What To Serve With Scallion Pancakes [Sauces & Sides]

What do crepes, boxty, and serabi all have in common? They are types of pancakes made around the world!

However, contrary to the sweet and cakey American version of this staple breakfast item, many of these battered bites are not doused in a sweet and sticky sauce when served.

In Asian cultures, scallion pancakes are a popular choice that have an earthy flavor, crispy texture and fresh aromatic quality thanks to their signature ingredient.

Best of all, kids LOVE them! The simple ingredients list makes them an appealing choice for picky eaters, but for children and adults with sophisticated palates, you can also compliment this starter with flavorful dips to add some flavor!

If you want to plan an entire meal around this flaky and flavorful fare, what do you serve with scallion pancakes? No knead to fret – we have diced up the details!

Since scallion pancakes are a starchy starter, consider main dishes that are high in protein and low in carbs like cashew chicken or beef and broccoli. These classic Asian dishes use the same signature ingredient (scallions), making them an easy choice for those hoping for a hearty meal. Your sides should have lots of color so select options like salads and stir fry vegetables. Next, finish off your meal with sugary, but light desserts that will mellow your palate. Finally, base your dipping sauce choice on the overall flavor profile of your menu items. 

Chinese Versus Korean Scallion Pancakes 

In case you didn’t know, scallions are green onions. These are a fan favorite in my household thanks to their mild onion flavor that has a hint of sweetness behind it. 

Officially referred to as “xiāng cōng” in Mandarin, these are one of the most notable alliums in Asian cooking. 

For those with an affinity for this type of cuisine, scallion pancakes are a premiere choice for you!

This simple and healthy recipe only requires flour, water, olive oil, salt and scallions. The Chinese refer to this dish as Cong You Bing.

In contrast, Korean’s refer to the same dish as Pa Jun or Pajeon. Both are a pancake style snack that have scallions as the trademark ingredient and can be either baked or fried. Best of all, they only take minutes to cook!

However, the Korean version of this dish has a few added elements. This type of green onion pancake also includes eggs in the batter and a myriad of vegetables such as shredded carrots, peppers, spinach, kimchi, zucchini, or whatever else may be lying around. Some even incorporate seafood! 

Nonetheless, no matter which variety of pancake you choose, it will be a tasty treat that pairs perfectly with these delicious sauces, sides, main dishes and desserts!

Why is that? No matter which recipe you choose, almost all of the dishes listed below feature the same basic ingredient — scallions!

Since this is a staple is most Asian cuisine, can rest assured that the mixture of flavors will meld well together.

Moreover, the added fresh vegetables in Korean pancakes will take on the flavors applied to them.

Thus, these delicious dishes will only enhance the overall flavor profile of your pancakes. 

What To Serve With Scallion Pancakes [Chinese Pancakes]

1.Wonton Soup

Wonton soup is a soothing choice that features hearty pork filled dumplings floating in a seasoned broth and garnished with vibrant green scallions.

This key accent makes wonton soup an obvious choice to pair with your scallion pancakes! The similarly salty flavor profiles easily pair together.

Additionally, the contrasting textures of these two dishes adds depth to your meal. 

Wonton Soup

2.Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is a simple dish that packs a lot of flavor! As the name implies, an egg is dropped into seasoned chicken broth and garnished with green onions and julienned carrots.

The garlic, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil give it a bit of zing, without being too overpowering.

These basic ingredients and velvety broth have a nice contrast to your scallion pancake.

Egg Drop Soup

3.Stir-Fry Vegetables

Stir-fry is a fast cooking style that has a unique way of essentially blanching fresh vegetables in oil instead of water.

This maintains their bright coloring and crisp consistency. It also limits vitamin losses that can occur in long cooking processes. 

Additionally, the combination of broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, onions, asparagus and squash that are lightly seasoned and quickly seared on high heat imprints the smoky taste of the wok that is stereotypical of Asian cooking. 

This means that you will produce a refreshing, flavorful and healthy side that takes minimal effort to make.

Best of all, you can coordinate your scallion pancake sauce with the type of seasoning that you use in your stir-fry, guaranteeing a cohesive match.

Stir-Fry Vegetables

4.Asian Chopped Salad

This heart healthy side is not only flavorful, but it is brimming with character! This is thanks to the array of ingredients and textures in this collection of nutrient dense superfoods.

Then, toss the mixture in a sweet ginger sesame soy dressing and add a hint of honey for a dash of earthy sweetness!

Finally, sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and Asian-style crunchy noodles along with either roasted peanuts, cashews or almonds on top.

