Why Is Underarmour So Expensive [Worth It?]

Have you had a chance to experience the premiere technology in each piece of Under Armour clothing? My experience as an athlete is what made me partial to certain expectations from my workout gear – mainly I knew I needed comfort, flexibility, cooling elements, and quality. 

As a semi-pro soccer player throughout college, I couldn’t compromise because I needed to put an immense strain on myself in order to reach the level of performance that was expected of me. When I put on Under Armour for the first time – I knew that I couldn’t use any other brand.

There were times I couldn’t afford to purchase Under Armour attire. This is why I researched to discover ways to find affordable Under Armour attire. 

Under Armour is expensive and items start near $40. Despite the price, because of the loyal following they have founded from their brand items still fly off the shelf.

This company provides unmatched state of the art technology in their design.

The quality of items go above all expectations you could set. Under Armour’s items are durable and well known in the world of athletics. 

They have created a unique branding image that sets them aside from any other company. Under Armour produces unique products that allow athletes to perform better and more efficiently.

Their clothing allows your sweat to easily pass through the material and basically evaporate. This leaves you and your clothes staying dry! 

The History Of Under Armour 

Under Armour has been hugely popular since its international launch by Kevin Plank – talented student-athlete and captain of the University of Maryland football team. 

Before Underarmor’s launch, there were large gaps in the fitness wear industry that Kevin sought to address in each piece. Under Armour focused on quality instead of quality of units sold, and it became more evident with each marketing campaign.

As Under Armour innovated new technology and perfected the art of creating unique temperature regulation benefits, sweat-wicking weaves and buttery-soft fabrics and fits, people were introduced to a new level of quality never before seen in the activewear industry – which launched Under Armour into widespread popularity.

What Makes Under Armour Stand Out

Under Armour is the founder when it comes to figuring out performance apparels. From the first product the company ever launched, nearly a decade ago, they have now become a leader in the performance apparel industry. Their apparel contains microfiber that works like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

Take some advice from me, when you wear Under Armour you can literally push yourself to your furthest limits but if you’re wearing this clothing you will feel the best you’ve ever felt. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, or the reason you are searching for athletic apparel, this company is different from any other company out there and has the perfect products to fit your needs.

Under Armour uses science, innovation, and passion to continue to pursue being the top dog in the competition.

The Design Behind The Brand

The apparel that Under Armour designed is top of the line and is clothing that works with you, instead of being stuck on you and getting in your way. The clothing is breathable, lightweight, and contains moisture wicking materials. 

You Can Use Under Armour’s Apparel For Many Different Things Including: 

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Training
  • Gym Wear
  • Hiking
  • Skating
  • Skiing
  • Casual Wear

Over a decade was spent trying to come up with this advanced technology and it was finally achieved. Being able to offer this versatile clothing sets them apart from all of the competitors. Under Armour’s clothing focuses on keeping athletes comfortable so they can worry about doing what they do best! 

Under Armour Harnessed State-Of-The-Art Technology To Create Men’s & Women’s Products That Was Completely Unmatched 

The first Under Armour product that launched at the start of the company was a performance piece. This piece was a sweat-wicking crop shirt that was designed to be lightweight and conform to the athlete’s body.

This went against the looser options that were very popular at the time and showed the company that taking a chance with the tighter design had most definitely paid off. 

Under Armour also designed a sweat-wicking technology that was quite advanced with the current athletic options on the market, which provided less chafing and a more comfortable overall fit with each use. 

The thought behind this specific piece was to create a unique experience everytime the clothing was worn. This would create the effect of the product improving the athlete’s overall performance and would serve as one of their most important marketing strategies going forward. 

The brand showed a consistent focus on the user experience and launched additional product lines: their Heatgear and Coldgear products. Each of these styles were specifically designed with movement in mind – and is form-fit to unique body types in both men and women. This became evident to me when I tried my first workout set with them – which then turned me into a lifelong purchaser. 

These products focus on maintaining optimal temperature no matter what climate you face, and providing athletes with a higher-level performance experience by enhancing their results. 

This further reinforced Under Armour as a household name – and an athlete’s rite of passage. Their clothing is something you don’t want to miss out on. 

Branding For Women

As the next wave of female athletes sought for athletic solutions that would provide compression, support, sweat-wicking, and performance enhancement, Under Armour rose to the challenge and created a line of female workout gear, sports bras, and other clothing that would specifically serve their needs.

