34 Leftover Flank Steak Recipes [Tacos, & More]

I made a bunch of flank steaks on the grill last night and now I have a lot of leftovers. I definitely made too much! Luckily, there is a lot you can do with leftover flank steak.

From salads to soups, lunches to delicious steak breakfasts, I wanted to share with you my favorite ways to use up extra flank steak. 

Take a look at my leftover flank steak ideas and give a few a try. You may love these leftover skirt steak recipes even more than the original, plain steak! 

Leftover Flank Steak Pasta

1.Creamy Steak Fettuccine

This delicious steak fettuccini is decadent and completely over the top. It is the perfect way to use up your leftover steak! 

Thick noodles are mixed into a butter and parmesan cheese sauce. Spinach and tomatoes are added to the pasta too, giving it a nutritional boost and a little bit of color.

Slice your leftover steak and add it to the pasta at the end. This is a perfect complete dinner and a great way to use leftover steak!

2.Steak Carbonara

Steak carbonara is amazing dish that will make you swoon. The sauce is creamy and thick but the addition of fresh basil makes it taste light and summery.

Use your leftover marinated steak to add some protein to the pasta. Using leftover steak will make this an easy and quick weeknight meal. 

Slice your leftover steak and mix it into the carbonara at the end of the recipe. This is a perfect meal for winter, spring or summer!

3.Philly Cheesesteak Pasta

This one pot meal has everything you need! It is inspired by the classic philly cheesesteak sandwich but completely transformed into a tasty pasta dish.

It is especially great thanks to the leftover steak in your fridge which makes this meal super fast and easy to put together. 

If you are a big fan of steak and cheese, then this pasta is definitely for you.

Slice your cooked flank steak as thin as possible so it melts in your mouth with every bite.

No waiting around for steak to cook! Your leftover flank steak will work wonderfully. 

4.Penne Pasta with Steak

I love this penne veggie pasta because it is a little lighter than some of the creamier pasta dishes.

It is perfect for a summer meal and a great way to use up your leftover flank steak. You can even serve the leftover steak cold and make a pasta salad! 

Penne noodles are tossed with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and onions. Add in your cooked flank steak and mix it all up! A little fresh parsley is the perfect finishing touch! 

5.Gorgonzola Steak Pasta

Gorgonzola steak pasta may just be the heartiest pasta dish on this list. It is heavy and rich, creamy and irresistible. You are going to absolutely love it!

Gorgonzola is a very strong tasting cheese but it goes quite well with steak.

It is perfect if you’re wondering what to do with leftover marinated flank steak since a little marinade will help the steak hold up in flavor to the cheese. 

Make sure to heat up your leftover steak. The warm steak and rich cheese will be delicious. 

Leftover Flank Steak Tacos

6.Street Tacos

Street tacos are made with very simple ingredients but still packed with flavor. They are a great way to use up some leftover steak and turn it into a quick snack or easy meal. 

For this recipe you will need some soft corn tortillas, white onion, a little cilantro and your cooked steak. 

Reheat your steak in a skillet along with some of the veggies. You can also keep the steak cold. Chop everything up, pop it in a tortilla and then enjoy! 

7.Seasoned Steak Tacos

This tasty recipe livens up leftover steak with some Mexican spices.

The cooked steak is cut into small pieces and then reheated in a large skillet along with some cumin, garlic salt and lime juice.

The seasoning blend will give your leftover steak a real, authentic flair!

Feel free to add your favorite taco fillings. Keep the flavor of your steak in mind. Some avocado, corn or salsa will all be delicious. 

8.Steak Quesadilla

While it may be a little different from a taco, a steak quesadilla is another great example of leftover tacos turned into a fantastic Mexican meal.

Cooked steak, cheese, bell pepper and onion are cooked between two tortillas, melting the cheese and reheating the steak perfectly.

Quesadillas are a great make ahead meal. Fill your quesadillas with your steak, melt the cheese and then keep them in the fridge for later.

