Why Is Vineyard Vines So Expensive? [Plus Alternatives]

The fashion industry is constantly changing, and what was trendy last year may not be as trendy this year.

One style that comes and goes is the preppy style, with light colored clothes for men and women.

There are many brands that encompass the preppy style, and one of the biggest on the market is Vineyard Vines. They focus on celebrating the “good life” with classic yet relaxed, preppy items. 

Something that sets Vineyard Vines apart is the high price tag, especially in comparison to their competition.

There are many factors that go into what makes them more expensive than other clothing brands. Keep reading to find out what makes Vineyard Vines so expensive! 

Vineyard Vines is one of the most popular clothing brands in America that specializes in preppy clothing. Their target audience is both men and women between 15-30 years old who are looking for a preppy, business casual look.

With the rise of fast fashion and the fall of department stores, Vineyard Vines has found their niche. While they’re not as expensive as some high-end luxury brands, they’re significantly more expensive than most retail stores.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Vineyard Vines represents a lifestyle and social status more than many retailers. They have worked hard to build up their brand recognition, which comes at a price.

While branding and marketing play a role in the final price tag, it doesn’t explain why they would sell a blazer for nearly $400 or a simple t-shirt for $50.

They pride themselves on being a high-end brand, though some may say that the quality of their product has gone down in recent years. 

When you buy clothing from Vineyard Vines, you’re buying into the lifestyle they promote.

Even the descriptions on their clothing say things like “perfect for a weekend in Bermuda or an afternoon on the golf course.” 

The company was founded on Martha’s Vineyard in 1998, so it’s no wonder that they promote this sort of lifestyle.  

The Cost Of Vineyard Vines

First and foremost, Vineyard Vines is a clothing company. You can be assured that the clothing you buy from them is high quality, which comes with a high price. 

Their prices vary quite a bit, with items such as cashmere sweaters costing up to $298. If you’re looking for something more casual, their simple t-shirts can cost between $55-$88. 

Jeans and dresses are some of the most worn items of clothing in any woman’s closet, so they’ll cost you more. Jeans at Vineyard Vines cost an average of $178, and dresses start at $148. 

Don’t fret over the high prices at a place like Vineyard Vines, think of it as an investment in your wardrobe! 

Best Selling Items

Vineyard Vines’ frequent customers come back again and again for their unique, relaxed styles.

On their website, Vineyard Vines has a list of their best selling items for men, women, and children. 

Their best selling items include everything from cashmere sweaters to graphic tees featuring their signature whale logo.

You can also find many earrings and handbags on their list of best sellers. 

Their number one best selling item is their “Saltwater Quarter-Zip” at $98.50.

This sweater comes in multiple colors and features soft, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant fabric. No wonder it’s so popular!

The price range of their best sellers goes from $35-$228. This is a big jump, but it makes sense when you consider the high quality of their clothing. 

Their best-sellers are always changing, and often are eligible for their site-wide sales! When you shop from their bestsellers, you’re staying up to date with what’s popular among your fellow consumers. 

Target Audience

As mentioned above, the lifestyle promoted by Vineyard Vines is unique in comparison to its competitors. Founded on Martha’s Vineyard in 1998 by two brothers, the brand tries to appeal to a more upper-class demographic. 

Vineyard Vines was created to encapsulate the “good life” and to ensure their customers could feel luxurious anywhere they went.

The main target for this lifestyle are people in fraternities or sororities, which boxes their audience in even more. 

Many people don’t desire the fraternity or sorority lifestyle, therefore they wouldn’t want to wear a clothing brand that promotes it. 

With the niche market they go for, it seems as if Vineyard Vines would be destined to fail.

Their customer base continues to be loyal, and to pass word along to those looking for high-quality clothing. 

If you come across the Vineyard Vines brand, chances are you’ve seen their logo. The smiling pink whale can be found across their clothing and accessories, it’s hard to miss once you notice it. 

The inspiration for the whale logo comes from the hand carved whale made by the owner’s father.

Martha’s Vineyard, where the company was founded, is also extremely famous for its history in whaling. 

Vineyard Vines uses this as a nod to their personal history, as well as the history of the place that inspires their style. 