Speaking specifically to the client has been at the heart of Underarmour’s marketing initiative, and has shown to be very successful as a marketing strategy. Because of this they rank as one of the top commerce brands in the field of athleisure. 

At the start of Under Armour there weren’t many choices for women. It was basically men’s clothing but in pink. The company shortly after shifted their focus to women’s clothing as well as empowering them. Shortly after they began dedicating to their female consumers through specific products and quickly expanded from there. 

Under Armour Is Available At Lower Cost

There are many ways that you can find Under Armour at a lower cost. While many malls have marked up prices, you can find Under Armour at more reasonable prices local to you. There are two main ways to take advantage of this: 

Use The Under Armour Locator Tool 

On their website, Under Armour has an outlet locator tool that can help you find low-cost opportunities in your area. Outlets will generally have the same stock as a regular store, but at lower prices with more frequent sales. You can also check the website to see if there are additional specials or discounts available when purchasing online.  under armour store

Visit Stores That Carry Under Armour Products 

Under Armour has licensed several stores to carry its products. You can locate carriers in your area, and purchase the products at lower overall prices – and take advantage of any other discounts that apply at your select store of choice.

Some Stores That Carry Under Armour That Can Be Commonly Found Are: 

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods 
  • Kohls 
  • Walmart
  • Macy’s 
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods 

While this isn’t a complete list, these are some of the most commonly found stores that carry Under Armour products. You can also wait for holiday sales, commonly occurring around Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and Christmas, to take advantage of additional savings opportunities. 

Under Armour Alternatives Provide Similar Benefits At Lower Cost

If you are looking for alternatives to Underarmour, and want the same benefits that Under Armour products are known for, you’re in luck! There are several available alternatives at lower price points that will still provide you with the luxurious feel that Under Armour products provide. 

When evaluating alternatives, be sure to consider what benefits of Under Armour are behind your intent to purchase. This will ensure that you get as close of a match as possible. 

Alternative For Coldgear Lovers: Gymshark Products 

Gymshark has launched its own fitness line, which focuses on clean lines, minimal seams and bold, solid colors. When purchasing any Gymshark product, you can expect to enjoy their moisture-wicking technology and temperature regulation properties.

Their fabric has been created with very thin layers of mesh that allow for optimal breathability while still providing the best product available. 

Gymshark does not lack variety, and you can purchase different variations of shirts, athleisure leggings, warm and cold gear, jackets, crop tops, biker shorts, running shorts, tank tops, and more.

No matter what need you have, Gymshark will be able to find you a product that is comparable to Underarmour. 

Gymshark offers both mens and womens options that are loved by their customers, and products begin from $15.00-$20.00 dollars each. 

Top Choice For All Around Quality To Price Consideration: Target

Target has expanded into the fashion scene within the past five years, launching their own brand of clothing lines covering maternity needs, youth, juniors, men’s & women’s, and athletic wear. 

Target focuses on sustainability with each product, and has committed to source 100% sustainable cotton for clothing use. Target provides versatile and fashionable choices in athleisure for both men and women, including crop tops, tank tops, workout shirts, shorts, biker shorts, leggings, athletic shoes, and more. 

Target’s clothing lines are centered on comfort, breathability, and wearability in motion – so you can expect softer clothing with minimal harsh seams. You’ll also enjoy the quality of the clothing, and the variety of the selection they offer all while getting an overall lower price point.

Targets are accessible widely across the U.S., so you should be able to find a local store and avoid expensive shipping costs.

Under Armour Changed The Face Of Fashion Forever 

Under Armour is arguably one of the most customer-centric and wildly successful athleisure solutions on the market today. With groundbreaking product innovation and constant drive to improve upon their products, Under Armour stays ahead of the curve and is able to improve the performance and comfort of athletes around the world.

Their marketing is centered around their clients and can be seen in each advertising campaign and product line that is launched.

Due to their popularity, Under Armour is accessible at lower costs so that you can enjoy their products too! Simply use their outlet locator, or visit a store that is licensed to carry Under Armour products.

If you’re looking for sustainable and responsible alternatives to Under Armour, be sure to evaluate Target and Gymshark offerings for athletes. You’ll enjoy the same fits, and be able to work in comfort.  You may be interested in our guide on How To Alter A Coat That Is Too Big

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