Why is Van Cleef so Expensive? [Plus Cheaper Alternatives]

Have you been browsing the market for some high-quality jewelry? Do you want to wear jewelry from a well-known designer for your special day?

In any such cases, you will come across Van Cleef, also referred to as Van Cleef & Arpels.

Being one of the top jewelry designers in the region, they have several customers, thus increasing their reliability.

As Van Cleef is a well-known jewelry and perfume brand, its products come with an outrageous price tag.

This price tag makes people question why Van Cleef is so expensive and why they would consider spending such an amount on their jewelry.

The products offered by Van Cleef are expensive because they are made out of superior quality materials. Also, the brand is known for its exceptional jewelry designs featuring nature, and even the companies replicating the designs could not match the standard. Moreover, the impressive reputation of Van Cleef and Arpels has earned them the right to expensive price tags.

Along with their durable construction, the Van Cleef Jewelry pieces are also some of the most stylish and unique jewelry pieces.

Even the replicated versions of the jewelry pieces could not do the justice to these remarkable pieces.

How Much Does Van Cleef Jewelry Cost?

The cost of Van Cleef jewelry depends on the type of material used in the particular jewelry item.

The price range starts from thousands of dollars and goes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Van Cleef Jewellery

The price of sweet Alhambra ear studs starts from $2330 tax, excl. and goes up to $2580 depending on the materials.

Then comes vintage Alhambra earrings that range from $4100 to $5150. The magic Alhambra earrings featuring three motifs cost around $9550.

While the vintage Alhambra pendant costs $2620 made out of yellow gold and mother of pearl while costs $2900 for that made of yellow gold and Carnelian.

The vintage Alhambra necklace with ten motifs cost around $8000. Van Cleef necklaces are not just expensive but intricately designed.

The cost of a vintage Alhambra ring made of yellow gold and diamond is $6500 while that made of yellow gold, diamond, and Carnelian is $3750.

The lucky Alhambra between the finger rings is approximately $6550. Keep in mind that all the prices mentioned above are exclusive of tax.

Top Reasons Why Van Cleef is so Expensive

Whether it is an engagement ring or a pendant to treat yourself, you will have a budget set for any items.

But usually, Van Cleef tends to exceed all the budgets you have set. This is when this question pops up in your mind why Van Cleef is so expensive.

Showcase with expensive Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry

You might be wondering what is so special about the brand and its items that has made them increase their prices to such a great level.

Well, we are here to help you clear all your confusion and questions about the high costs of Van Cleef. Listed below are the top reasons why this jewelry brand is so expensive.

1.They Feature Innovative Jewelry Designs.

Being high Jewelry, perfumes, and Watchmaking Company, Van Cleef ensures to produce items that are unique and are never seen before.

Therefore, the designs of Van Cleef jewelry are innovative and attractive and artfully crafted with precious gemstones and full diamonds.

The precious jewelry designs usually feature animals, fairies, and flowers that resonate with the modern environment and aesthetics with every passing second.

These unbelievably beautiful designs add to the value of the jewelry pieces offered by Van Cleef and are one of the major reasons you see such a great amount on their price tags.

2.The Jewelry Designs are Unique from Other Brands.

One of the major reasons Van Cleef tends to charge so much for their jewelry is that they are unique from other similar brands.

Their artfully created jewelry is said to have some mystery setting that carves the products uniquely from all other brands.

Van Cleef jewelry’s mystery setting or artful construction makes it impossible for other jewelers and brands to replicate their designs.

Since their designs could not be copied, you will not see such designs in the whole market except for Van Cleef.

3.They are Made Out of High-Quality Materials.

As Van Cleef jewelry is made out of the highest quality materials, the greater price they demand.

The diamonds and gemstones hold a greater value, and as they are integrated into these jewelry pieces, they are quite expensive.

Van Cleef jewelry is made of pure platinum and 18K gold which is strong and unalterable.

All the gold jewelry pieces radiate a lavish yellow color which indicates their brilliance and superior quality.

4.Their Jewelry has Precious Stones with Invisible Prongs.

Van Cleef jewelry and watches integrate various precious gemstones, which add to the value of these jewelry pieces.

Not only that, but these gemstones fit into the jewelry in such a way that no prongs are visible, making you wonder how intricately these gemstones are held in place.

This process demands gold rails that are less than two-tenths of a millimeter thick, and the creation of such seamless designs can be complicated.

Therefore, more efforts at the hand of manufacturers demand more money to explain the expensive jewelry.

5.The Jewelry Requires a Lot of Time and Effort.

As these jewelry items have a lot of intricate details in their design, they require a lot of effort and time.

The whole process of assembling a jewelry item can take up to three hundred hours of work.

The more work hours, the more workers and their pay. All of these have to be covered through the price of the items.

Everything requires money, time, and effort, from the highly innovative design to using clips for mystery settings, intricate details, and quality materials.