Reheat the quesadillas whenever you need a quick lunch or yummy snack! 

9.Pickled Onion Steak Tacos

Some cooked flank steak, a little extra marinade, some chopped cilantro and perfectly pickled onions are a fantastic dinner idea.

The pickled onions are very easy to make and add tons of flavor to the steak tacos. You are going to hope you have leftover flank steak just so you can make these tacos!

The pickled onions in this recipe really add so much flavor. They are sweet and tangy. You may want to make extra to have on hand!

10.Breakfast Tacos

Tacos are always a good idea, no matter what time it is. If you agree, then you will love these breakfast tacos. 

The recipe uses sliced steak and a freshly fried egg. A little cilantro and some corn tortillas and you are ready to go! 

Try wrapping up the tortillas like a burrito instead. A steak breakfast burrito is a fantastic idea and super easy to eat on the go. 

Steak Hash Ideas and Recipes

11.Leftover Steak Hash

Turn your steak into a perfect breakfast or dinner with this yummy steak hash recipe.

Chop up your cooked flank steak then toss it with some roasted potatoes and onions. Steak hash makes a great side dish or a perfect full meal. 

Add a fried egg on top for some extra protein and flavor. Make sure the yolk is nice and runny so it drips over the potatoes and steak like a sauce. 

12.Deluxe Steak Hash

This deluxe steak hash is great for brunches or just for feeding the whole family. The whole dish can be made in one big skillet.

You can even serve the meal from the skillet giving it a farmhouse presentation. 

Peppers, onions, eggs and steak are the main ingredients in the hash. The whole meal only takes about 15 minutes to whip up but it will keep you very full all morning long!

13.Sweet Potato Steak Hash

I am crazy about sweet potatoes so this leftover hash is perfect for me and my family.

Sweet potatoes are so healthy and also have a wonderful, sweet taste that goes well with meaty steak. The taste of this dish is sweet and savory, salty and a little spicy. It is perfect! 

This recipe is also dairy free, gluten free and Whole 30 approved. Sounds like a great way to use leftovers and stick to your diet!

Leftover Steak Recipes Stroganoff

14.30 Minute Beef Stroganoff

While this recipe says the stroganoff takes 30 minutes, it is actually faster since you are using leftover flank steak.

The meat is already completely cooked and ready to mix into the rich sauce. 

Lots of garlic, mushrooms and white onions make the beef stroganoff filling and flavorful. I love that this recipe uses greek yogurt for the sauce, making it lighter than versions that use heavy cream. 

15.Sour Cream Beef Stroganoff

Savory sour cream and hearty flank steak make a perfect pairing. The tangy taste of the sour cream sauce is unique and irresistible. 

Use this beef stroganoff recipe to make a perfect dinner utilizing your leftover flank steak. You may want to double the amount of sauce because it is just that good.

You will have a full meal ready in minutes thanks to the fact that your steak is already cooked! 

Leftover Steak and Potatoes Recipe

16.Garlic Butter Steak and Potatoes Skillet

Slice up your leftover flank steak and serve it with these garlic butter potatoes.

Cook the potatoes in a large skillet until they are nice and crispy. Add the steak at the end to coat it in garlic butter. The perfect, easy meal! 

Be sure to use small, butter potatoes. They are nice and tender which is perfect for this meal.

Margarine will also work in place of butter if you are looking to cut back on saturated fats. 

17.Sweet Potatoes and Steak Dinner

Cut your leftover flank steak into cubes and saute it with some sweet potatoes. Some simple herbs and spices make this meal completely irresistible.

The tender steak and crispy but soft potatoes are a great mix. 

The best part is that the whole dinner can be made in one skillet. Not only will you save time using leftover steak, you will also only have a few minutes of clean up after the meal. Sounds like a mom’s dream come true!  