This will create a light, refreshing and vitamin packed meal! It also provides an energizing boost to the slightly heavier scallion pancake you are serving.

Asian Chopped Salad

5.Sesame Beef And Broccoli

This protein packed meal features seared flank steak and broccoli florets cooked in garlic and ginger and then coated in a mixture of sweet brown sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil.

Finally, this delectable dish is laid on a small bed of jasmine rice and topped with sesame seeds and the ever popular scallions, thinly sliced. 

Choose a ginger-soy sauce to pair with your pancakes and you will have the optimal appetizer and entree combo!

Sesame Beef And Broccoli

6.Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chicken lettuce wraps are a fresh and healthy meal choice that adds texture and flavor to the menu, without adding a lot of unnecessary calories or mess! In fact, you can make the entire dish in a single pan!

Ground chicken is sautéed along with onions, garlic, ginger, water chestnuts and green onions. Next, the mixture is coated in a hoisin sauce, which has peanut butter as the base.

Finally, enhance this natural sweetness with your choice of brown sugar, molasses or honey.

The combination creates a deliciously sweet and woodsy flavor profile that compliments the chicken and lettuce nicely.

When you serve this as your main dish and scallion pancakes as the starter, a sweet peanut sauce will effortlessly tie the entire meal together.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

7.Teriyaki Chicken

This sticky and savory Japanese cuisine will not only bring some pizzazz to your spread, but it tends to be a fan favorite of children and adults alike.

Moreover, it is a simple and easy meal to make. You can also serve it solo or pair it with virtually any other Asian dish!

Similar to the sesame beef and broccoli, this common Asian cuisine has ginger and soy in the ingredients, making your sauce choice quite easy to decipher. 

Teriyaki Chicken

8.Cashew Chicken

Earthy, nutty and sweet. Cashew chicken has a simple and healthy list of ingredients – chicken, roasted cashews, broccoli, peppers, edamame, and green onions. This makes it another ideal choice to partner with scallion pancakes.

Additionally, cashews add a slight buttery taste to the dish. This creates a delightfully organic flavor profile that will compliment the scallion pancakes you serve at the start of your meal. 

Cashew Chicken

Dipping Sauces To Serve With Scallion Pancakes

Since scallion pancakes use minimal ingredients, it is customary to include a dipping sauce to add some extra flavor and texture to the dish.

When selecting a sauce, think about your ingredients! The chicken in lettuce wraps is mixed in a hoisin sauce. This has a peanut butter base.

Thus, peanut sauce will pair perfectly with your pancakes. Conversely, sesame beef and broccoli is seasoned with ginger and soy sauce. Therefore, select a dip that also features these flavors.

1.Peanut Sauce

Peanut sauce has a rich and creamy texture that will add an organic quality to your signature side dish.

The sweet and nutty flavor of peanut butter combined with the unique, tangy taste of soy sauce provides a bold element to your scallion pancakes.

It will also add some added texture. Finally, consider a more basic dessert like Fa Gao to ensure a complimentary end to the meal.

Peanut Sauce

2.Soy Ginger Sauce

This savory sauce is a popular choice in Chinese culture! It is an amazing combination of salty and sweet, aiding from the fresh ginger and the strong umami taste of soy sauce.

Many recipes also include rice vinegar and sugar. This will give your scallion pancakes a bit of flare with a lingering taste that will leave your guests wanting more!

3.Sweet Chili Sauce

A spicier version of sweet and sour sauce, this sweet chili glaze is made with zesty red peppers, rice wine vinegar, ginger, sugar and garlic.

Thus, this condiment will invigorate your tastebuds and add some zing to this doughy dish.

Unless you are serving a spicy dish, this goes well with scallion pancakes being served as a snack and not a starter.

Finally, if you choose this sauce, consider either an Asian fruit salad or a ginger crème brûlée to soften the palate and compliment the sauce. 

Sweet Chili Sauce

What To Serve With Trader Joe’s Scallion Pancakes [Korean Pancakes]

For the fans of the famous Trader Joe’s Scallion Pancakes, it is quite evident that their recipe leans towards the traditional Korean style method of cooking.

This means that vegetables are abundant so focus your sides on high protein options. 

1.Kung Pao Chicken

This spicy stir fry is one of the few dishes that engages all of your taste modalities. The chicken and vegetable medley is mixed with fire chili peppers, a peanut butter based hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, garlic and ginger.

What this means is that if you can stand the heat, you can top your scallion pancakes with this savory, sweet and salty mixture. Moreover, you can pair the dish with any type of sauce. 

