How To Make A Dog Wheelchair Out Of A Stroller

An active dog is a sight for sour eyes, but a dog that has lost its mobility can seem sad. Creating a wheelchair gives your dog something to be excited about; you know how they like to go for walks.

Why don’t you convert your old stroller into a wheelchair for your dog?

To make a dog wheelchair from an old stroller, first cut out all its safety harness. Then, cover the front of the stroller, which initially had leg holes. Put enough padding so the stroller seat is leveled for the dog to sit or stand. Finally, attach a leash to hold the dog in place.

You probably worry about your paralytic or sick dog and want to help but not sure how. Keep reading to learn in easy steps, how to make varied DIY dog wheelchairs

How To Make A Dog Wheelchair From A Baby Stroller.

To make a dog wheelchair from a stroller, you must cover the leg holes and pad the seats. Here are the steps to achieve two types of this DIY wheelchair. 

Dog Wheelchair

Method 1

Step 1

Use a measuring tape to calculate the leg openings in front of the stroller. Take the length and height readings.

Step 2

Take out a mesh material and cut using the readings gotten from step 1 and add six extra inches to all sides.

For example, if your length was 6 inches, you add extra 6inches, making it 12inches. The extra inches give room for folding and stapling.

Step 3

Position the mesh material’s edges from one end to the other and then staple them from beneath the safety bar. It keeps the dog safe from accidental falls.

Step 4

Tug the mesh material so it’s firm, and staple it with 2-inch spacing.

Step 5

With the remaining mesh fabric, cut out enough to cover the area between the hood and safety bar. 

Step 6

Sew a fastener in between the mesh and the safety bar. 

Step 7

Put the mesh fabric over the hood and staple it firmly. It would cover the dog as a cage, but the mesh would allow air to come through.

Step 8 

Please measure your dog’s leash and make sure it is up to 18 inches. Fasten it to the wheelchair and staple the other end to the back.

You can use the dog wheelchair for walks and other activities.

Method 2

Step 1

Weigh your dog, and then check the weight limit of the stroller you plan to use. Some strollers can take more or less weight. Smaller dogs can fit into any stroller.

Step 2

If the seat is too small, relax the car seat so it’s completely flat like a bassinet.

Step 3

Take out the safety straps but don’t cut out the chest strap. Please take out the buckle as you would not need it.

Step 4

Take the leg opening measurements in front of the stroller and use it to cut out a pad.

Step 5

Cut out a vinyl material and cover the pad. You can sew it with your hands. 

Step 6

Stitch a Velcro fastener on one end of the pad and the other Velcro fastener on the front leg opening.

Step 7

Sew your dog leash to one of the cut safety harnesses. Give room for your dog to adjust while doing the regular sit or stand movements but not enough to leave the wheelchair.

Step 8

Measure the hood to the safety bar. Provide enough space for your dog to stand in the seat.

Step 9

Using a mesh material, you should cut out according to the measurement gotten from step 8.

The mesh would keep your dog safe, allow air to come in, and act as a shade. Leave space in your measurement so you can attach a fastener.

Step 10

Seam your mesh edges. You can hand or machine-sew. Then attach the Velcro to the edge of the mesh with the other end on the stroller.

Step 11

Measure the sitting area of the stroller. Put in adequate padding or make a batting.

Step 12

The padding should be detachable so you can clean it as often as you would like.

How Do I Clean My Dog Wheelchair?

Seats and leash

The seating area may be tricky to clean because of the padding. If you do not wear diapers on your pet, they will most likely soil the seat with urine.

To wash the seat pads and leash, take them out, and machine-wash them. 

Set them out to dry thoroughly under the sun and reinstall when it is dry.


Inspect the wheels to see if they are entirely functional. Clean off debris and oil the wheels 

Dog Wheel Chair

Here are other tips to consider when cleaning your dog’s wheelchair

  1. You should disinfect the Leash and all other surfaces. You can use disinfectant wipes or solutions.
  2. It is crucial to clean the wheelchair each time you used it outside your home. It is because you want to curb the spread of germs gotten from outside.
  3. After washing the wheelchair, ensure it dries properly. A wet dog wheelchair can give off an offensive odor.
  4. Wipe down often with a damp cloth.
  5. We do not recommend using bleach or other strong cleaners. They destroy the fabric of the chair.

What Are The Best Store-Bought Dog Wheelchairs?

Not everyone is interested in constructing or sewing with their hand; some people want to but are not creative.

But it doesn’t matter because we got you covered. So for the non-DIY pet lovers, we have put together a list of the best dog wheelchairs.

1.HeoBam Pet Wheelchair

Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.5 x 4.1 inches

Weight: 2.44 pounds 

Cost: between $90-$94


  • You can use it for your dog or cat
  • It has two adjustable wheels
  • You use the HeoBam pet wheelchair for hind legs rehabilitation 

2.derYEP wheelchair

Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.43 x 2.95 inches

Weight: 2.46 pounds

Cost: between $86-$89


  • It allows your pet to sit and rest at will.
  • The wheelchair manufacturers made the product with soft yet reliable materials.
  • The wheels are silent and roll effortlessly in any direction.
  • You can machine wash this wheelchair.
  • The chair comes in different sizes to fit your pet.
  • You can install this wheelchair on your own

3.The Maizad Dog bag

The bag helps paralyzed dogs move around. 

Weight: 6.4 ounce

Dimension: 11.8 x 8.4 x 1.5 inches

Cost: between $22-$25


  • It can accommodate and fit your pet.
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • Its manufacturer makes it with soft and breathable material, which protects your pet from scrapes and injury.
  • The bag has zips and elastic bands for easy installation.
  • It has enough room to accommodate a diaper if you wish to use one.
  • It is best for pets that have difficulty moving around or paralyzed.

Final Verdict

Dog wheelchairs are a very thoughtful innovation to help your pet move about with you or alone.

With the wheelchair, your immobile dog can cheerfully move around quickly and unaided.

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