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Thank you for your interest in contributing to SmarterHomemaker.com! We’re always on the lookout for insightful and well-crafted articles that can help our readers navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood, homeownership, and family lifestyle.

Who We’re Looking For

We welcome contributions from bloggers, writers, and experts who can provide unique insights into topics that resonate with our audience. If you have valuable tips, stories, or advice, we’d love to hear from you.

Industries We Work With

  • Baby Gear Manufactures
  • Home Improvement & Decor
  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal Finance & Budgeting
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Travel & Leisure

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Topics We Accept

  • Parenting hacks and tips
  • Money-saving strategies for families
  • Self-care for moms
  • Healthy meal planning
  • Home organization and decor
  • Work-life balance tips
  • Traveling with kids
  • Educational activities for children
  • Emotional well-being and mental health
  • Checklists
  • & Many More

Quick Guidelines

  • Minimum Word Count: All guest posts should be a minimum of 1,500 words.
  • Original Content: Articles must be unique and not published elsewhere.
  • Well-Researched: Please back up your claims or advice with credible sources. Include sources.
  • Formatting: Use subheadings (H2, H3), bullet points, and short paragraphs to make the article easy to read.
  • No Affiliate Links: Affiliate links are not allowed in the guest posts.

Essential Guidelines for Crafting a Winning Guest Post

Do Get to Know Our Readers: Take some time to browse through our website and get a feel for the kind of content we offer. Our audience mainly consists of parents looking for actionable insights on child-rearing, pregnancy, and childcare. Customizing your article to resonate with this group is essential.

Do Create Authentic, High-Quality Content: We prioritize articles that are original and genuine. Ensure your submission is a fresh take on a topic and hasn’t been published elsewhere. We won’t accept any plagiarized material. Your piece should be not only well-researched but also engaging and valuable to our audience.

Do Follow Our Submission Criteria: Make sure to thoroughly read and adhere to our contributor guidelines, which cover everything from word count and formatting to citation rules. Compliance with these standards will increase the likelihood of your article being accepted.

Do Use a Conversational, Approachable Style: Our readers value content that’s both accessible and easy to digest. Write as though you’re chatting with a close friend, steering clear of industry jargon and opting for straightforward, relatable language instead.

Do Include Personal Stories and Examples: Adding real-world anecdotes or case studies can make your article more compelling and relatable, enhancing its appeal to our readers.

What You Get

  • An author bio promoting your blog, social media profiles, and/or products.
  • Exposure to a new and engaged audience.
  • We may Promote your post on our social media channels as we see fit.

How to Submit

Please email your article ideas or completed articles to advertising(a) smarterhomemaker.com Attach any relevant images and include “Guest Post Submission” in the email subject line. Or Fill out the form below.

    Family Matters

    Articles centered on family should explore the complex web of relationships that make up a family unit. These pieces should highlight the crucial role of open dialogue, boundary-setting, and resolving disagreements in maintaining a harmonious household.

    Contributions can also examine the various family structures that exist today—such as traditional, extended, and stepfamilies—and offer insights into how they can nurture lasting connections in our ever-changing, busy world.

    Additionally, the importance of family customs and celebrations in fostering a collective identity and sense of togetherness should be emphasized.


    SmarterHomemaker.com reserves the right to decline any guest post submissions that do not meet our guidelines or fit with our editorial direction. We also reserve the right to edit, modify, or remove content as we see fit.