Kung Pao Chicken

2.Mongolian Beef

Mongolian beef is a much more mild dish. It utilizes green onions, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and brown sugar.

This gives it a deliciously sweet taste that accents the smokey flavor of the flank steak nicely. This makes it another fantastic dish to serve with your Trader Joe’s scallion pancakes.

Mongolian Beef


For those who want a much lighter meal, edamame is a nutrient dense snack that is brimming with protein.

This makes it a great item to partner with veggie filled TJ scallion pancakes. You won’t overeat at meal time, but you will stay full for a while!

Additionally, due to their mild, and slightly sweet flavor, edamame can be served with any sauce on our list. 


What To Eat With Taiwanese Pancakes

This versions of scallion pancakes uses the same ingredients as Chinese pancakes, but they are slightly flakier.

Since they have a basic recipe, look for protein filled options to fill out the meal.

1.Fried Egg

Simple, hearty and delicious. You don’t normally think of eggs when you think of Asian cuisine, and yet, fried rice would be incomplete without them.

Thus, fry up and egg and place it on top of you scallion pancake. Then, add your preferred dip and you have a delicious and easy meal!

Fried Egg

2.Crab Rangoon Spread

For those who love seafood, consider mixing lump crab meat with sour cream, cream cheese and mozzarella and baking it! Then, use your scallion pancakes to scoop up this rich and hearty dip!

As we all know, green onions and sour cream are a great pairing, so the flavors will meld together splendidly. Best of all, you can eat this as an appetizer or a light lunch!

Crab Rangoon Spread


These pork filled dumplings are a delectable side to pair with any Asian meal. While bite size, they can a filling dish that can make up a large portion of your meal.

Since soy sauce and ginger are normally on the ingredients list, just make sure to select a sauce for your scallion pancakes that will pair nicely with this dish. You can never go wrong with a soy ginger variety!


Desserts To Serve With Scallion Pancakes

Consider if you went spicy, sweet or savory with your sauces when choosing your dessert.

You want a seamless theme to the meal, so look for pairings that match the seasonings of the other dishes. 

1.Asian Fruit Salad

The dessert course should provide a smooth and calming finish to the meal. With such a heavy starch component to the meal, contrast this dense element with a light final course.

Thus, a fruit salad is a fantastic choice. However, in order to stick with the theme of the menu, aim to mix fruits that are popular in Asian countries. 

The subtle kiwi-like flavor of dragon fruit paired with the juicy, tropical characteristics of mango and papaya make for a fresh and flavorful dessert.

Top it off with coconut shavings and you will have a spectacularly exotic fruit cocktail that helps to mellow your bold sides and entrees.  

Asian Fruit Salad

2.Ginger Crème Brûlée

This is traditionally a French dessert. However, the addition of ginger gives this creamy custard a slightly spicy and earthy flavor that coordinates quite well with Asian cuisine. This rich dish will follow the usual creme brulee recipe.

However, you need to first heat your milk and cream with peeled ginger slices. This will infuse this distinct flavor into the dish.

Additionally, due to the decadent nature of the dish, I recommend small serving sizes. Moreover, garnish the sweet treat with dark fruits like blueberries or blackberries.

This will further enhance the mouthfeel and serve as a palate cleanser after a particularly flavorful meal.

When selecting this option, make sure to choose a ginger based sauce for your scallion pancakes and main dish to ensure that all of the courses pair nicely together.

3.Banana Spring Rolls

Lightly fried, sweet and savory! Banana spring rolls are a mild dessert, drizzled in a caramel sauce and served with vanilla ice cream.

Similar to bananas foster, this is guaranteed to mellow the palate for those who chose a spicy dish or dip to pair with their scallion pancakes. Just make sure to save room for this dessert because it can be quite filling. 

Banana Spring Rolls

4.Fa Gao

Otherwise known as fortune cake, this dessert is said to bring prosperity to those who eat it. This is another heavy dessert option, so keep your portions small.

However, just like a traditional fortune cookie, it features mild flavors that are a perfect end to any combination of dishes you choose. If you make this from scratch, just know that it can take a while to prepare.

Fa Gao

Final Thoughts

Culinary matchmaking involves finding an array of textures while balancing your flavor components. 

Ingredients like cabbage, ginger, soy sauce, and green onions [are] used everywhere” in Chinese cuisine, but the actual taste of your dishes can vary drastically. Thus, focus on pairing the sauces of each item you serve.

This will ensure that your courses compliment each other and that your guests leave feeling satisfied after you serve your scallion pancakes.

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