6.They have Excellent Resale Value.

Van Cleef’s products are known for their excellent resale values.

Whenever you buy any luxurious item, you look for the ones with excellent resale value because any person doesn’t like to spend as much money without any assurance.

Van Cleef brand has the longest resale value; therefore, you don’t have to worry about the jewelry items when reselling them.

No matter how many years have passed, you can always sell Van Cleef items at a great price.

Therefore, this brand is ranked as one of the most worthwhile investments in high-end jewelry.

7.Van Cleef Jewelry is Creative Durable.

As Van Cleef jewelry is uniquely carved and designed, they are timeless in its designs and construction.

Therefore, you can say that these jewelry items are creative and durable, and the innovative designs of this jewelry will last for a lifetime.

This is a factor not found in many jewelry brands because every brand tries to recreate the latest trends and designs that fade out in years.

This makes Van Cleef jewelry more worthy.

8.Their Jewelry has a Personality.

Van Cleef jewelry has a specific personality with its variety of precious gemstones and colors.

The precious stones used in Van Cleef jewelry come in multiple colors and textures that enhance the overall look of the jewelry.

One of the major reasons this jewelry cannot be imitated is the specific personality that every single jewelry piece has. By looking at the jewelry, you can tell that this is of Van Cleef.

9.Their Jewelry is Versatile.

The Van Cleef jewelry is pretty versatile. You can wear it anywhere, from your wedding to a random picnic adventure. They are beautifully designed to fit into every occasion.

The versatility of this jewelry makes this brand quite famous among those who can afford their expensive products.

10.Van Cleef has an Impressive Reputation.

This is one of the most famous jewelry brands in high-end jewelry.

Over the years, Van Cleef has developed a quite impressive reputation, making it popular for the unique superior quality jewelry they offer.

Even though the jewelry they offer is not quite affordable for everyone, it still has an exceptional reputation, especially among those who like collecting high-end jewelry.

How to Save Money On It?

There is no way to save any money on Van Cleef jewelry.

However, they have introduced some relatively cheaper items for a different audience, but they can still be too expensive for most people.

Even though the prices of Van Cleef jewelry are pretty high, their jewelry items have great worth in the second-hand market.

If the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry pieces are in great condition with the brand box and official paperwork, the items can be worth 50% of the original value of the jewelry.

So, if you cannot afford new Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry pieces, you can look into the second-hand market to find your favorite pieces in good condition.

In this way, you will be able to save half of the money by getting the jewelry at a 50% price.

Is It worth It?

Are you still wondering if spending so much on Jewelry from Van Cleef is worth it or not? If you have a budget for getting the jewelry, you must go for it.

The intricate designs, history of innovation and prestige, flawless gemstones, and superior material quality make the jewelry worth it.

Moreover, if you are wondering if Cartier is better than Van Cleef, they both have a prestigious position in the luxury jewelry items market.

Both brands have totally different designs and aesthetics. Van Cleef focuses on the gemstone designs while Cartier’s design focus on yellow gold.

Not only has that, but the Van Cleef jewelry also had an exceptional resale value, unlike many other jewelry brands.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending all that money in vain. The creative durability and resale value add to the worth of these jewelry pieces.

Cheap Alternatives of Van Cleef

If you are looking for some cheap alternatives to Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry, you can consider Links of London, The Chalhoub Group, and Elumeo.

These brands are also luxurious jewelry brands but might not be as expensive as Van Cleef.

Links of London is a lifestyle brand that represents British heritage through the designs of its luxurious jewelry and accessories.

They celebrate the British heritage of craftsmanship in both goldsmithing and silversmithing.

The Chalhoub Group is also a luxury retail distribution company that offers exceptional luxury jewelry items and can be a great alternative to Van Cleef.

Elumeo specializes in the gemstone jewelry and is a great alternative to Van Cleef’s gemstone collections.

Most of the Van Cleef jewelry features gemstones and this electronic retailer of gemstone jewelry can prove a great alternative to those masterpieces.

Alternative or CompetitorsProductsType
Links of LondonLifestyle brand making luxurious jewelry and accessoriesPrivate
The Chalhoub GroupLuxury retail companyPrivate
ElumeoGemstone jewelryPublic

Final Considerations

Even though Van Cleef and Arpels are among the most expensive luxurious jewelry brands, it holds a great reputable position in the industry.

The essence of their jewelry is unique and cannot be found in any other jewelry brand.

Therefore, for the lovers of such intricate and feminine jewelry pieces, Van Cleef is the best one. Van Cleef bracelets and other jewelry items are loved by the respective audience.

Also, buying from this high-end jewelry brand is a great investment because their fine quality jewelry and design never seem to get old.

Therefore, you can invest one time and enjoy the timeless creative craft for the rest of your life or even resell it at a great price whenever you want.

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