18.Sheet Pan Steak and Potatoes

Use this recipe to make the sheet pan potatoes and veggies. Add your sliced flank steak at the very end of the recipe. The steak is already cooked so it doesn’t need to roast again!

I love this recipe because it gives you a veggie, a carb and a protein to serve. One sheet pan and a few minutes in the oven leads to a delicious meal. 

Leftover Flank Steak Sandwich

19.Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

The philly cheesesteak is an iconic sandwich and a perfect way to use flank steak.

Thinly slice your steak then cook it with some caramelized onions, mushrooms and cheese. Place the whole mix on a hard roll and enjoy! 

20.Arugula Pesto Steak Sandwich

I love this summery sandwich that is perfect for using leftover flank steak from a barbecue.

Slice yoru steak as thinly as possible. Spread some fresh pesto on a roll then add arugula and the sliced steak. 

Try to slice your steak as thinly as possible to really make the sandwich melt in your mouth.

This sandwich is fantastic served cold. Pack it for lunch or enjoy it as an easy weeknight dinner. 

21.Steak and Onion Sandwich

Steak and onions are a match made in heaven. This recipe makes one of the best sandwiches I have ever tried.

It has the perfect blend of tangy dressing, sweet steak and earthy greens. The onions are sautéed in butter, making them tender and also a little sweet.

You can skip the greens on the sandwich if you want, just focus on the flavors of the juicy onions and savory steak!

22.Fully Loaded Steak Sandwich

This sandwich has it all. Tomatoes, avocado and arugula give the sandwich extra veggies while the gorgonzola cheese adds an incredible amount of flavor.

Spread some horseradish on your roll to give the sandwich even more of an impact. 

You can make this into a hot sandwich or a cold one. It is really tasty both ways. If you choose to make a hot sandwich, melt the gorgonzola over the steak to really make it creamy and cohesive. 

23.Marinated Steak Sandwich

If you have leftover marinated steak, then you are already halfway done cooking this sandwich!

Marinated steak is sliced thinly then added to a roll with blue cheese crumbles, garlic, arugula and fresh thyme.

Ciabatta rolls are best since they will soak up a lot of the marinade. 

This is another sandwich that is good both cold or hot. Try it both ways and see which you like best! I’m sure you will have leftover steam more than once! 

24.Jibarito Steak Sandwich

Try this interesting flank steak sandwich that will make you never want a plain burger again. It has a sweet and savory flavor that is really incredible. 

The flank steak is sliced and served between smashed plantains rather than bread.

This makes it a great gluten free sandwich and also adds an extra bit of sweet flavor. Plantain “bread” may be your new favorite sandwich ingredient! 

25.Flank Steak Wrap

Looking for a quick weeknight dinner? This flank steak wrap is just what you need. It is wholesome, nutritious and super fast to make.

Serve the wrap cold or warm- it tastes great both ways! 

You can also turn this recipe into a “make your own” dinner. Lay out the sliced leftover flank steak and all the sandwich fillings.

Let your family pick exactly what they want inside their wrap. Everyone wins! 

26.East West Flank Steak Wrap

This flank steak wrap has an asian style dressing that really makes it unique and tasty.

The juicy steak is wrapped up with crunchy cabbage, peanuts and juicy steak. Use honey roasted peanuts to add a sweet flavor to the tangy wrap. 

Try adding different Asian style ingredients. I like chopped water chestnuts for some extra crunch.

My kids like to add some thin sliced of apple which is surprisingly delicious with Asian dressing and flank steak. 

27.Beef Gyros

A gyro sandwich is a fun way to use your leftover flank steak! These Greek style gyros will have you drooling as you put them together.

The flavors of Greek yogurt, feta cheese, dill, garlic and oregano really make the gyro irresistible. 

You can buy pre made greek dressing which will make these gyros even easier to make.

Of course, homemade dressing like in this recipe is always better! You just can’t beat homemade, fresh foods. 