Continuing Success

Vineyard Vines is very popular among college students for a few reasons. They are able to team up with certain universities, so students will be able to show off their college pride. 

They also utilize brand ambassadors and influencers, usually college students. This allows their brand to be worn in front of other students, and to be shown off on social media. 

In turn, middle aged adults may see their brand being worn all over and want to wear it themselves to remain trendy. 

Vineyard Vines mostly utilizes social media to promote their clothing line, ensuring their target audience will see it more often.

This can also narrow the audience they will get in front of, meaning that they could be missing out on a whole group of people.

Where To Find Vineyard Vines?

Vineyard Vines has over 100 locations across the US, mostly on the east and west coast. They are unique because you can only find their clothing at one of their stores or online. 

Overall, the preppy lifestyle that Vineyard Vines pushes is becoming less and less popular outside of their target demographic.

They appeal to many in coastal environments, but the brand has started to lose customers outside of these areas. 

In order to remain relevant, Vineyard Vines recently partnered with Target to get in front of a new audience. This allowed them to sell their clothing at a cheaper price.

For instance, a shirt that would be between $90-$115 at their own store sold for $25-$30 at Target.

It is unclear whether Vineyard Vines will continue to partner with stores like Target in the future. 

How To Save?

While saving on luxury brands isn’t always easy, brands like Vineyard Vines make it more accessible.

They want to make sure their loyal customers can always save money, without sacrificing quality. 

You can constantly find promotions and discounts at Vineyard Vines through their website, emails, or social media.

The hope in putting these promotions out there is to always get in front of a new audience and bring in new customers. 

They also offer discounts to students and veterans!

Competition And Price Comparison

The fashion industry is extremely competitive, and Vineyard Vines is not immune to some competition.

Below we have listed some of their largest competitors and have included a table with their best sellers and a price comparison.  


Lululemon is a luxury athletic wear company that also promotes a certain kind of lifestyle.

They have hundreds of brand ambassadors to promote their brand and to connect them to communities around the world.

Lululemon is extremely popular among millennials because they embody a healthy lifestyle for your mind, body, and soul.

While their line of products is more limited than Vineyard Vines, they have a very strong following. 

2.J Crew

J Crew is another major retailer that offers premium quality clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Unlike many other retailers, J Crew hasn’t adapted to providing a “lifestyle” associated with their brand.

You can find a wide range of products that can fit into any lifestyle, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to look good.


Gap is a world-famous clothing retailer that specializes in providing customers with a classic style.

This retailer is owned by Gap Inc. and they have many different stores under their umbrella.

Gap Inc. is the largest specialty retailer in the US, with their brands representing different lifestyles.

Gap is recognized as being one of the most inclusive brands on the market.

They offer a wide variety of sizing, styles, and colors every season, which ensures that their customers will find something for them.

4.Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a division of Gap Inc. Known for their upscale classic clothing, they offer a more luxurious option to customers than other brands in Gap Inc.

Banana Republic is recognized for their high-class business attire. They do offer a casual line of clothing, but the styles are always unique and the material is a much higher quality. 

5.Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is another clothing brand that heavily promotes a certain lifestyle.

In this case, they promote an island-inspired lifestyle with sophisticated men and women’s clothing, along with their own furniture brand. 

Tommy Bahama’s clothing appeals to men aged 30 to 60, and to women aged 45-60. This narrow demographic comes from those who are more interested in the idea of bringing paradise to you.

Vineyard VinesCashmere Cable-Knit Sweater$228.00
LululemonAlign High-Rise Pants$138.00
J CrewVilla Wool Coat$219.50
GapPremium High-Rise Jeans$128.00
Banana RepublicWomen’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans$109.00
Tommy BahamaHalf-Zip Reversible Sweater$99.50

Is It Worth The Price?

Vineyard Vines has a lot of room to grow within the fashion industry and their specific niche.

For now, their clothing appeals to a certain demographic who are willing to pay for their products. 

Vineyard Vines is known for their high quality clothing and accessories. Their clothing is made to last, meaning the money you spend is an investment in their products. 

Their target demographic is willing to spend a bit more money on clothing if they know it will last.

When you shop at Vineyard Vines, you’re guaranteed a style unlike anything else on the market.

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