How Much Does A Baby Shower Cost? 

A baby shower is a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate a mom-to-be. The shower is a great way to get friends and family together to help ensure she has what she needs for the new baby’s arrival.

If you’re thinking of throwing a baby shower, you may be wondering how much you should expect to spend for the event. 

A baby shower doesn’t have to be expensive. You can have a nice shower for under $100 depending on how many guests attend and where you host it. Still, for a larger baby shower with more guests in a rented venue, you could expect to pay $500 or more, with lavish affairs costing closer to $1,000. 

How Much Does it Cost To Throw a Baby Shower? 

Like any other party or event, the cost to throw a baby shower varies quite a bit depending on many factors.

Where the shower is held, how many guests, the food, cake, and decorations all play a role in the cost. 

You can put together a nice baby shower without spending a fortune.

Plenty of people host baby showers at someone’s home with some appetizers or snacks, a few homemade games, and a pink or blue cake.

Something like that could cost around $100 or less. 

On the other hand, some people go all out and rent a venue or restaurant, have the shower catered, purchase a professionally decorated cake, lavish decorations, and they may even hire a party planner to set up the event.

In that case, you could easily spend $500 to $1,000 on the baby shower. 

Things to Consider When Planning a Baby Shower

Before you can determine how much your baby shower will cost, there are several decisions you’ll have to make.

First off, you’ll need to consider who will be invited to attend. Will it be a traditional baby shower with only the mom-to-be and her female friends and relatives?

Or, will it be a co-ed affair with mom and dad present with both male and female guests? 

Traditional baby showers are typically a girls’ day, but those traditions are rapidly changing.

More and more couples are opting for co-ed baby showers as pregnancy and parenting becomes more equitable between moms and dads.

Still, there is no right or wrong way to throw a baby shower. It should be whatever the mom-to-be (and dad-to-be!) are comfortable with. 

In either case, the guests and guest count are big considerations when it comes to cost.

If you have food, drinks, cake, and games, you’ll have to ensure that you have enough for everyone in attendance to participate.

The number of guests will also affect your venue options. If you’re planning to host at someone’s home, you’ll need to ensure that the house is big enough to accommodate all the guests. Think about the weather, too.

If it gets too crowded inside, will it be nice enough for people to mingle outside on a patio? 

Or if you plan to hold the shower at a restaurant or other venue, many charge based on your guest count and how long you’ll be there.

So, it’s important to have a good idea of how many people will be invited whenever you start the planning process.  

The time of day will also have an effect on the cost for the shower. If you have the party right at lunchtime or around dinner time, people will expect a meal.

However, if you have the shower in the morning or the middle of the afternoon, you can easily get away with serving light snacks, appetizers, fruits and veggies, or desserts. 

How Much Should a Baby Shower Cost Per Person? 

On average, baby shower costs $20 per person. However, the cost varies based on the venue and number of guests.

Knowing how many guests you’ll invite is huge when it comes to planning a baby shower.

The reason is because you’ll need to account for food, drinks, cake, games, and favors for each person who attends. 

Plus, some momma’s aren’t comfortable being around a huge group of distant relatives and acquaintances when they’re in the midst of pregnancy.

Always check with the mom-to-be to be sure you understand what her needs and wishes might be. 

Depending on the food, venue, and favors, you might spend anywhere from $5 to $30 per person to throw a baby shower.  

If you have the party at someone’s home with snacks and drinks, simple homemade games and favors, and a simple cake, you’ll be closer to the low end of the budget.

Hosting at a restaurant or having the shower catered will put you at the higher end of the spectrum. 

Baby Shower Expenses

Once you have a general idea of what you want to do with the baby shower’s theme, date and time, location, and guest list, you can start really planning the event.

Baby Shower gifts

Understanding each of the expenses you may need to account for can help you plan and budget appropriately. 

Baby Shower Planner

Some people choose to hire a party planner for their baby shower. In most cases, it’s not necessary because baby showers are pretty standard traditions.

Still, if you want to hire someone to help with the planning, you should know that it’s going to cost you. 

The average cost for a baby shower planner is around $750, but full-service event planners may cost $2,500 or more depending on where you live and the type of event. 

Baby Shower Venue Cost

The venue for a baby shower can vary drastically in cost. For example, many people host showers at someone’s home, which doesn’t cost anything.

If you go that route, you can spend more money on food, drinks, decorations, cake, and favors. 

However, if you decide to rent a venue (like an event space or restaurant) you should expect to pay between $200 and $600. Of course that number can vary quite a bit depending on your location, number of guests, and the type of venue that you select. 

Baby Shower Cake Cost

The cake is one of the focal points of many baby showers, so it might be an area where you want to splurge a little on the budget.

Many hosts get gender reveal cakes or specially designed cakes shaped like a baby bottle or pacifier, for example. 

You can find really cute cakes at some local grocery stores that do in-house cake decorating for around $50.

Another option is to go with cupcakes decorated with pink and blue frosting and decorative picks. These are budget-friendly choices that you can get for well under $100. 

Baby Shower

For a more elaborate cake (like a tiered cake or something with fondant), you should plan to spend $120 to $200, or more depending on your guest count. 

Baby Shower Decorations Costs

Decorations and favors for a baby shower typically cost between $25 and $250 or more depending on what type of decorations you purchase, where you get them from, and how many guests are attending.

Still, if you budget $50 to $100 for decor and favors, you should be fine

Most people do simple decorations like a banner, some balloons, tablecloths, and centerpieces or other table decor.

You may use some streamers or party poppers, but overall the decorations aren’t very expensive. 

Favors can be equally inexpensive like some pink or blue candies in individual bags with ribbon, small mason jars with trinkets inside, or you could do a photo booth for guests to take baby-themed pictures with friends and family members. 

Who Pays for the Venue at a Baby Shower? 

Typically the host pays for all of the baby shower expenses, including the venue.

So, if the shower is held at an event space, the host would reserve the space and pay for it.

A great way to avoid this cost is to have the baby shower at someone’s home. 

Another option is to use a public park, church, garden, or other space that’s free to use.

If you have the shower during a nice time of year, you may be able to reserve a picnic pavilion or other community event space for little or no cost. 

The Bottom Line

How much you should spend on a baby shower depends on your budget for the event and what type of shower you want to host.

Still, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a baby shower. Plenty of people host beautiful showers for around $100 or less. 

Hosting the event at someone’s home is a great way to save money. Many moms-to-be have the shower at their own home if possible.

That way, she can be comfortable in her nest and she won’t have to lug all the gifts home afterward. 

If you’re throwing a shower and it’s held at someone else’s house (especially if it’s the future mommy), be sure to stay afterward to help clean up. 

With some planning and thought, it’s easy to throw a lovely baby shower without breaking the bank.

Go with some light snacks and refreshments, a simple cake or cupcakes, and some balloons and streamers. 

What makes baby showers fun and memorable are the games, photos, and spending time with people you care about.

Remember, as long as mama has a great time, then you’ve done your job as the host, even if you didn’t spend a fortune.

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