Leftover Flank Steak Stir Fry

28.Beef Noodle Stir Fry

Looking for a super filling, Asian style meal? This beef noodle stir fry is exactly what you should make!

Leftover flank steak is sliced and tossed with sauteed brown mushrooms, carrots, chinese cabbage, onions and spinach.

The veggie and meat mix is added to cooked egg noodles. An oyster sauce, mirin and soy sauce glaze is the perfect finishing touch.

29.Soba Noodle Stir Fry

Slice up your leftover flank steak and quickly fry it in a wok with some veggies. Toss the mix with some skinny soba noodles and your meal is complete!

I love the thick sauce in this recipe that really coats the steak and noodles well.

I like how the steak is sliced thin and then also chopped to be very small. It makes it easier to eat with the noodles! 

30.Pepper Steak Skillet

You don’t need much to make a tasty dinner. Use this recipe to make a perfect steak and pepper meal.

Saute some multicolored bell peppers and onions, add your sliced flank steak and then enjoy!

Try serving the steak and peppers over pasta or on a roll. It is also delicious straight from the pan!

You can also add more veggies to the skillet. Broccoli, zucchini, and red onions all would be delicious in this pepper steak skillet. 

31.Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry

I love this gluten free stir fry idea. It is a great way to use up leftover flank steak in a healthy way. 

Carrots, garlic, ginger and lots of cabbage are quickly cooked together. Add the steak at the end, reheating it quickly so as not to overcook. 

Chili garlic sauce with a little maple syrup is really what takes this stir fry to the next level.

It is sweet, spicy and a little salty- perfect to satisfy every craving! I love leftover cooked steak recipes that are this tasty. 

Leftover Flank Steak Recipes Mexican Style

32.Steak Enchiladas

Use your leftover flank steak to make perfect steak enchiladas. Chop up some bell peppers, a few onions and saute everything together with your sliced steak.

This is a great way to liven up your cooked steak and make a whole new, exciting meal. 

Use red or green enchilada sauce for this recipe. This also makes a great freezer meal.

Prepare the enchiladas completely, wrap them tightly and freeze the whole pan until you are ready to enjoy them later on. 

33.Mexican Grilled Flank Steak Salad

Try this leftover flank steak salad and you will not be disappointed. It is flavorful but healthy, hearty but also great for a quick meal. 

Tomatoes, avocado, onions and corn are mixed with cooked flank steak. The honey lime dressing really makes the salad come together.

34.Steak Fajitas

These must try steak fajitas are a great way to use up leftover flank steak.

Cook the peppers and onions with all the seasonings listed in the recipe. Add your sliced steak at the end, reheating it quickly. 

Serve the steak fajitas with some warm tortillas and you have a perfect meal. This is such a great, easy way to refresh your leftover cooked flank steak. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about what to do with leftover flank steak? Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below! Hopefully these FAQ’s will help you in the meantime. 

Can You Freeze Leftover Stir Fry?

Yes! You can freeze leftover stir fry. Wrap the stir fry in a freezer safe, airtight container and freeze for up to three months.

Reheat the stir fry in the microwave or place it back into the pan over medium heat to sear it quickly. 

How to Reheat Leftover Flank Steak?

There are a few ways to reheat leftover flank steak. Pop it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes to quickly heat it up.

Place it in an air fryer at 375 degrees for 2-3 minutes. Or, heat it in a saute pan over medium heat for about 2 minutes. 

How Long Can Leftover Steak Last in the Fridge?

Leftover steak lasts about 4 days in the fridge. Wrap it tightly in an airtight container or plastic wrap and keep it cold! It will still be delicious four days after cooking. 

Final Thoughts

There is so much you can make with leftover flank steak. From breakfast hash to perfect lunch wraps, the possibilities are endless.

Don;t worry if you cooked too much flank steak or have lots of leftovers from last night’s barbecue.

There is plenty you can make to refresh your steak! Let me know which recipes you like best and if you have any other great flank steak ideas. Enjoy! 

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