates.

As the Publix worker are paid well, they offer better services. And to pay their workers well for a better customer experience, Publix has to compensate for the charges through their products.

Most stores keep laborers and workers at minimum wage, explaining their cheaper products which is not the case with Publix.

3.It Provides an Exceptional Customer Experience.

At Publix, you not only pay for the products but also for the superior experience that it offers.

Publix Store

Every business has its values and preferences. Publix prioritizes a better customer experience on top of the highest quality products. This includes a cleaner and more organized environment.

Also, as the Publix associates are paid well, they try their best to help the customers throughout their shopping.

So, if you want a more organized and helpful grocery shopping experience, Publix will do it all for you.

Cheaper stores can be quite messy, and customers have to help themselves with the busy products and space.

4.Publix Provides High-Quality Deli and Bakery Items.

Publix is known for its superior quality bakery and deli items. Not all grocery stores offer such things, and even if they do, they are not as high quality as they are at Publix.

All the bakery and deli items are exceptionally fresh and of high quality at this superstore.

You can benefit from a wide variety of ready-made food from all the bakery and deli items, saving your cooking time.

The better the items, the more expensive the store will be. Make sure that the prices of these items are to be compared to other bakeries, not just the grocery stores.

5.They Offer Additional Services for Senior Citizens.

It is Publix’s identity that it offers better services and discount deals. There is an extra staff at the store that helps the senior citizens out, lifts their items for them, and escorts them to their vehicles.

These additional services make the whole shopping process a lot easier for senior citizens.

With all the different deals, offers, and extra staff for the seniors, the store compensates for all the charges from other items.

Many people do not mind these prices as the elderly are taken care of, and extra services come with different prices. Publix’s family-first approach makes it stand out even though it is a little expensive.

6.Publix in Comparison to Walmart.

Publix is more expensive than Walmart in most of its products.

A reason behind this is that Walmart is one of the cheapest stores with cheap labor and economies of scale. No doubt that Publix offers better quality products and a superior customer experience.

If we compare Publix to stores like Whole Foods, we will know that it is not that expensive but relatively cheaper.

Therefore, Publix is not too expensive given the quality of its products, but Walmart is a little too cheap due to various reasons.

7.Not All Items are Expensive at Publix.

Most people do not realize that even though Walmart offers staple food items cheaply, they charge more on other things the customers do not recognize.

While at Publix, everything is priced as it should be, and other items might be even cheaper than that at Walmart.

Various appliances and other household items like paper towels and hand soaps are usually cheaper at Publix than at Walmart.

People think that Publix is more expensive because stores like Walmart have made them believe it with their more affordable everyday items like eggs, bread, meat, and milk.

8.Publix Doesn’t Have Middle Managers.

Another reason Publix stores are more expensive is that they do not have any middle managers.

The chain of 1200 stores is all managed by the headquarters located in Florida. The store managers are called store directors and are given more authority than any other store chain.

Due to the greater authority given to the store directors, they are paid more to do their job more efficiently.

Also, the more authority in nay business means the greater money, thus explaining the costly products of Publix.

9.The Stores are Well-Organized and Clean.

As mentioned earlier, Publix stores tend to provide a better shopping experience. This is successfully done by organizing all the items properly into various sections.

Publix Store

Also, Publix stores are properly cleaned and maintained, which adds up to the whole shopping experience.

Due to the cleanliness and organization, you get a positive feeling when you enter the store.

10.Publix is Always Stocked with a Variety of Products.

Publix stores are famous for their variety of products. To maintain its reputation, Publix keeps its stores stocked with a wide variety of products.

This also justifies relatively higher prices at Publix than at some other grocery stores, including Walmart.

Therefore, if you cannot find any item anywhere, you will likely find it at Publix. Publix charges more to provide its customers with such a smooth and convenient shopping experience.

You will surely have to pay more for a better experience and convenience.

How to Save Money in Publix?

There are various ways in which you can save money from Publix;

1.Avail BOGO Deals

Publix is famous for its exceptional Buy one get, one offer. Their buy one gets one free deal is great and can help you save a lot of money. These deals are introduced from time to time and help you get products at almost half price.

2.Use the Coupons

Publix stores offer and accept multiple coupons. You could also redeem internet coupons, manufacturer coupons, and many more, apart from store coupons. These coupons are also very helpful in saving some money.

Is Publix Worth the Cost?

Publix is worth the cost with its highest quality products and exceptional customer experience.

They prioritize customer experience and provide you with everything you might need when shopping for your grocery items.

The staff at Publix is also quite helpful and friendly, which makes the cost of items worth it.

Also, in Public, you get various highest quality items under a single roof which enhances the whole experience.

Cheaper Alternatives of Publix

Some of the cheap alternatives to Publix are Walmart, Target, and Winn Dixie. Walmart is everything from a hypermarket to a grocery store or a departmental store.

At the same time, Winn Dixie is a grocery and liquor store that can also fulfill your pharmacy needs. Target has everything from groceries to clothing and electronics.

Publix has a lot of competitors as well, including Sprouts Farmers Market, Carrefour, Kroger, Whole Foods, and many more.

Some are equally expensive to Publix, while some are more expensive.

According to research, the average bills of some of the cheapest alternatives of Publix were as under;

Cheaper AlternativeAverage Bill
Winn Dixie$37.42

Final Considerations

Compared to some of the cheapest stores in the region, Publix might look a little expensive, but the prices justify the quality of products and the exceptional customer experience.

Therefore, if you want a better experience, you can shop at Publix.

Also, even though it is expensive in some of its products, this is not true for all products.

Daily items might be a little pricey at Publix, but other appliances and items and completely normal. The variety and quality of products make all the cost worth it.

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